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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

.@VickiBatman - crafty mom: fancy stitching or not? #MFRWorg #RLFblog #needlepoint

Recently, I saw fancy pillowcases in a magazine and of course, I said I can do that because I have done that. The cases were embellished with embroidered white flowers. 
Crafty mom

So I happened to be shopping at a local antique mall for a long buffet when I came across a set of vintage pillowcases with just a tiny bit of crocheted edging. They looked to have never been used. I went to ETSY and bought vintage transfers. 

I settled down by my special light next to the couch, put on Survivor and began stitching. Only I was having a dickens of a time. The needle wouldn't go through easily. I decided to buy new ones and did--three packages. Alas, none of those worked well.

I spoke with a friend who is a costume designer and she lamented too about the same problem, noticing specifically in safety pins. She lent me what she thought would work, but no. Didn't.

I appealed to a Facebook site for needlepointers because many of those crafters are like me and do other kinds of projects. They recommended a specific brand of needle which I bought on Amazon. 

Long story short.... Here's the finished project. (sorry about the weird lighting)

I gave them to my friend for her birthday and she says she loves them. lol. 

Have you ever had a craft stump you? 


florence cronin said...

At least twice a month, Vicki. As you know I have two shops on Etsy. The one that features my crafts is forever presenting me with challenges. I do use the Etsy network of crafters and go on their forums with questions. What I love about creative souls is the same thing I love about my writer friends ... they are generous with their knowledge and are always happy to lend a hand ... or as in your situation ... a stitch or two :)

The pillow cases are wonderful and remind me that the gifts we make (or refurbish) are the best to receive and the very best to give. :)

Angela Adams said...

ALL crafts stump me! I wish I had your talent!!

Marian Lanouette said...


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