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Monday, February 09, 2015

.@VickiBatman ~ author Rebecca Grace on #handbag Monday w The Family Handbag Tradition #MFRWorg #RLFblog #accessories

Handbag Monday

            My mother and I didn’t have many things in common. She knew the man she would marry when she was only ten, while I could never stay in one place long enough to settle down. However, we shared two things–a love of storytelling and handbags.  
We just loved purses of all shapes and sizes--big , small, clutches, over the shoulder, short handles—we could never figure out which ones we liked best. Any time she had extra money, she bought a new purse. Even though she kept getting rid of bags, she still left us with two large boxes  when she moved from Colorado to a Phoenix nursing home. 
Where she was always looking for something different or unique, I get stuck in ruts of the same style for years at a time. Back in the 70s, when I lived in San Diego, I kept buying big leather handbags from Mexico. Then it became Gucci bags in the 80s, everything from coin purses, to wallets to full size bags.  That was followed by Coach in the 90s.

About five years ago, I fell in love with Marc Jacobs bags, and sometimes, I feel like I’m a walking ad for them. From extra large down to a small shoulder bag for evenings, I can’t seem to get break myself of them. And if they look alike, it’s because they are–just in different colors and sizes. I need a large one to carry my ipad. I like the fact that they have smaller zippered compartments for my makeup and little pockets for my phone and keys so I never lose them in the big bag. The smaller bag has a zippered flap with a large separate compartment where I can keep my writing notebooks and pens. (in case the urge to write strikes me at any time, and it does quite often so I always need a handy notebook).

Rebecca, there is that saying "buy one in every color!"

No one believes TV anchorwoman Kimberly delaGarza 
didn’t kill her cheating ex-boyfriend, 
and the only man who might help her is someone she once dumped!

Find Blues at 11:00 at: The Wild Rose Press

Find Rebecca Grace at: Website

 Thank you, Rebecca, for showing off your handbags today!


florence cronin said...

Okay, Rebecca ... I would not fall into either yours or Vicki's side of this obsession. I've always been rather unconscious about bags, purses and such. If it holds all my "stuff" I use it until it begs to die.

I do love Handbag Monday and the great bags Vicki and her guest buy, collect, wear, and otherwise adore.

However, I was more intrigued by the title and blurb of your book. Now that's an obsession I can really get into.

i.e. I also crochet lots of them because I am too darn cheap to buy them :)

vicki batman said...

Hi, Florence! Well...lol. Most don't remember I have bags from high school. And that I don't pay a lot for them.

But you are moved by Rebecca's blurb and that's cool.

And I'm thinking it's your turn to be featured on HBW with your crocheted bags!!!

D'Ann said...

LOL I have ONE bag, which Vicki thinks is hilarious! Hey! I have pockets! I do like those bags, though!

vicki batman said...

Hi, D'Ann! I'm thinking since you have pockets, maybe we should do Handbag Pants. LOLOL

Melissa Keir said...

My husband buys my purses because I literally will have one until it's worn out. He finally got tired of me buying purses at Target for cheap that he bought the last one of real leather, at a cost of more than I would have liked. He made it a gift instead.

Rebecca Grace said...

My mother used to crochet some of the many bags she had. She never went anywhere without her crocheting needle and thread.

On Blues at 11, I couldn't resist that title after having to write teases so many nights when I worked a late shift, promising all the "news at 11." It seemed a natural title for Kimberly as anchorwoman of an 11pm newscast.

Rebecca Grace said...


You sound like my sister. She hates handbags of any sort and keeps her wallet, keys and phone in her pockets (which are always sagging) Who would think we had the same mother?

I always seem to need a bag, so I even have special tiny bags for when I go to sporting events -- my baseball purse, I call it!

Rebecca Grace said...


Gift handbags are the best presents ever! (of course I never mind jewelry either)

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