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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Who is a Crocheting Fool? Alice Abel Kemp with a generous spirit #craft #crochet #MFRWorg #RLFblog

Vicki invited me to do this blog about one of my hobbies--crochet. Pretty much all the time, I have at least one project going and yarn and patterns lined up for the future. Sometimes, I have a whole box of yarn stashed. I tend to go a little nuts when the stuff is on sale.

My favorite projects are prayer shawls. These use the pattern described at
http://www.shawlministry.com/crochet_patterns.htm . 

The idea is to make the shawl with prayerful intentions for well-being, health and healing for the person wearing it. These are large shawls with generous fringe, and I can’t count how many I’ve made across the years. Most have been given away to family and friends.

I started out as a knitter, learning as a kid in a Brownie troop, but knitting is harder. I taught myself to crochet and seldom do any knitting now. I make scarves, shawls, and afghans. Crocheting becomes meditative and relaxing. It’s something to do watching TV, football especially. 

I’d intended to sell eight of these at craft shows this fall. However, my deteriorating hip and subsequent surgery prevented me from doing anything. Still, I kept crocheting them. I have the yarn for two more.  

Margaret Angelo, a New Orleans homicide detective, works to catch a serial killer, the Slasher. Despite the sexism of the NOPD, she heads the task force to stop this killer, who kidnaps women, assaults them, and gets off on licking their bodies before he kills them. Although devoted to her job, Margaret longs for a life partner. She reconnects with a high school acquaintance, Jim, whom she hires to paint her house. They begin a relationship, but Margaret is kidnapped by the Slasher and faces certain death. The other detectives manage to rescue her although the Slasher escapes their trap. He is losing control and hunts Margaret down, determined to finish her. 
With Jim’s support, can she escape this mad man?

Find Alice at: Website

Find The Taste of Her at: Amazon

Alice, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your generous spirit. I don't knit or crochet; however, my church does have a prayer shawl ministry and I make sure they have supplies for their work.

Do any of you do special work for church or a non-profit or just because? 


vicki batman said...

Hi, Alice! and thank you for sharing your special gifts with me today.

Alice Abel Kemp said...

My pleasure, Vicki. I enjoyed doing it, and these days I'm working with a group at my church making quilts--my other hobby. These will be sold in a raffle to benefit our food ministry. You really have a beautiful website. Thanks for the opportunity to participate

vicki batman said...

Alice - quits are near and dear to my heart. My grandmother made patchwork quilts and I have one on my bed. What a wonderful way to raise money.

StellaMarie Alden said...

Thanks for the wonderful posting. A hand knitted or crocheted gift is a treasure beyond measure. No machine can match the gift of love that is woven in with the yarn. stellamariealden.com

Pamela Kopfler said...

Alice, I have to say this post brought back memories of my grandmother trying to teach me to crochet when I was a teen. It all started because I wanted to learn to tat, and no this has nothing to do with ink. ;-) Tatting is process by which the lovely lace edges on pillowcases and napkins of a certain era were made. She thought I should learn to crochet before I learned tatting. Let's just say, I didn't graduate to tatting.
I admire your patience and skill.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Stella Marie! I just cuddled on the couch for a bit in an old wool blankie my grandmother gave me when I went off to college. A treasure.

Hi, Pamela! My grandmother tatted and I took classes a few years ago, but couldn't get the loops to get closer together. Sigh. Destined to embroider and needlepoint. Thanks for stopping.

Victoria McHenry said...

Prayer scarves, what a lovely idea! My grandmother used to crochet and knit, and I still treasure the items she made me. I tried to learn to knit once, but had a panic attack and had to quit. It's so hard! I did go on to make a rug with a rug hook, if you can believe that!

Phyllis said...

Alice, great post! I just started crocheting again. I also do afgans and scarves. nothing like the volume that you do, however. I also make jewelry and seed bead weave bookmarks and jewelry.

I haven't done any project for church specific ministries, but I generally give my project away as lead to people.

And these projects also help me with my writing. Yes, i believe other creative outlets help with writing.

Alice Abel Kemp said...

Thanks, Stella Marie. It is a treat for me to contribute to others with these scarves.
And Pamela, I concede it takes patience to learn anything new, but the rewards for me are both the resulting gift and the meditative sense I have when doing one.Thank for posting.

Alice Abel Kemp said...

Thanks, Victoria (better known as Vicky)... These are the work of a former smoker, who needs something at times to do with her hands. Thanks for posting.

And Phyllis, good for you. This kind of work is relaxing and we get a finished product so much quicker than with our writing. Right? Thanks for posting.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Victoria! I have a friend who makes lap blankets for a ministry and can't wait to share about the prayer shawls. Too lovely--isn't it?

Hi, Phyllis! I didn't know you were crocheting. That's fabulous. Can't wait to see what you're up to.

florence cronin said...

Alice, I loved seeing this post. I crochet and do all sorts of crafts I sell on line at Etsy.com.

There are dozens of shops on Etsy that sell all their wares for charity. Since you can't always get to your audience, you can set up a shop and donate whatever you make. That way you can sell all year. Good things made with love deserve a good home :)

vicki batman said...

Hi, Florence! I had no idea about charity shops on ETSY. I shall check out. I have seen on eBAY stuff listed from Goodwill. And I say good for them. A good way of making money.

Thanks, hon.

Melissa Keir said...

Such beautiful scarves. I wish you all the best! I'm not talented like that but would love to be!

Layne Macadam said...

Beautiful scarves Alice! Looking forward to reading your story!!

Alice Abel Kemp said...

Thanks to Florence - I knew about Etsy, but not he charity aspect. Thanks for the info.
And Melissa and Layne -- appreciate your reading my blog, and the kind words about the shawls. Crochet is not hard. If you have a friend who knows how, they could show you easily. The prayer shawl pattern is very easy (the only kind I do.. (-: )

vicki batman said...

Hi, Melissa! You not talented?!!! I'm so not believing this.

Hi, Layne! Thank you for visiting with Alice today.

Bonnie Rehage said...

Hi, Alice. I love crochet as well. I once tried to teach my wonderful mother in law, who was a whiz with plants but couldn't sew a lick, how to crochet. I never could decipher what she had done to make her pillow come out how it did but she cherished it as her one needlework triumph. Now that she's passed on, I cherish it, too.

Alice Abel Kemp said...

Thanks, Bonnie. It's interesting how this blog has reminded several of y'all about your mothers and grandmothers. I love it. Didn't know either of my grandmothers, but my mom taught me how to sew and knit, beginning with my Brownie Troop.
Thanks for posting!

Angela Adams said...

You have a great -- and admirable -- talent, Alice! Thanks for sharing.

Alice Abel Kemp said...

Hey Angela.Thanks for reading. The pleasure is all mine.

Catherine Castle said...

I have oodles of yarn. Maybe I should make some prayer shawls. I taught myself to knit and crochet when I was a teenager. I'm into quilting now. It takes me forever to finish a project since I tend to put it down and go on to another thing. I think I have craft dyslexia. But I do enjoy them.

Alice Abel Kemp said...

I have a few UFOs, too -- Unfinished Finished Objects. But just for your information, the prayer shawl link offers a pattern for knitted shawls. You could knit some.
Thanks for posting and good luck.

vicki batman said...

Alice, that is hilarious about Unfinished Finished objects. I just weeded my needlepoint to-dos down. *feel better too*

Sarah Jo Fridley said...

Hi Alice, My mom taught me how to crotchet and I haven't done it in some time now. I need to make time for it again in my life. Oh, and your book. I gotta download that one! Congratulations.

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