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September 1, 2014

Have you discovered #Handbag Monday : guest author Michelle Miles seduced by buttery leather #MFRWorg #PlottingPrincesses

I love when my author friends have her new book coming. It's totally squee-worthy! So last week Michelle Miles said her latest in the Realm of Honor Series, Her Fierce Knight is coming and I said let's be on...

*  #Handbag Monday  *

I have long coveted the Michael Kors bag. I don’t know why. I guess because I’d tired of my Coach bags (though I do still LOVE my Coach bags).

When I landed a new, awesome day job, I decided to treat myself. I was going to bite the bullet and purchase myself a Michael Kors! So I trotted off to the mall and the local MK store. The salespeople are all too happy to talk handbags with you. Bonus: they were having a sale! After deciding between several different styles, I picked this one which is a gorgeous, buttery-soft blue leather. And the way it smells? TO DIE FOR. I love sniffing leather. They talked me into buying their protective spray, too, and the first thing I did when I got it home, after unwrapping it like a Christmas present, was spray it. I had to wait 24 hours before I could carry it but it was worth the wait.

The interior has a snap closure and LOTS of pockets. I love this bag. And I love the metal hardware on the outside, especially the MK logo in gold.

Yes, I paid a premium for it. BUT you will never got wrong paying for quality. I can’t wait to get another one.

Blurb from Her Fierce Knight:
After her people are brutally massacred, Princess Laerwen seeks help from the crown prince of the Wood Elves who faces the death of his king and the destruction of his safe haven. With a twist of fate intervening, she risks her heart for an unforgettable seduction and a love that will always endure.

Buy link: Amazon

Find Michelle at:  Michelle Miles

Michelle Miles writes contemporary, paranormal and fantasy romance. Catch her latest release, Her Fierce Knight, the final book in the Realm of Honor series, available now! 

August 29, 2014

#Movie Mom - I was stunned when this movie was over: Calvary #MFRWorg #PlottingPrincesses

Handsome and I had not been to the movies in a few weeks. So I captured him recently and we went to two. First up, Calvary.

- #Movie Mom - 

Written by the same men who wrote In Bruges but not a dark comedy, although there are comedic moments. The cast is led by the amazing Brendon Gleeson (I'm already rooting for an Oscar nomination) and was a hit man in In Bruges and Kelly O'Reilly who has been gracing many a movie lately and the small screen as well, and Chris O'Dowd in a very different kind of role for him.

Blurb: During a confession, a parishioner tells the priest he was abused as a child and now, the priest, totally innocent, will be killed in one week.

And thus, the movie is launched. The priest goes through the whole movie not knowing, dreading, and finally accepting. 

Handsome and I usually chat about the movie we'd just seen as we head toward our car. After Calgary, we had no words. My heart had grabbed and I couldn't think of anything. We agreed we needed some time.

The other thing interesting thing is there are two endings. Very good movie.

I haven't seen The Guard, but will now. 

FMI:  Calvary

August 27, 2014

#Cooking experiments with SBB: Peanut Butter Cup Cookies #MFRWorg #PlottingPrincesses

~ #Cooking Experiments ~

You probably already know these; they've been around for a while and a quick n easy go to. I'd been traveling the week before my mom's birthday and although my sissies had prepared a menu for lunch, I wanted to contribute something. As my week returned to normal, I went what could I do? These cookies popped in my head. So I asked SBB to help me. He commented on how we used to make them when he was a kid. :)

Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

1 large package of already prepared chocolate chip cookie dough
1 medium sized bag of peanut butter cups

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. With a small spoon, scoop up a serving of cookie dough, roll into a ball, and put into a mini muffin tin. Press an unwrapped peanut butter cup in the center. You can make as many as you want--run out of dough or cups. 

Bake until crisp and golden. Let set and cool for a while. If removed from muffin tin too quickly, one-half of the cookie will remain in the tin. Remove with a flat spatula and set on cooling racks. Store in an airtight container. Makes a bunch. 

Note: I scoured the store for the medium sized cups and found none except in the biggest bag available and I knew me--I'd eat them all. So I went for the tiny ones in this version. Use the medium sized ones for a big peanutty explosion!  OR try a chocolate kiss instead! Either is yummy.

August 25, 2014

#Handbag Monday : guest author Elizabeth Essex is all *sparkly* about her handbag #MFRWorg #PlottingPrincesses

I just love ingenuity. Today's #Handbag Monday guest is amazing historical writer Elizabeth Essex. She is the award-winning author of the critically acclaimed Reckless Brides series of  historical romances for St. Martin’s Press. 

A while back, she stunned with her take on a new handbag. Let's take a peek:

~Handbag Monday~

Generally peaking, I’m not a handbag person. My way into this particular portion of Vicki’s closet is through my overwhelming and sometimes, overreaching love of shoes.

You see, I found these beauties—Kate Spade’s New York series ‘Licorice Too’ pumps—at a discount store and had to have them. They go with almost every cocktail dress in my closet because of their multi-colored glitter finish.

But once I had the shoes, I felt myself very much in need of an equally spectacular purse. And because I had already splurged on the shoes, I decided I had to get crafty. I found an old, hardly-ever-used clutch at the back of my closet, pulled out the bottle of Mod Podge and mixed up a batch of many-colored glitter. 

I used a one-inch paint brush to layer on a sticky coat of Mod Podge with the glitter mixed in, but after three layers I had exactly what I wanted—a glamorous, unique clutch to wear to the RITA Awards ceremony at the Romance Writers of America’s national convention. 

I’m already thinking of what I should glitter up next. :)

As the one who saw Ms. Essex on her way to the ceremony, I can add she looked delightful and had a perfect match!!

A SCANDAL TO REMEMBER: a story of shipwreck and betrayal that will be available August 26, 2014. 

Find Ms. Essex at: Website

Thank you, Ms. Essex, for being with me today. May all your handbag days be merry and bright. Hugs.