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July 21, 2014

The big debut; The Paris #handbag & it is pretty too! #MFRWorg #accessories

The Paris handbag is debuting at:

~Handbag Monday~
I began with a vintage canvas I found on eBay. I stitched the background in red silk, using one strand. The street scenes were already done as was typical of these bags. Once completed, I turned the bag into the finisher at the needlepoint shop. They used red leather on the handle and the gusset. Beige silk moire was used to fabricate the lining.

All in all, I learned a lot.

So here's my progression from week one to today:

As you can see, the bag is in a classic style, but the handle is shorter instead of shoulder bag. Shoulder bag handles fall off my shoulder and cross-body wouldn't have been appropriate. No, I went for a tote look.

How did I do? Interested in making one of your own?

Vicki Batman is exhausted with stitching two handbags and is turning to a pillow for now. Be sure to check back soon for her new book, Temporarily Employed.

July 18, 2014

Are you a #Movie Maniac? A few thoughts on The Immigrant #MFRWorg

For something completely different, let's take a look at The Immigrant on #Movie Maniac:

In 1921, a Catholic Polish woman and her sister arrive at Ellis Island, looking for a better life after escaping post–war Poland, but all does not go well. Actors are Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Renner, and Joaquin Phoenix.

Again, I said to Handsome I wanted to see this film because of one actor, Marion Cotillard. She was amazing as Edith Piaf, and recently, I watched Rust and Bone and liked that performance, too. I like Mr. Renner's films, but not Mr. Phoenix's so much after seeing The Master. He is just hard for me to watch. Our paper had rated this film and A-, again, pretty decent for our paper. Handsome liked it, but me? Not as much.

A reason why this film was difficult for me was (spoiler alert) taking advantage of someone in a difficult situation and that someone is clueless. Yes, that's what makes the film. Despite the good acting, great set and period costumes which really caught New York's flavor, I wasn't in love with the movie. Just a little satisfied. Does that makes sense?

FMI: The Immigrant

July 16, 2014

@VickiBatman - #Needlepoint passion. New pillow #MFRWblog

Writing isn't my only passion. I love needlepoint.

I started a new project this past week, a pillow. I hadn't done one in a while and saw this one in a catalog. It fit so well with my family room's d├ęcor. I have done nothing in needlepoint for that room. (Adorning with my handbag doesn't count. LOL)

So I started with this:

Frownie face. I should have known. No painted canvas. HOWEVER, upon long examination this canvas wasn't so bad after all. The pattern had a good layout on the canvas and a great color guide. Only one simple bargello stitch and I took off. At the end of week 1, I had this:

Aren't the color combos great? I am amazed at how fast this is going. Wish me luck!

FINISHED!!! Took approximately four weeks and have finished the pillow top. I like it so much, I ordered the sister pillow. Here it is:

Are you a crafty person?

July 14, 2014

.@VickiBatman ~ Sigh. I just love beautiful handbags w guest Andrea Cooper #MFRWorg #PlottingPrincesses

If you are like me, you can't wait to see what treasure will appear on

~Handbag Monday~

Today, my guest is Andrea Cooper, author of Viking Fire. Andrea has brought the most exquisite Chanel bag.

This is a Chanel Red Quilted Caviar Grand Shopper Tote (GST) Handbag with Gold hardware. The average cost is $3,000-used. (Way out of my price range.) The exterior is burgundy red lambskin leather. The interior is lined in grey satin. I love the color and we no longer have to have our purses match our shoes and I think red gives a pop of color to any outfit. I also like that it's big enough for all my things including my Kindle. It also features the signature CC twist logo. A replica (fake) Chanel Caviar starts at $200 and up (still way out of my price range :) 

OMG, Andrea. I could only dream of having a bag like this one. You might have to share with me. LOL. The color is my favorite: Red.

Blurb: A feisty Irish lass in a battle of wills against her betrothed - a Viking!
Find Viking Fire at: Amazon
Find Andrea at: Website
I had the privilege of interviewing Andrea on Coffee Time Romance. Find our chat at:  Coffee Time Romance
Thanks for being my guest today, Andrea!