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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Grandmother's legacy - gardening #growingroses #gardeningtales #RLFblog

My aunt and uncle live fifteen minutes away. She loves to garden, particularly roses. About two years ago, she gave me a cutting from Grandmother's famous green rose plant. I put it in a pot and it grew!

A few months ago, we toured the garden and she showed me a rose plant in a pot with a giant pink bloom. She said she had two cuttings rooted and I could have one. She found her shovel and worked the ground with it. The grasped the main stem and pulled. It came out all right, but not with ideal roots. We both frowned and wondered if this one would make it. She said to try and if not, I could have the other one.

I took the plant home all the while thinking it would not grow. Most of my successful gardening ventures are centered around lantana where you can run over it with a car and it will still take off.

The area where I live had lots of rain which is ideal for cultivating new plants. In fact, we didn't water the yard until two weeks ago. Every now and again, I would toss some water on it. Then I noticed the plant was growing taller.

A couple of months passed, and then last Sunday, I found this bud:
This morning, a beauty bloomed:
Thanks to my aunt, Grandmother's rose legacy continues. My brown thumb might be morphing to almost green. lol

Love blossoms when a reluctant beauty queen finds her friend's brother is not the guy next door, but the one who opens her eyes to true love. Find it at: iTunes Amazon
What is a legacy from someone you love?

Monday, June 26, 2017

Saying Goodbye to a bag #wornout #RLFBlog #MFRWorg #accessories

Handbag and Book with VB

I know it is hard to believe, but sometimes, I do purge handbags. I've had some wear out, especially the fabric ones (a favorite Margaret Smith which I hope to replace someday), or somehow, the interior lining is ruined. Some are smaller than my need. Right now, I am carrying larger tote style bags which come with a crossbody strap (think Kate Spade, but not exclusively that brand).

Today, I am saying adios to this one by Le Sac. I absolutely love the print. I carried it a lot when I first bought it. One day in Jazzercise, a friend had dumped my things out of it and had put hers in. I should have given it to her. LOL. The handles are reinforced and there are pockets inside on each side and one in the middle. Despite all the good things, it came down to not using every day because of the size.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Travel and Book with Iris Blobel #NewZealand #dreamvacation #RLFBlog

Travel and Book with
Iris Blobel
Thank you, Vicki, for having me on your blog. I like the idea of talking about our travels, especially when I booked a flight to NZ only ten minutes ago. We’re really looking forward to visiting this wonderful country again. 

Crater Lake
I have to say, I am very blessed with a husband who loves travelling just as much as I do … and fortunately, so do my girls. With my family living in Germany, we have been to Europe a couple of times, but I think our favourite travels have been our trip to the USA, where we drove through five states in four weeks, and our trip to the south island of NZ. 
Queenstown, NZ

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