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May 23, 2016

Handbag & Book w #author Charlotte Copper & Love Supernaturally #accessories #shoes #RssosSisters #MFRWorg

  Handbag & Book with
Charlotte Copper

This is by far my favorite purse, and not because of the unusual color—it looks much brighter in natural light. I probably have about two dozen (or more) purses, but there are 2 reasons why this bag tops my list.

  1. THE LONG STRAP. I’m 5’10” (so I need long) and I hate to carry a purse on my arm. While I do have a few “handbags” that actually require hands/arms, I prefer something that I can just slip over my shoulder….regardless of how heavy my coat may be. (I’m from Canada. We wear heavy winter coats over bulky sweaters at least one quarter of the year.)
  2. POCKETS.  And actually, this is a case of balancing too many versus not enough. A good purse must have one pocket on the outside…for pen and phone. And at least one…maybe two….small side pockets on the inside for make-up, nail file and keys.  BUT I HATE SECTIONS! Although I own a few purses that have zippered centers or multiple sections inside, they obviously didn’t top the list.  I usually just end up putting everything into one section, because I can never figure out how I’d want to divide my stuff into the multiple sections. One big section & two pockets…that’s all I need.

Unfortunately I didn’t realize until it was too late how much I would love this purse, or I would have bought it in one or two other colors. I’ve had it now for several years, and I bought it at a shoe store in the local mall, so I stop in every so often just in case something similar comes back into stock.

 Cassandra Wilson, angel and first-year nurse, spends her days helping other people. Day after day. Life after life. An innocent night out with Fraser, a university junior and varsity hockey player, leads to something more serious and Cassie begins to experience feelings she’s been trying to avoid.

Cassie took the stairs two at a time and almost ran into her roommate as she came to the small landing at the top.

“Whoa,” said Gabriella. “What’s got you in such a hurry?”


Gabriella folded her arms across her chest and tapped her tiny bare foot.

“I’ve gotta shower. I’m going to the movies.”

Pink toenails beat an impatient pattern on the hardwood.

Did the girl have gypsy blood? Her psychic abilities were uncanny.

“With a hockey player,” Cassie explained.

Gabriella’s foot stilled and her eyes widened. “Which one?”

“Fraser something. I didn’t get a last…”

“Tall, with dark, curly hair?”

“That’s him.”

Gabriella laid a hand on Cassie’s arm. “Be careful, he’s a player. And I don’t mean hockey.”

That wouldn’t be a problem. She didn’t want a relationship and this wasn’t a date. And if the night did end with sex, well, she’d welcome a little…distraction. After all, she was an angel not a nun.

Find LOVE SUPERNATURALLY at: The Wild Rose Press

Find Charlotte Copper at: Website

Hey, Charlotte, I had not considered the handbag problems really tall gals like yourself have. I have a shoulder thing and go for totes nowadays.



May 18, 2016

Recipe & Book - author Ilona Fridl w Lemon Angel Shortcake & #newbook #MFRWorg #RssosSisters #desserttime

Recipe & Book with
Ilona Fridl
First of all, I want to thank Vicki for hosting me on her blog!

You're most welcome, Ilona!!!
        Simple Lemon Angel Shortcake
My family is all for simplicity and here's a simple way to make a delicious shortcake for summer. My daughter made this one for Mother's Day. We've always loved angel food, because it sponges up the fruit juices better than the biscuit type of shortcake.
A day ahead, prepare berries. Wash fruit and slice into container or bowl. Add ½ cup of sugar and gently mix. Cover and put in refrigerator.
Prepare 1 package of angel food cake mix as directed on package except substitute lemon-lime soda for the water. Add 1 teaspoon grated lemon zest as you are mixing the batter. Pour into cake pan and bake as directed on package. After cake is cool, slice and put on plate. Take berries and spoon over cake slice, both fruit and juice. You may top with whipped cream or ice cream, if you wish.

A naked man in a graveyard… Detectives Amos and Sarah Darcy have dealt with quite a few unusual mysteries, but who cut down the naked man in the graveyard with a broadsword at midnight?


Around two 'o clock that afternoon, Sam came in to see them. “Well, we know who the man is. He was identified by his wife and brother. He's Abner Wells and works as a bookkeeping clerk at First National Bank.”

Amos stroked his mustache. “That doesn't sound like a wild-eyed pagan to me. Did you get a chance to question his wife?”

“She's Lidia and was quite upset as you may guess. I asked her if she knew about the spiritualist group and she didn't know anything about it.”

“How about his brother?”

“His brother is Calvin Wells. He's a liner captain working for a passenger company and he said he never heard of a group like that.”

Sarah was silent for a moment. “It's possible she's covering up something. Seems to me if a model citizen was involved in a group like that, they wouldn't want it general knowledge what they were doing.”

Sam glanced at her. “You may be right. I'm going to the bank to question people who knew Wells there. Since you're doing all this research on spiritualism, could you find a way to get into one of these groups?”

Sarah thought for a moment. “Maybe it would be better for me to work undercover. Amos would still be well known in the community.”

Amos studied her. “As long as they don't try to sacrifice you. Then I will have something to say.”

“I could disguise myself. Kata could help me with that.” Her cousin worked in costuming at the Golden North theater.

Sam nodded. “If you do, keep me informed of where you go and what you do. That way we can keep an eye on you.”

Sarah sobered. “Yes, we know it can be dangerous, don't we?”

Find A Sacrificial Matter at: Amazon

Find Ilona Fridl at: Website

Ilona, this recipe is fabulous and angel food cake is Handsome's fav. I shall be making it for him soon.








May 15, 2016

Handbag & Book : Visiting the Downton Abbey collection #DowntonAbbey #RssosSisters #MFRWorg #accessories

Handbag & Book with
Vicki Batman
I have a special treat today. Recently, I visited a museum and the special collection showing were Costumes from Downton Abbey. You may remember I was a huge Downton Abbey fan and even mourned when the last episode aired. LOL.

So I thought I'd share this handbag:

This is a handbag carried by Martha Levinson, Lady Grantham's mother from New York City, portrayed by Shirley MacLaine. The bag is constructed of black and the clasp is of carved bone.

Here is the complete ensemble:
All Downton devotees remember that Martha was rather flamboyant and it shows in her fashion. The coat fabric is gold and black floral silk, reminiscent
of an Oriental pattern. And it is trimmed in a large fur collar and cuffs. Martha wore a hat embroidered and trimmed with pheasant feathers, however, the hat wasn't shown in the display I saw.

As you know, I'm a handbag gal and I love this one. It isn't quite large enough for my stuff.

I was overwhelmed by this exhibit and shall be sharing my photos with you over the next few weeks.

Like it?

Would I write a book and not feature handbags? Heck, no! Here
is Temporarily Employed, a romantic comedy mystery, featuring
a handbag-carrying heroine. Find your copy at:

May 11, 2016

Mayhaw Jelly fan? Join author Linda Tillis on Recipe & Book #RssosSisters #MFRWorg #whatscooking

Recipe & Book with

Linda Tillis

My husband and I love to take off for the day and travel rural roads. One day, on just such a trip, I passed an old gentleman on the side of the road. He was selling something in jars. I made a quick u-turn to check him out. I bought some wild honey and a jar of something called Mayhaw Jelly. My husband loved it. When I looked it up I found that the wild Mayhaw tree is almost extinct.

The mayhaw (crataegus opaca) is a fruit about 1/2" to 1" in diameter. Ripe from mid-April through early May, its fruit color varies from bright red to reddish yellow. It is not a desirable berry for eating raw. The mayhaw is a Hawthorne native to the southeastern states. Usually found in low, wet, slightly acid areas, mayhaws produce best on good upland soils in full sun.


Historically, Mayhaws have been harvested in backwoods sloughs, swamps, and river bottoms. Boats are sometimes utilized in the harvest of wild mayhaws. Limbs are shaken over the boat and nets are used to scoop them out of the water. 

Mayhaw Jelly 

You're going to need about one gallon or 4 ½ pounds of mayhaw fruit to yield about 12 cups of strained, flavorful juice.


Sort the mayhaws, removing decayed fruit and twigs. Wash thoroughly. Measure or weigh fruit and put in large saucepan.  For 2 quarts of fruit cover with 6 cups of water. (too much will weaken the flavor).


Bring to a boil, cover and cook gently for about 30 minutes. Cool and drain juice first through a colander, pressing fruit lightly with the back of a large spoon. Then strain the juice through a clean flour sack (or several layers of cheese cloth) From 2 quarts of fruit you should get about 6 cups of strained juice.


Measure 5 ½ cups sugar and set aside. Cook the juice at a low boil until it cooks down to about 4 cups, stirring often, being careful not to scorch. Bring the 4 cups of juice to a full boil. At once, stir in all sugar, stir as you return to a full boil and boil hard for five minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from heat, skim off foam with large metal spoon. Immediately put into clean hot jars and seal.


My first novel, A Heart Made For Love, was set in 1903 Florida and discussed ladies baking skills.  The sequel, A Man With A Pure Heart, has some Mayhaw tarts  to drool over.


Coming soon, A Heart Made For Love is the story of a young woman's journey from victim to victorious as she discovers her own inner strength while helping others find theirs.

Will Mae’s wits and her gun be enough to protect her when the origin of her nightmares returns?

This was the moment Mae would have to prove herself. Instinctively, Mae found the little beauty and fired a round into the air. The man froze and then turned slowly toward Mae. The look on his face would have urged most men to full retreat.
“I said let her go, and I meant it. I don’t want to have to shoot you, mister.”
The man let out a bark of laughter. “You think you can hit me, little lady, before I can take your gun away from you?”
Mae stood her ground. Her heart was racing and her insides quivering, but her voice was firm. “You can try, but I warn you, I will not hesitate.”
The man had let go of Emma and now turned fully to face Mae. “You’re the reason I’m here, ain’t ya? You’re the one who put some crazy notion in her head, like she can just up and leave and get away with it. She’s got a home, and I’m takin’ her back to it.”
As the man reached out to grab Emma again, Mae fired. The man’s arm jerked in reaction to the white-hot pain. He wheeled sharply and took a step toward Mae, then stopped. He could see she had gone pale, but her grip on the pistol was firm, and her arm was rock steady."

Find A Heart made for Love at: Coming Soon from The Wild Rose Press
Find Linda Tillis at: Website

Linda, your jelly sounds fabulous. Have you made any other kinds?

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