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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Handbag and Book ~ Vicki Batman on What's inspiring you? #readromance #springishere #RLFblog

Nature is!
I have always liked the beautiful colors of flowers; however, my obsession really began about three years ago when Handsome and I traveled the Rhine on a river cruise. We began our journey in Lucerne, Switzerland in late June. The weather was perfect, in fact, almost like spring compared to the heat my area experiences in the summer. Many variety of flowers bloomed everywhere. I became captivated and took many photos. Some flowers resembled those grown at home. I also spotted new plants. Even the tiny orange weed in the crack next to a white-washed building captured my fancy. 
This year, the spring flowers are bountiful, most likely due to the abundance of rain and cool temperatures. The antique climbing roses is loaded with tiny pale yellow bouquets. (These are the same plants I nearly chopped down, too.) Every day, I see new things—a snowball viburnum bursting with large blossoms. Many colors of Iris. Hot pink Gerbera daises. Green roses.
The air is fresh, perfumed by the budding flowers. The breeze lifts my hair and brushes across my mouth only to stick on my lip balm (no flavor). On dog walks, Champ, our white malti-poo, toddles along, stopping to pee every ten feet. His smoky gray brother, Jones, has long straight legs and walks like he knows what he is doing, only he doesn’t most of the time. Kids handling super-hero kites which are struggling to find lift. My neighbor is dead-heading the yellow and purple pansies with their fanciful smiles along her front walkway garden.
So how is all this loveliness inspiring?
I’ve been working harder at effective descriptions by adding how I feel and what I see. Hopefully by doing so, you--the reader--are experiencing a better mind picture.

Here’s an example from Temporarily Employed, my humorous romantic mystery:

“Yuck.” Pretty much covered the whole freakin’ day.

A blinding red-white, red-white strobe, reflected in my brand new Wrangler’s rearview mirror, seized my attention. The police.

I tossed my hands skyward, ready to surrender. I shouldn’t have been too surprised. Like I’d commented this a.m. to my roommate, Jenny, “Today, anything’s possible.”

My Bad Day checklist included:

- Crappy job interview, one which might have provided desperately needed income.

- Wore gut-busting panty hose on a hot day which had now worked past my waist and strangled my diaphragm.

 - A barely blowing air conditioner indicated something had malfunctioned in my new, fun car.

Hopefully, you are seeing a young woman having a bad day, absolutely nothing going right. And the cherry on the sundae is the police stopping her.

If you would like to read more, the fun is at: Murder & Mayhem .

Monday, April 16, 2018

Handbag and Book w guest author Lynn Crain on Bitten by the handbag bug #Brightonhandbag #Christmasgift #readromance

First, thanks to Vicki for having me. I must admit, this was a very intriguing idea when I first saw it. See, I’m a purse whore and I’ll be the first to admit it. This particular model, it’s a Brighton bag called a Kayden Cross Body Satchel. Are you amazed that someone pays attention to the name of their handbag? I was when I was bitten by the handbag bug about 20 years ago. All, with maybe one or two exceptions, are Brighton bags because I felt that the heart motif on every bag was meant for the author in me.

This particular version I received at Christmas from my husband. I love the material, the color and the fact that it can fold up into a small case hidden on the inside. Because of that, it’s a perfect bag for travel making it easy for me to take another smaller Brighton bag.

For me, Brighton bags are a must and I think I have collected about 20 of them throughout the years. I still have my very first bag and pull it out when I want a light-colored bag. It was a simple tote that was the softest leather I’d ever felt. It was also one of the most expensive bags I’d ever had but I found it on sale and to the matching wallet.

See…told you I was a purse whore…hope you enjoyed this little look into my purse habit.

Aingeal Cochran is on a mission to save humanity from itself when suddenly she’s staring head-on at her forgotten past. Lukas Everhard must bring her up to speed regarding the real enemy before allowing himself to love her completely. In learning about her past and mission, Aingeal realizes the best is yet to be and she will do anything to protect those she loves. For Lukas, Aingeal is the mission.

 “You know the rules here. No fighting in the mess hall.”  The object didn’t remove itself from my body.

I whirled furious, jerking my arm away, energy in both hands now and was stopped short by the man who stood before me. I was not a small woman, yet this man dwarfed me.  Slowly, my gaze moved from his chest to his wide shoulders to his face and stopped there. Ice blue eyes stared at me without one bit of emotion attached to the look. He’s one cold cookie. I blinked rapidly almost as if I had been hit in the gut. This man was not going to take my crap in any way, shape or form. While I might be able to fool Darien somewhat as I had learned since I had arrived, I would never be able to fool this one.

Find Avenging Aingeal in the Mystic Realms Anthology at: Amazon

Find Lynn Crain at:  Facebook
So, Lynn, how many handbags do you own? 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Handbag & Book: guest author Jean Rabe - I love Dogs & her #book The Bone Shroud #pugdogs #historicalrelics #weddingtrip

I love dogs. I have three … a pug, Labrador, and a Boston terrier. The pug is the oldest, and my friends know he’s my favorite. A couple of my buddies … and fellow authors … have given me pug purses—and I treasure them because they were gifts and because they feature pugs. The picture here is of one of my pug purses and a pug coin purse. I also have pug jewelry, pug t-shirts, pug sweatshirts, and I used to have plush pug bedroom slippers, but I wore them out and could not find suitable replacements. But the pug purses … I’m often getting compliments on them.

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