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January 16, 2017

#Handbag and #Book w Brenda Moguez #greatesttreasures #shoppingdeal #MFRWorg

Handbag and Book with

Brenda Moguez

I have a bag fetish. I can’t walk past a sale table in Macys’ without stopping. On weekend getaways or vacations, no boutique will go unexplored. Frankly, off the beaten path in little towns on the beachfront is where I’ve found my greatest treasures. My husband swears I have a new bag every week, but so not true. Cough! Cough! 
I am fussy about the style of bag I’ll carry. No clutches, totes, satchels, no drawstrings, no bucket-bags. For me, it must be a Crossbody or Messenger bag big enough for an on-the-go wristlet, and strap for a hair clip. It’s hands-free for me.   
My latest I bag was a Christmas gift from me-to-me. It’s Italian. It’s a Crossover. And it’s roomy. The bag fairy made sure I found it. I owe her big time. 
When Stella Delray unexpectedly loses her job a week before Christmas, which is also the anniversary of her husband’s death, she is forced to stop talking to his ashes, come to terms with her loss, and get her life back on track for her young son’s sake as well as her own. She never expected that posting an ad on Craigslist would send her into the arms of not one but two men, one of whom is her former boss. Now she’s working as an admin for a retired Broadway star, bookkeeping for an erotic video production company, and writing love letters for the mysterious "Oaklander." Adding to the craziness of her new life, her monster-in-law resurfaces and the father-in-law she never met shows up on her doorstep. With the guidance of her best friend, Bono, Stella will learn to redefine the rules she’s always lived by. 
Focus, Stella, the little voice shouts. There’s enough cash in the bank to last six months. This is not a good time to be unemployed. As if there is ever a good time, I whine inside.  

“Stella, did you hear me? Are you okay?” A touch of worry sails through the wires and lands like a thud on the counter.
I hit the mute button to block the dry sob growing behind my breastbone. Breathe, one thousand-one, one thousand-two, one thousand-three, one thousand-four, hold for six counts. I grip the edge of the counter, which keeps me rooted to the kitchen floor and from drowning in the acid panic flooding my veins. Damn. I’m losing my job. Ava will come after Santi again. Damn. Stop! Don’t you dare cry on the phone in front of a man, especially not Jack. Inner Stella swoops in and takes control. 
“Stella?” His voice is no longer a whisper. I unmute the phone. “Yes, I’m here.”  
“Is everything okay? Did you hear what I said?”
“Yes, I heard, and I’m fine.” You jerk, what a stupid question. “The news is unexpected, of course. Thanks for the heads-up.” I need to make a graceful exit from the call. I manage to choke back my sob. “I assume our meeting is canceled. There’s probably no point in me coming into the city to talk about the business plan for next year.” Since I’ll be living in a cardboard box under the Bay Bridge, you selfish prick.  
Find Nothing Is Lost In Loving at: Amazon
Find Brenda at:  Website

January 12, 2017

#Craft and #Book w @VickiBatman #embroidery #crewelwork #Christmas #homedecorating

Craft and Book with Vicki
I have a friend who does estate sales and early on in her career, she invited me to stop by one. I did and I found Christmas crewel kits for $2.00. I loved them. They were funky things from the seventies, perhaps the sixties. Didn't matter because they spoke to me.

Crewel is very similar to embroidery, something I had been doing since age nine when my grandmother set me down with a pillowcase she had stamped, thread, and a needle.

But eBay and ETSY had the whole series of holiday crewel works and a large picture one. I bought them.

Today, I picked up the last two in the series, Love and Noel.


I did add my own bits to the work, like beads, sequins and some stitches. The finisher at the needlepoint store I frequent made the pillows. I get teary eyed when I see things I've done made better.

And speaking of the holidays, did you pick up your ecopy of Season of Promises for a mere 99cents? Amazon  iTunes  B&N

Now that the holidays are over, are you taking on new craft projects?

January 9, 2017

#Handbag and Book with Melissa Ohnoutka on Sinful Secrets #MFRWorg #Rssos #Entangled #accessories

Thanks for letting my visit your blog today, Vicki! I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and that your New Year is off to a wonderful start.  I’m so excited to be here to show off my favorite purse, as well as my newest release, Sinful Secrets. 
Some people have a shoe thing. My middle daughter is one of them. But for me, it’s all about the purses. Doesn’t matter what color, shape or size, I love them all! And for this reason, my girls try their best to steer me clear of the purses whenever we go shopping. Bless their little hearts. LOL And usually it works. Out of sight, out of mind, right? J I’m drawn to them, can hear them calling my name, and never have trouble picking one out to take home with me.

That’s what made finding my last purse so strange. Maybe it had to do with the fact I needed a certain color to match an outfit. Reminds me of my muse. Boundaries and limitations stop me cold. Odd, I didn’t already have a bag in this color among my stash in the closet. A clue to why the search became a struggle maybe.

I scanned the purse section of a certain store over and over. Moved and rearranged displays to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. And still nothing. Seriously? To say I was getting irritated was an understatement. My time was running out. I only had about thirty minutes left to find that perfect piece. My oldest daughter was due back to pick me up and this was my last shot. Panic!

And then I saw it. As I walked by a shelf/rack of what I’d thought was odds and ends from the shoe department, a sliver of a brown strap too large to belong to a shoe caught my eye. Color was a perfect match. Could it be? The suspense was killing me. On further examination, I discovered it was definitely a purse on the bottom of the sales rack in the middle of mismatched scarfs, sunglasses and even a few socks. Yep. Socks. Almost as if someone had tried to hide this treasure from view. 

As I dug threw the other items, more of the purse came into view. I couldn’t believe it. I’d found it! And there was no doubt in my mind someone had done all they could to hide this lovely purse so they could return later and snatch it up.

I almost felt sorry for them. LOL But I found it fair and square. And it’s now one of my favorites! J Worth the struggle, right? 

Besides my addiction to purses, I also love suspense…ah…the thrill of adrenaline rushing through my veins. My newest book, Sinful Secrets, was released in November from Entangled Publishing and is a romantic suspense, heavy on the suspense.

All Joanna McNamee wants is to make her event planning business a success, but someone keeps sabotaging her events. The last thing she expects is to see Ryker Kane, the man she’s been crushing on since college, show back up in her life. Talk about awkward. She decides acting as if they’ve never met is the best option. But when a man tries to kidnap her in order to get his hands on her father’s secret formula, she must put the past behind her and trust Ryker. Or lose everything.

Click here to read the first chapter and order your copy: Amazon

Or visit Melissa at: Website

Readers: how important is it for you to match your handbag and shoes?

December 22, 2016

My Christmas gift to you! #holidaymovies #MFRWorg #Rssosisters

Every year, I share this link to a wonderful, Academy award-winning short about the nativity story. It will truly touch your heart.

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