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October 22, 2014

.@VickiBatman - Your bookshelf picture worthy? #MFRWorg #PlottingPrincesses

Is your bookshelf picture worthy?

I saw a post where people were asked to pose in front of their bookshelves and share a selfie. Yeah, I can't do a good selfie. But I can take a pix of my bookshelves. 

Oh my. From this view, I have a mess. 

On top are photos by #2 son. The books begin with Maeve Binchy through Kathleen Woodiwiss. 

There's an old CD player, four boxes of CDs, personalized notecards, files, every Dick Francis mystery, pictures, jewelry, a St. Anthony candle, maps, and a picture made from popsicle sticks. The book case on the right has 3 TBR shelves. $13.00 I paid myself for not eating chocolate (should have paid myself more!). 

The books look good--except for the TBRs. It's the trinkets. I have a hard time parting with gifts from family and friends. 

So no, my shelves aren't perfect. And one day, I'll do an overhaul. But for now, they are mine with my things and I love them.

If you want, you can put up a pix on my FB page and show off your shelves. Go here: Vicki Batman, sassy writer

Are your shelves picture perfect? Is there something there you can't do without? 

Vicki Batman is thrilled her baby Temporarily Employed is launched and has been celebrating with cake!

October 20, 2014

.@VickiBatman - when a friend shares a treasure with you #Handbag Monday #MFRWauthors #RLFblog

When a friend gifts a bag.... :)

~   Handbag Monday   ~

Several years ago, my friend knew of my love for all things handbags and said she had something to give me. 

An adorable box bag she had made. The body is a wooden box, covered in bandanna type of fabric in red and black. Black rickrack is glued around the edges. The whole thing is varnished and topped with a sassy plastic handle. 

I love it. And treasure this bag because it came from my friend who passed away from cancer. She was a true friend, exuberant, loved chocolate and Mexican food, used the F-word frequently, avid needlepoint stitcher, world traveler, and danced her own steps in Jazzercise.

One day in class, my friend and I experienced the migration of the monarchs. Right before that event, she had told me her cancer had returned. I went home and journaled what had happened and eventually, wrote the story, "Taking Flight." MuseItUp Publishing published the story in their cancer anthology, Lavender Dreams.

Profits from the sales of this go to support a hospital where a MIUP editor who had cancer had been taken care of: MIUP     Amazon

But I have my own scare with cancer. Eight years ago, Handsome was diagnosed with esophageal cancer which had spread to three places. He had surgery, chemo, and radiation. I talk about this journey at: Romance Lives Forever

My friend told me Handsome was at the top of her prayer list. Her top. Truly, she is dancing with angels.

October 17, 2014

This Party is rocking! Launch party for my romantic comedy #mystery Temporarily Employed #MFRWorg #PlottingPrincesses #KOD

Today is launch party day over at my Sassy Writer page: Vicki Batman, Facebook

I'm hostessing many authors who have giveaways and fun stuff, starting with me:

10 - Vicki Batman
10 - Sylvia McDaniel
11 - Paloma Beck, Lynda Coker
12 - Angi Morgan, Kimberlety Troutte
1 - Alisha Paige Wilson, Donnell Bell
2 - Elizabeth Essex, Karilyn Bentley
3 - Liz Lipperman, Kristina Knight
4 - D'Ann Linscott Dunham, Tina Gayle
5 - Magdalena Scott, Betty Bolte
6 - Melissa Keir, Kayelle Allen
7 - Alexa Bourne, Barbara Barrett
730 - Allie Harrison
8 - The big drawing for my giveaway, a Kate Spade bag loaded with goodies. 

Here's a teaser: 

Like what you see? Here's the link again: VB FB launch party

Find Temporarily Employed at:

Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou to everyone who has 
supported me and my writing. Hugs!

October 15, 2014

.@VickiBatman - "a life lived in fear is a life half-lived" #MFRWauthors #MFRWorg #RLFblog #TWRP

What is your fear? 

My Journey began a few years back when I took the challenge to write something. I am a huge reader. However, deep in my being was a tiny bubble, a kernel and I didn't dare admit anything to anyone about my secret desire: I wanted to write a book. 

But I was scared. Because writing a book meant showing it to someone to read it--right? Because books are meant to be read. Which meant what if readers don't like it? 

The idea of not being liked stifled me; so I shelved and shuttered the idea until...I was challenged. 

One of my favorite movies is Strictly Ballroom, a Cinderella story set in the ballroom scenario. A not-so attractive girl who everyone takes advantage of desperately desires to blossom by becoming a ballroom dancer. A young man has the chance to be ballroom champion if he picks the right partner. These two come together and fulfill their dreams. 

Right before the big show, the young man admits his fear about dancing in a new way. The girl quotes an old family saying, "A life lived in fear is a life half-lived." Wow!

Knowing this, I decided to push myself where I'd "never gone before." I decided to have my manuscript published. 

It took a long time. And in between, I grew and bettered my writing and developed great writing friendships. Finally, The Wild Rose Press took a chance. 

I'm happy to announce the launch of:


A fun bit from TE: New Job. New Love. And Murder.
Hattie Cook's dream job is down the toilet and her new SUV violated. Desperate for cash to cover the basic necessities of rent and food, she takes a temporary job at Buy Rite Insurance Company where she uncovers an embezzling scam tied to the death of a former employee--the very one she replaced. 

Detective Allan Charles Wellborn has secretly adored Hattie all his life. When the police determine there's more to the death of a former Buy Rite employee, he steps in to lead the investigation. Overly dedicated, always perfect, he puts his job first, even if doing so ultimately hurts the one he loves.

Can the killer be found before Hattie's time is up?

How did I do?  If you like TE, find it at:
TWRP paperback book

           Time to Party!

And if you like parties, I'm hostessing a great one tomorrow with giveaways (think Kate Spade handbag!), excerpts, virtual cake, champagne, and great authors at:VB's sassy writer FB & party 

Please invite your friends and join our fun with: 

with guests:
10 cst – Vicki Batman, Elizabeth Essex
11 – Paloma Beck, Lynda Coker
12 – Angi Morgan
1 – Alisha Paige Wilson, Donnell Bell
2 – Sylvia McDaniel, Karilyn Bentley
Kimberley Troutte
3 – Liz Lipperman, Kristina Knight
4 – D’Ann Linscott Dunham, Tina Gayle
5 – Magdalena Scott, Betty Bolte
6 – Melissa Keir, Kayelle Allen
7 – Alexa Bourne, Barbara Barrett
8 – And the winners are?

Special giveaways, excerpts, laughs and virtual champagne for all! 

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