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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Author Vicki Batman on Handbag and Book - My Observations about Dogs #gettingapet #catsanddogs #romanticcomedy

Some of you may be laughing hysterically just from the title of my blog because you know I grew up with cats, not dogs. My mom didn’t want to fence the yard for a dog. Our first cat was a huge gray guy named appropriately Smokey. He was born between our wooden and the neighbor’s chain link fences.
Over the years, there were others, like Mischief, Fuzzy, Snuffer. Our last two were farm cats from Kansas named Romper, aka Roo, Roo-roo, Romp, and her sister, Scooter, aka Scoo. 
Handsome, however, grew up with dogs. He loves to tell the story of their sheepdog who ate the Thanksgiving turkey (Christmas Story, anyone?). So when #1son was about three, he adopted Baxter, a sheep dog who grew VERY LARGE. Baxter was too big for little kids and no one could walk him well.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Guest author Ann Everett on Handbag and Book - Bringing out the hotglue gun #crafting #accessories #readromance #RLFblog

I'm a big thrift store shopper and found this bag late last summer in a local resale shop.

It was new, but totally plain when I bought it. Then after $3.52 worth of braid from Hobby Lobby and a little hot glue, it went from plain to fabulous! 

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