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Thursday, March 30, 2017

He asked #AprilFool'sDay #thequestion #proposal #MFRWorg

My April Fool’s Day Proposal

My oh my how time flies.

Since I've been blogging, I like to use the April 1 date to share Happy Proposal Day! For those who didn't know, Handsome proposed marriage on April Fool's Day. He pulled me on his lap and asked The Question. I did say yes, but after he left, I began to have strange thoughts when I realized what the day was. Did he mean what he asked? Was he joking? What should I do?

I did what any red-blooded girl would do. I checked in with him. LOL. I asked (very tentatively), "I was wondering... Did you mean what you asked yesterday?"

He started playing with me. "Asked you?"

My gut went oh crap. "You know, about asking that question."


"You know, the question."

"Oh that. That question." He smiled. "Why are you asking?"

"I thought I'd check since yesterday was April Fool's Day."

He laughed.

"Would you mind asking again?"

He took my hand and did so a second time. I said yes a second time. With great relief. It certainly felt more real than the one on April Fool's Day.

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Monday, March 27, 2017

I needed #retailtherapy #designerhhandbag #accessories #MFRWorg

Handbag and Book 

You know how life can be challenging at times? And when we are challenged, some of us turn to food, exercise, chocolate. But I turn to retail therapy.

Writing "retail therapy" sounded strange. lol

Specifically, I shop for handbags. I know you aren't surprised. In all fairness, I culled five bags from my stash recently.

So I found this loverly Kate Spade bag:

It's pretty roomy and with the long handle and worn crossbody, surprisingly light. Some stash pockets on one side and on the other, a zipper pocket where I stored the crossbody handle. But the real reason I jumped on this beauty?

Polka dots.

I love polka dots. I have polka dotted pajamas, sweaters, sheets, and more. To me, polka dots look happy and there's nothing wrong with happy.

Speaking of happy...

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

There's a sequel! Love Actually #moviewatching #favoritefilm #loveisallaround #MFRWorg

Want to revisit Love Actually?

My sister sent me a link yesterday and I HAD to look. It was about a FAVORITTE movie-Love Actually...

and actually,

there will be a sequel!

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