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9/16-10/6: 80 romantic suspense, mystery & thriller ebooks & a Kindle Fire HD 8.

9/16-10/6: 80 romantic suspense, mystery & thriller ebooks & a Kindle Fire HD 8.
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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Travel and Book w Madison Michael #exploreChicago #writingromance #WindyCity

Travel and Book with
Madison Michael
Chicago is my hometown and a visitor’s paradise. As a native of the Windy City, I have to brag about the beauty and fun to be found here and in the surrounding area. After all, Chicagoans bragging is how it got that sobriquet.
Chock full of things to see and do, Chicago is a world-class city. It’s easy to get to and navigate. With a well-earned reputation as the friendliest of the big cities, this expanse of parks along Lake Michigan has world-class museums, great shopping (handbag anyone?), music, sports teams, culture and unbelievable food.

Come on. Admit it. Food makes the vacation for most of us and Chicago offers
fine dining with Michellin starred restaurants like Alinea, Grace and Tru, a constant battle between Unos, Giordanos, Lou Malnati’s, Gino’s and Nancy’s for the best deep dish pizza and SuperDawg, where you get a famous Chicago red hot and an hour of nostalgia.

We have the World Series winning Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field, a neighborhood arena that was the last hold-out against stadium lights. Want a different sport? Try the Bulls, Bears and Blackhawks. Take in a game or if you prefer, go listen to Chicago’s famous Blues at House of Blues or Jazz at Andy’s.

You can bike Chicago, walk Chicago, Segway Chicago or boat Chicago. Explore our world-renowned historic and modern architecture with tours on foot or from the comfort of a guided architecture boat ride. As you skim along the river – reversed so that it flows out of Lake Michigan rather than in – picture it on St. Patrick’s day, when it is dyed bright Kelly green!

Visit our Irish neighborhoods, Indian and Jewish neighborhoods, Latino, Polish and Russian neighborhoods. Discover gorgeous college towns in Evanston and Hyde Park built around world class Universities, ramble Greek Town, China Town and surrounding suburbs famous for Frank Lloyd Wright’s studio and houses.

Our beaches are beautiful and public, and you can see them from land walking miles of trails or from a ride upon the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier. After all, the Ferris wheel, also referred to as the Chicago Wheel, was designed and constructed for the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago.

Can’t get here anytime soon?

If you want to see Chicago from the comfort of home, you can watch it on TV and movies. We have been the backdrop of movies like The Untouchables and John Hughe’s classics Risky Business and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as well as The Blues Brothers,Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Empire.

Discover Chicago in my novels too. I have used their art festivals as the backdrop of Bedazzled where Keeli and Wyatt fall in love. Their museums, events and restaurants are part of the elite upper crust world of my characters for Beholden and Bedeviled. Chicago –its great museums, parks, restaurants and music – are the landscape of my Beguiling Bachelor Series, because it has the vibrancy and excitement a setting needs, and because Chicago’s business environment does create the young, well-heeled and handsome millionaires like my bachelor heroes.

With Deceit on Both Sides, is their Love Bedeviled?
Smart, sassy Charlotte escapes danger by building a new life on lies. Rich, handsome Alex, holds the irresistible Charlotte at arm’s length to protect unrevealed secrets of his own until a suspicious injury lands her in his bed. Does he dare risk family, fortune, and heart without knowing the truth?
Here’s a excerpt of my most recent Beguiling Bachelor novel, set of course, in Chicago…

Available for a limited time as part of the Sultry Nights Collection
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Monday, September 18, 2017

Handbag and Book with Fran Thomas When is a lunchbag a #handbag? #accessories #designerfashion #songanddance

Handbag and Book with
Fran Thomas

My favorite purse isn't really a purse at all. I guess it is meant to be a small cooler or lunch bag since it is lined with insulating material, but I have always used it as a purse. It was given to me by a fellow member of Calendar Girls Florida. The Calendar Girls are a song and dance team made up of women over the age of 60. Their mission is to raise money to sponsor puppies that go on to become service dogs for veterans through the Paws for Patriots program. I had the pleasure of performing with them for several years. We always wore the most outrageous costumes when we danced, so an animal print present was particularly appropriate.
Zumba teacher Isabella Ramos moved from Miami to quirky, small town Calusa to open a restaurant. Luc Girard arrives on the Florida island to become a painter, or so he says. The attraction is instant. But the secret he’s keeping threatens to deflate their relationship like a fallen soufflĂ©. It takes just the right mixture of ingredients for dreams to come true.
One step closer to her dream.
Isabella Ramos drove her refurbished van across the drawbridge and towards her home in Calusa.  After catering a breakfast at a golf club on the mainland, she had already dropped off the two women she hired for larger jobs like this one. She yawned and let go of the steering wheel long enough to rub her eyes.  It was only noon, but she had risen early to prepare three varieties of Cuban pastries along with the hot items she had served.
The society women who belonged to the club had oohed and aahed over her food, and many had taken her business card, promising to call her for future high-profile events around town. The manager of the club was a valuable contact too. Isabella was certain he had a vast network that she hoped to tap into when she finally opened her restaurant.
Isabella had loved to bake from the first moment she stood on a chair before her abuela’s kitchen counter back in Miami and wielded a miniature rolling pin. As she got older, and taller, she learned how to prepare the Cuban dishes that made her grandma’s home the place to be when mealtime rolled around. The seed of the dream to open her own restaurant was born.
Up ahead, she spotted a man standing on a ladder next to a utility pole.  She didn’t recognize him, and he wasn’t dressed in an official uniform of any kind.  She didn’t see a truck, only a rusty bicycle that lay flat on the adjoining bike path. Who was he? Was he up to some mischief?
But what if he was in trouble? Before she could stop to think twice, she pulled the van over to the side of the road and got out.
The man shaded his eyes against the Florida sun as Izzy approached. The light glinted off his brown hair, gathered in an untidy man bun. A beard obscured the bottom half of his face making his expression unreadable.
“Can I help you?” he called.
He spoke with an intriguing accent. French?
“Oh, no,” Izzy said. “I wondered if you needed help.”
“You mean you wondered what I am doing,” the man replied. He gestured to several open cans at the foot of the ladder, half hidden in the weeds. “I am painting.”
“Painting on that pole? Why?”
He chuckled. “Because it is there. Is that not what people say when they climb Mount Everest? Simply because it is there.”
Find Island Dream at: Amazon 
Oh Fran, I had to laugh as I have a wicker lunchbox I use as a handbag.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Run, Hide, Read #giveaway #reading #mysterylover

Romantic suspense, mystery, and thriller lovers, just imagine curling up in a cozy chair on a rainy day this fall with 80 bestselling ebooks to choose from and a new Kindle Fire HD 8 to read them on. One lucky winner will get this prize package. Why not you?

Grand prize includes ebooks by Janet Evanovitch, Kendra Elliot, Melinda Leigh, Mary Burton, J.D. Robb, Gina Lamanna, and Loreth Anne White, and the list goes on and on, not to mention 30 page-turning reads donated by the talented authors (me, Vicki Batman!!) sponsoring the giveaway. Two runner-up $25 Amazon gift cards are also up for grabs.

Visit our website and enter for your chance to win, but don’t wait too long. This giveaway ends October 6. (No purchase necessary.)

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