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Monday, November 20, 2017

Checking out sassy gifts w Pauline Baird Jones #mystery #accessories #Zulily

Handbag and Book
with Pauline Baird Jones

This very sassy handbag was a gift from my sister. She got it from the so awesome Zulily (crack for stress shoppers?).
The designer/line is Anuschka Handbags. She has a lot of whimsical and very striking handbags. I get lots of compliments when I carry it. :-)


A retired detective is determined to woo his high school sweetheart while they try to solve a murder.

Weren’t we the class that was going to live forever? How delusional was that?”

“Everyone is delusional in high school,” Zach pointed out. “We all thought we were invincible.” A hint of sad entered his gaze, which felt like headlights beamed on her face.

Becca knew how to hold a gaze. She had to in her business, but it was the first time she felt like, well, a girl. With a guy. Almost young again. Like they had been an item way back when and now they were having a moment.

And then, because fate was mean, over Zach’s shoulder Becca saw Bubba Pascal approach Georgy and give him a shake.

“Wake up, dude, and join the party,” he said it loud enough for the words to echo around the gym, causing conversations to break off as everyone turned to look.

Just in time to see Georgy slide sideways off the chair and face plant on the gymnasium floor.


Find Pauline Baird Jones at: Website

Thursday, November 16, 2017

5 Ways to Make Your Colonoscopy Easier #doctorstuff #medicalprocedure

About a year and a half ago, I was told by my doctor it was time to schedule a mammogram and a colonoscopy. The mammogram was pretty easy. I do have boobs and they squish them close to pancake flat. That's okay as long as there's nothing to worry about.

But that colonoscopy...no one has nice words for this.


My aunt had colon cancer. I didn't want it; so I sucked it up and phoned the doctor who had done the procedure ten years earlier to schedule an appointment. The doctor went over my history - nothing has changed. Directed me to the young lady who said she could schedule me for the procedure in a week. I was like that quick? And then thought, if you do so quickly, you won't back out. I said yes and went home to begin the prep.

First off, no seeds, nuts, fruit with nuts. Bleh! Six days later, last meal. Day before, drink clear juices, no red or grape anything. That evening, drink the prep.

So here's my tips:

1. Hawaiian rolls and roasted deli chicken sandwiches are good. In fact, my new fav sandwich.

2. Mix equal parts of apple, grape, and 7 up. Drink as much of this as you want.

3. From a friend, drink the prep with a straw. Disclaimer: I tried this and it didn't work for me. In fact, I never want anything faux cherry flavored again.

4. Drink a bit of the prep, water, prep, water, until it is all gone. This helped dilute the faux flavor.

5. There isn't a five. I kept hoping I'd think of something, but I've got nothing.

The instant the sedative was injected, I conked out. I'm such a lightweight. The nurse woke me and after a brief visit with the doc and was told I was fine, I went home.

It is my greatest wish for when the next ten year appointment rolls around, something better will be invented instead of what I had.

Have any tips to share?

Want something fun to read to take your mind off your colonoscopy? Try Temporary Insane. No weird procedures. Just a bad job, no man, and murder. Find the fun at: Amazon TWRP  B&N ibooks

Monday, November 13, 2017

Handbag and Book: The Leaves are Falling #autumn #freebook

Every Sunday, Handsome and I walk four miles. We go from our house through the shopping center, past the post office and turn down one of the most beautiful streets lined with homes, the earliest dates to 1905. The designs are colonial, prairie style, like a modified Italiante (I'm not literate on all styles). Lots of famous people have lived on this street and some of the movers and shakes now do.
Many years ago, this was not the most popular area to live in and the homes fell into disrepair. Through the hard work of those with a vision to create a historical area, the homes were renovated.k
The boulevard is lined with magnolias, crepe myrtles, live oaks of all varieties, pecan--again, multiple varieties, and the most colorful of all: sweet gum. Today, I picked up these leaves:
The one on the left is very scarlet with purple edges. The one on the right is a lovely lemon color with a tinge of green just near the stem.
Lots of people don't believe we have the turning of the leaves in the fall. We have to have the perfect cold snap for a stunning display. Today, we have the sweet gum.
It was a glorious walk.
Just til Nov 15, Season of Magic is free on Amazon, Nook, and Kobo. 

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