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Monday, October 15, 2018

Book and Bag: #author Liese Sherwood-Fabre #readromance #shortstories #MFRWauthor

This handbag was a Christmas present from my husband. He is Mexican and has been traveling between Mexico and the US for business the past few years.

While not well-known in the US, the maker, Tous, originated in Spain in 1920. Originally watchmakers, the family-owned business expanded to jewelry, handbags, and other accessories; and it has an international celebrity following, including Gwyneth Paltrow. I get compliments constantly on it because of its unique design, and I’m proud to share my husband has great taste.

Love can bloom in infinite ways.

Virtual Harmony and Other Short, Sweet Romances shares eleven tales of love through cute meets to taking friendship to the next level to rekindling a marriage. Feelings can be sparked by an errant computer file, a hunt for diamonds, or even a fortune teller's tale. All that is needed is to open one's heart to let them in. Search, find, and deepen love along the way in these sweet romances.

I slumped into an empty chair at the coffee bar around the corner from my apartment. I was ending this foolishness. Now. For two weeks I’d been on a wild goose chase and gotten nowhere.

Time to give up. 

It’d all started innocently enough. After plugging in my new MP3 player, and booting up my computer to download my playlist, my finger froze just above the mouse. An unfamiliar file folder appeared along with the others: "George's Songs."

Who was George, and how did he get on my computer?

Having moved into the neighborhood less than a month ago, I didn’t know anyone in the area, and no one had access to my computer. Another new icon appeared at the bottom of my screen and blinked on and off. My new wireless system was working. I returned my gaze to the “George’s Songs” icon. Somehow, my computer's system had picked up this George’s file and downloaded it to my machine.

Curiosity won out over caution, and without thinking twice, I opened the file to check out his playlist. Almost the entire list of songs I’d planned to download onto my MP3 player were already in George’s.


Whoever he was, George had good tastes.

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Find Liese Sherwood-Fabre at: Website

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Handbags, Books...Whatever guest author Lynda Rees - The Essential Handbag and her book, Real Money

This tan purse is a favorite because it’s small but holds all my essentials.

It’s great for traveling and when I need to downsize because of my bad shoulders and back. That explains it’s much-loved appearance.
REAL MONEY, BOOK 8 OF THE BLOODLINE SERIES of romantic suspense novels about horse country, rural Kentucky.
Realtor, Chloe Roberts moves home to Sweetwater starting over after her fiancĂ©’s disappearance. She’s pursued by a married ex-boyfriend and a billionaire tycoon, stalked by her ex’s volatile wife, falls for a loveable deputy, discovers a murder victim, learns her family tree has a rotten branch miraculously still living, and becomes the next target for the assassin.

 “I look forward to settling down enjoying a home of my own.” Vulnerability in his thick, strong voice added a special charm she hadn’t witnessed before. He wasn’t all business, after all. He was putting his heart into this decision. Her experience helping people find the perfect location was the best part of her job. She was glad to do it for Tray and his partner, confidant his offer would work out.
“Thank you for dinner.” She bit into the thick, juicy burger and dipped a rippled, crispy fry in a bowl of ketchup. 
“You’re welcome. I get tired of business dinners with rubber chicken, steak houses or takeout at home.”
“Don’t you or your partner cook? You gave merely a cursory glance through the kitchens of both houses.”
He acted perplexed. “I enjoy cooking when I have an afternoon to indulge in it, but I work so much I rarely have the luxury. I think my partner cooks. I’m not sure. I’ll have to ask.”
She cocked her head. “Oh, have you been together a short while?”
“Five years. It never came up. We rarely discuss such things.”
That seemed odd. “He doesn’t live with you?”

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Find Lynda Rees at: Website

Monday, October 08, 2018

Book and Bag: Who Are You? #ancestrydna #readromance #relatives

Last year for Christmas, #1son and wife gave Handsome and me Ancestry tests. I stuck mine on my desk and finally sent it in a few weeks ago. A confirmation e-mail came and I began filling in a family tree. All of the sudden pictures and records of various family members began popping up. 

One picture was of my grandmother with her five sisters. They all had on white shirts with a pin at the throat. Their hair in topknots. What I love about the picture is their names are written on the back. All of their names began with "L," Lannie, Letha, Lottie, Lela, Lou, and Lillie--my grandmother who went by a shortened version of her middle name, Josie. My mom's middle is Lorene. I like how my mom gave my sisters and I "L" middle names: Lea, Louise, Lynn, Lynette. 

The photo is printed on a postcard, taken at a studio in a small town near where they were raised. There is a backdrop of painted panels and the name of the photographer is embossed in a corner. When visiting my mom several years ago, we went through a box which had belonged to her uncle who had lived with my grandmother. That picture was in his box. Mom gave it to me. 
I am not seeing much resemblance between them. The lady on the top, middle looks happy. The lady bottom, middle looks stern. 

I've done author interviews where I've been asked which famous person would I like to eat with. I always say my grandmother. She was kind, giving. Everyone who visited her went home with something like her handmade tatting or a piece of cake, a plant.

I attended community college about fifteen minutes from her house. One semester I had three hours between classes. I bought hamburgers for us and visited with her. And was I happy she lived to meet my sons. Just writing this little bit about her makes me teary. 
What holiday cake did Grandmother bake? Check out The Great Fruitcake Bake-off, my romantic comedy short story featured in the Whispers of Winter holiday anthology.

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