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Monday, December 10, 2018

Book and Bag: A Holiday Favorite Handbag #designerhandbag #Christmasgifts #readromance

I LOVE craft fairs. I admire creatives who have the hutzpah to sell what they make. Most years, I go to one which supports a local middle school as their fundraiser. As I cruised down one aisle, I spied this:

What isn't there to like? The Frosty the Snowman graphic is colorful and brings back happy memories of watching it every season on television. This tote bag is made from a record album. The sides are fabric.

Every year, I get it out and happily show it off . Most people ask, "Is that a record album?" And some say, "I had that record when I was a kid." 

I love it!

And now, a Whispers of Winter book fair  for you:

Enter here:

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Handbags, Books...Whatever guest author Lynda Rees - Adorable with Fond Memories and her book God Father's Day

I bought this silk purse when I was in Guangau, China. I pull it out occasionally and use it sparingly. The fabric is fairly fragile, but I love it too much to keep it hidden away all the time. It’s adorable, comes with fond memories and is lightweight.

Love is an illusion, and marriage is only for gaining power. On the fast track to manage Yancy’s empire, Justin rushes to his critically ill father’s bedside. Moving to their lakeside resort to care for him, they’re determined to make the most of what little time left they have left together.

Nurse Becky avoids men fearing being vulnerable to any man again. Justin’s broken spirit penetrates armor opening her fragile heart. Her strength carries him through his ordeal.

Becky can’t compete with the wealthy fiancĂ© who wants him back. His dad isn’t who he claims to be, sending Justin in a tail-spin reevaluating what he wants from life. A murderer seeks his next victim, and confrontation is eminent. What matters most when you’re losing it all?

A tuxedoed servant wearing tails and striped trousers bowed and took Yancy’s wrap and purse, depositing them with a crisply uniformed maid. Yancy took Justin’s arm, and he led her into the ballroom where the butler announced, “Mr. Justin Martin and Ms. Yancy Bridges.” He bowed and backed from the room. 
Justin laughed to himself each time this happened. Who would’ve thought he’d attend a party and be formally announced? Leave it to Landon to require the royal treatment. This pompous ritual had the desired effect, clearly showcasing Landon’s supremacy—nothing if not shrewd. 
The place hummed a low beat—an electrical current of unleashed power. Justin couldn’t wait to work the room.
A multitude of flowers provided a heady aroma. Ada, Landon’s current wife, designed the floral arrangements herself and had overseen the huge event in their impressive ballroom ensuring every detail cared for to perfection, so the night would benefit her powerful husband. 
The royal couple greeted them with mock-hugs and cheek kisses. “So glad you came, Justin. You brought my favorite person.” Landon winked. 
Ada glanced away but her expression never changed. Ouch. 
After the brief obligatory chat, they sauntered off to circulate. Justin and Yancy made the rounds talking with people then split apart. Each spoke with acquaintances—networking for business sake. Drinking, dining, and dancing fueled data exchange and bargains made in this world. 
Find God Father’s Day at: Amazon

Find Lynda Rees at: Website

Monday, December 03, 2018

Book and Bag with #author Louise Wise: Jouney Back in Time #lifeinEngland #designerhandbags #paranormalromance

I honestly don’t remember where I bought my favourite bag. It’s just been there.

It used to go everywhere with me when I was younger because, frankly, blue cotton canvas goes with everything! Anyway, I had a clear out and decided I was too sophisticated as a mature(ish) lady for such a girly bag, and I put it away, but sophisticated and me didn’t get along and I missed my bag (others didn’t match my style of jeans, trainers and baggy togs), so out it came again.

I haven’t been separated from it since!
Julie Compton’s life should have come to an end in the car crash, but instead, she woke, unharmed, back in 1972 and primed to relive her life all over again.
One problem. She’s in the body of a stranger.
Journey back to the 70s and 80s England where Julie’s forced to jump through the eras, occupying and controlling the bodies of people she knew as a child. She must work out which destiny path was the wrong one, wondering all the while if her body, back in 2016, was dying in her car.
With each momentous change, her memories transform, and she realizes she’s not only changing her future but the futures of those around her.
A paranormal, time-slip adventure set in the real town of Northampton in England.

I looked at the mirror again, then rose and forced my legs to move forward. I knew I’d look different, but the jolt of shock hit me anyway. Instead of seeing my own face, I saw a young woman with a thin, pockmarked face and awful buck teeth. Instead of my no-nonsense blonde bob, my hair was long and brown. A wave of nausea turned my stomach as I stared at my reflection. I should be seeing a forty-nine-year-old woman in her prime, not a twenty-something scraggy-haired woman. I should be immaculately made up with perfect teeth and skin, not… not this.
An unexpected thought popped into my head. Will I look more professional if I put my hair up or should I leave it down? It wasn’t my thought. It belonged to whoever’s body I was occupying.
One thought was spinning around in my mind—and it was mine: I had died in the crash, and this was some sort of afterlife.

Find Wise Awake Asleep at: Amazon

Find Louise Wise at: Website

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