Thursday, July 09, 2020

Handbag and Book: Meet the Adora-poos #familypet #maltipoo #dogs

Ten years ago, Handsome brought home these guys:

Yup, they are pretty adorable malti-poos, part Maltese and part Poodle. That's why I call them the Adora-poos. The smokey gray one is Jones, as in Indiana Jones. And the white one is smaller and often mistaken for a girl. He's Champ because he's our alpha. Jones rolls in around twenty-three pounds and Champ at nineteen. 

I knew we were adopting dogs when Handsome began researching and talking to me about various breeds. Maltipoos:

don't shed
are easy going
are easy to train
are smart

They can:
shake hands
leave it

But they know other things like laydown, or if I point to the back seat, they move off the console. 

Jones loves to run-run-run around and Champ barks to egg him on. I say they are silly dogs, not show dogs.

BUT, ten years later, we're having changes. Jones has developed four lipomas, all non-cancerous. The vet is watching for growth.

Champ has trouble with a shoulder joint and sometimes limps. If only he wouldn't fly off furniture. Sigh.

Watching their changes has been hard this week. 

Do you have elderly furry friends?

Thursday, July 02, 2020

Handbag and Book with Viviana Mackade - While Waiting for Baby 2 and her book Guns and Angels

You guys, I’m waiting for baby #2,
baby girl supposed to be here August 30. Which means, I’m sending all my beloved bags for a vacay while I’ll get cozy with a diaper bag. Now, with my son, I remember I always forgot something. All. The. Times. Or, I wouldn’t even think about bring some stuff until, well, I needed it. An extra little blanket. A change of clothes (for him and/or for me. Spit up alert). But I never seemed to have enough room. So, this time around, I made sure to make a list (and remake it 100 times) with all the things I need to bring along for her. For which list, I thank Pinterest, btw.

Another problem I had with my first diaper bag was that it was a bag. Which means, my hands weren’t really free, and both me and my husband ended up disliking it so much. 

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Handbag & Book: A Backyard Wedding and fun stuff #giveaway #NightOwlRomance #backyardwedding

Handsome and I went to a small family wedding over the weekend. The event originally chosen became unavailable due to the virus. So, the youngsters designed a beautiful backyard event. It was enchanting.

Cute ideas were:
-A tree decorated with family photos, creating a "Family Tree." 
-An old secretary on which was placed the guest book with hand sanitizer and colorful pens.
-A smore station with gourmet marshmallows.
-Music trivia!
-Tiki torches to light the way.
-White tablecloths, burlap runners, and white tulle decorations.
-A handmade arch decorated with flowers.
-Pots of flowers and candles in mason jars to line the aisle.
-Pulled pork sandwiches with fixings, watermelon, and chips.
-Lemon cake made by one grandmother and chocolate sheet cake made by the other.