Thursday, March 26, 2020

Handbag & Book: featured #author Tina Donahue and her #newbook Deadly Diagnosis #MFRWauthor #RB4U

A lifesaving gift…a plan for domination and death.

Within her unique DNA, Kimana holds the means to cure any illness permanently, a talent she’s used on those in her Shoshone community. When the billionaire owner of a pharmaceutical concern accidentally discovers what she can do, he fears the end to disease and his profits, and wants her dead.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

How Did You Do That? #readromance #MFRWauthors #accessories #whattodowhenquarantined

I find handbags online, and, sometimes, they need a little help. I carried this particular one for a while, but when I used it recently, I noticed the handle was ripping apart. I suppose I could have taken it to a shoe shop and had it fixed. Undoubtedly, would have cost more than my plan. 

I visited my neighborhood Joann's where I had found a clear plastic beaded handle before and used with success on other handbags. Nada. Nor did I find anything I really wanted to use. *frownie face* In my head, I wanted to use this particular handle and nothing else would work. So before I did anything else, I decided to look online. 

Thursday, March 12, 2020

What Kind of Music to you Listen to? #classicalguitar #concert #discoveringsomethingnew #MFRWauthors

Often when I do interviews, one question asked is "what kind of music do you listen to when writing?"

I need to digress for a minute.

Many years ago,  our local mall had a store called Nature Wonders. While wandering with my girlfriend, guitar music came on. I heard it and my toes tapped and I wiggled some. So did my girlfriend. I ended up buying the CD by Nova Menco.

Here's a youtube video:

I bought the CD.

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