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Monday, August 20, 2018

Book and Bag guest Lyncee Shillard - Why Do I Have to HAVE This??? #wantthis #mermaidromance #MFRWorg

Sadly, I don’t have it yet. 🙁 It’s taking much loooooonnnnggggeerrr than planned.

But why did I just have to have this????

It was a need not a want. A serious need! Not only does it have a mermaid on it for my release tomorrow – A Mermaid’s Wish - BUT it has cheetahs on it! And my next release is The Shifter’s Queen. 

That is a clear sign this purse is for me. Not only did the design speak to me but the style is mine thing and it has a long crossover strap as well as an attachable wooden hand handle.  

I’m gonna love it sooooo much! 

Aislynn , a mermaid, really wants to experience human emotions...especially love. Instead, she finds herself entangled in a serial killer’s plot. One that she’s not sure she can escape as a mermaid.  
Huh.” Aislynn pulled back.  “I thought a kiss would spark more reaction than a bruise.” Disappointment filled her face causing her brows to knit together. “Maybe it’s you. Do woman usually feel emotions when they kiss you? Do kisses only work with certain males? Should we try it again?” 

Finley drew in a shaky breath, too bad such a sexy woman and totally crazy. He knew of no law forbidding the kissing of a mentally instable person but on the humanity scale it was well below slimy. “Let me contact the police for you.”  He placed his hands on her shoulders and with regret pushed her back creating a space between them. 

“Why?” She shook her head. “I have no need for your law enforcement. I’m not so dissatisfied with your kiss I wish to see you placed in jail.” Standing, she smiled. “Good bye. Thank you for sharing pain with me and an emotionless kiss.” 

Find A Mermaid’s Wish at: Book

Find Lyncee at: Facebook

Thank you, Lyncee, for showing off your book and bag with me today!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Vicki Batman - You know what’s really annoying? #MFRWorg #readromance #householdchores

I try not to be a gripey person. I take on tasks I dislike and finish them. However, there is one household chore I really dislike, and I think you’ll be surprised when I say... 
Changing out the toilet paper tube for a fresh roll.

Yep, the springy thing bouncing all over the room, getting on hands and knees and finding it, and pushing all just so to get it back in the holder drives me crazy. I wish I had installed the kind where the roll slips over the rod.

Silly, isn’t it?
A few years back, Handsome informed me he intensely dislikes putting sheets on the bed. I have to admit our bed can be challenging. Even using deep pocket sheets, tugging the corners into place takes a strong arm. Handsome has ripped a few. Finally, I decided to just cover the thick top pad only. Problem solved? Yes; however, he still hates helping. He’d rather wash the dogs.
Sometimes, writing drives me crazy . There will be a story I’m working on with a difficult problem and I am reluctant to go back and tackle it. The truth is my head will worry and worry and I’ll get some ideas. I write them down, saving for when I’m ready. But the project is always there, almost nagging me. Eventually, I do go back and when I do, HALLELUJAH!
The truth is the problem may or may not be solved. I usually chip away at it through rewriting and editing, and then my issue will be resolved. Not ideal but is the truth.
Many years ago, I critiqued six 1,000 words short stories for a friend and in doing so, learned how to write short stories. I also learned what is really important for very short stories. Other authors say they can’t write that short. I believe it is just a matter of keeping an eye on the word count and determining what is needed for the story.
A little hard work. Totally worth it. Better than changing the toilet paper roll.
Eleven 1,000 word cute meet, clean and whole some short stories full of fun and forever possibilities. Find yours at: Amazon

Like Short Stories? Check out my new venture: Short Stories Rock  I'm giving away and e-book. Comment on the post on FB.

What is your most dreaded chore?

Monday, August 13, 2018

Author Veronica Scott on Handbag and Book - Writing about ancient Egypt #handtooledhandbag #ancientEgypt #thriftstorefind

I used to love to go to thrift stores on the weekends and on one trip a few years ago I found this purse for $1.00! It’s special to me because I write a paranormal romance series set in ancient Egypt and of course the symbols on the leather, with the scarab reaching toward the sun and the faux hieroglyphics all reminded me of my love for everything relating to ancient Egypt.

Unfortunately the purse has no maker’s mark or place of origin so I have no idea where it actually came from but I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s my little inside joke when I’m carrying it (especially if I’m wearing one of my T shirts with an Egyptian scene) because I do write the series and not that many people write fiction about ancient Egypt. But if someone comments on the purse, then I tell them about the books!
 An ancient evil wants Lady Tuya for its own dark purposes…Pharaoh has sent help but will Captain Khian arrive in time to save the kidnapped lady he loves?

The scribe had them line up off to the side, awaiting their moment with Pharaoh, who was still speaking with a group of ambassadors. “Your name will be called and then move forward in front of the throne. Salute and stand at attention.”
“We’ll do as you instruct.” Khian clenched his hand on the hilt of his sword. He gazed across the chamber while he waited, taking in the crowd of courtiers attending the audience. For the most part the nobles, officers and functionaries were a blur of painted faces, fine clothes and elaborate jewelry but one woman caught his attention. She sat near the queen, so was obviously high ranking, but her expression was sweet rather than haughty and she stared at him as if trying to give him encouragement. Could she tell he was nervous about committing an inadvertent error of royal protocol? The lady smiled, plying her ostrich feather fan flirtatiously. He made a slight bow to her, before he abruptly remembered where he was.

If I may add one thing, my latest book in the series, Lady of the Nile, was just named as a Finalist in the Romance Writers of America FF&P PRISM contest. I’m beaming!
Find Lady of the Nile at: Amazon
Find Veronica Scott at: Website

So loverly to have you visit today, Veronica, and congratulations on the contest final. 

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