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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Handbag and Book: Vicki Batman-Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

 The Handbag:

I'm away from home when I write this. Last week, I scrolled through FB and a handbag popped up, one I hadn't seen before. I went to the site and was intrigued. I could order the size, pattern, and color. So, well, you know me, I did.

I bought this bag from Letra. Here's from their website: Over 10 years ago my father was taking a vacation in Oaxaca, Mexico when he found these colorful bags at the market place. 

He fell in love with them right away and started to purchase them and import them to Japan where he owned and operated a few boutique stores. Time has flown by now and now with over 30,000 bags sold annually all over Japan, he asked me to help him share his love of these Mercado bags to everyone in the United States.

Every single one of our authentic handbags are each handmade with love and care by native artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico with 100% recyclable vinyl, which are all woven very tightly which makes our handbags very durable and will retain their form and functionality for generations!

I asked my future daughter-in-law to open the box and take a look. She said No external or internal pocket. Purple-y red. Woven pattern but looks like it’s made of some sort of man made, plastic-based material. Probably stain proof . Mine is 12.2 × 4.3 × 11.4 in.

I can't wait to hold my new find in my hands and have some fun this summer!

The Book:

        Great job. What man? And murder. Newly employed at Wedding Wonderland, Hattie Cooks is learning the industry from a woman she greatly admires. When her former brother-in-law is found dead in his luxury SUV, all fingers point to Hattie’s sister, who is planning her own I Dos.

Detective Allan Wellborn is caught between a rock and a hard place—Hattie’s family and investigating the murder of a well-connected Sommerville resident, the same loser who was once married to Hattie’s sister. Determining who’s the bad guy—or gal—isn’t going to be easy and sure to piss off someone.

Can Hattie beat the clock to find out who murdered Tracey’s ex before she is charged with the crime and her wedding is ruined?

Find the Book: Book

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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Handbag and Book guest #author Sylvia McDaniel-Do You Have a Love/Hate Relationship with Handbags?


HandbagsI have a love/hate relationship with them. My shoulders are tired of me carrying big bags and yet, I love a bag that is big enough to put my computer in when I travel. My massage therapist tells me to carry a smaller bag inside and use it when I go into a store, but Im not about to leave my computer in the car. But when Im home, I try to carry a smaller bag.  

Turquoise is my favorite color, so when I saw this bag at a store in our small downtown area, I was thrilled. But I didnt like the white straps that were on it. They looked out of place. But the Betsy Johnson bag was on sale for 75% off, so I bought it. Then I went on Amazon and found gold chain purse handles and ordered them. When they arrived, my husband put them on for me and now I love carrying this bag when Im not traveling. Its just the right size for my wallet, phone, a lipstick and an inside pocket for me to carry some cash and credit cards.  


Tell me what do you look for in a purse? Do you buy designer names or does it have to fit your personality?  


Speaking of personalitymeet my newest heroine in Tempting Tessa. I love spunky heroines who stand up for themselves and this girl certainly knows how to get into trouble.  


Congratulations,” Nellie said, handing Tessa the check then reached beneath her cowboy hat and hit the brim, knocking it to the groundTessas blonde curls spilled down her shoulders alerting everyone that she was no man 

A gasp came from the crowd as they all stared at her.  

Nellie grinned and took back the check. Your mustache is coming off. I knew it was you. And now youre disqualified. My brother wins.”  

Ugly laughter came from the woman that Tessa despised. Her friend, Sadie once socked Nellie, and Tessa resisted doing the same. It would only secure her spot in Mrs. Griffin's gossip column in the newspaper.  

The judge stood with his mouth open, staring at her. Tessa Harris? 

Its me, Judge. 

What a disgrace. Youre disqualified. 

Grabbing her hat, she turned to Seth. You may have won the competition, but well always know who's the best. Enjoy my money. 

Winner takes all,” he said with a grin. 

Walking away, she wanted to slap him. She hated how her words had come back to bite her.  


USA Today bestselling author Sylvia McDaniel has published more than seventy western historical romance, contemporary romance and even a few sci-fi novels.  Known for her sweet, funny, family-oriented romances,  Sylvia is the author of The Burnett Brides, Lipstick and Lead, Bad Girls of the West, The Cuvier Widows, Return to Cupid, Texas series and several short contemporary romances. 

Visit Sylvias at: Website

Find Tempting Tessa at: Amazon  

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Handbag and Book blog with guest author Sadira Stone: Have you Explored San Francisco's Chinatown?

About the Handbag: 

My daughter bought me this handbag in San Francisco’s Chinatown. It’s not expensive, but I love the bright colors and the way it reminds me of our many visits to that funky neighborhood. We always stop for lunch in a fancy Chinese restaurant—sorry, I can’t find the name on Google Maps, but the place has elaborate d├ęcor, enormous chandeliers, and private rooms with carved wooden doors for privacy—the perfect setting for a spy movie or gangster flick. After that, we browse the tourist shops. 

Grant Street has everything you could want, from entertaining, schlocky souvenirs to fine linens, beautiful clothing, carved jade, jewelry, and cookware. If you’re ever in SF’s Chinatown, but sure to visit The Wok Shop, a small kitchen emporium stuffed floor to ceiling with pots, pans, knives, dishes, chopsticks…and woks, of course!