Thursday, February 02, 2023

Handbag and Book: Vicki Batman on Awful Winter Weather & February Fun

 I am sooo not a cold-weather person. I think some people are and some people aren't. And this probably depends on where one is raised. I grew up in the heat. It is nothing for temps to go to 100 in the summertime. We only had window air conditioners (boy, does that date me). My grandmother didn't have an a/c until she was 96. 

January and February are our winter months. The last few days have been so very cold--down in the high twenties. We've had sleet/snow/ice/freezing rain. Everything was quiet and pretty. And cold. Lots of businesses shut down and with good reason--the streets were awful, totally undrivable. 

I guess I sound like a whiner. 

I promise I'm not a whiner. I know nothing lasts forever. We'll get past the awfulness with hints of spring until March. In fact, during one hint, my flowering quince bloomed. 

So what's it like in your neighborhood?

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Thursday, January 19, 2023

Handbag and Book welcomes author Suzanne Baginskie - Do you have a million purses?

 Author Suzanne Baginskie tells her tale about the treasured handbag she discovered on the shores at a Caribbean Cruise stop.

About the Handbag:

This handbag brings back pleasant memories of our 50th wedding anniversary cruise. We sailed the western Caribbean and shopped in the country of Belize. I first saw this purse sitting high on a shelf in a crowded booth. I pointed it out to my husband. His remark was, “You have a million purses.” I’ve known for years my two vices were handbags, and shoes. Thus, my walk-in closet is filled with both. But I couldn’t help myself. I’ve always adored the color blue, something about it sings to my soul. I’m crazy about the ocean too. This bag’s brilliant, electric-blue flowered embroidery. outlined in a shade of ivory white was simply unique. I was smitten.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Handbags, Books...whatever welcomes author Lisabet Sarai and her new book, The Master's Mark

About the Book:

How do you train a steampunk sexbot? 


Gillian Smith’s promotion to journeyman proves she’s ready to lead the Toymakers in producing astonishing new erotic artifacts. Creative, brilliant, and debauched, she’ll stretch her capabilities to the limit as she juggles a talent shortage and a pair of jealous rivals. Then there’s the challenge of their latest commission—a life-sized programmable sex doll intended to replace a client’s deceased paramour. 


Normally she would consult the enigmatic Master Toymaker, but he seems preoccupied with his own concerns. Though her lusty crew of sexual renegades can offer technical and carnal assistance, Gillian is ultimately responsible for delivering the promised, near-impossible technology.  


It’s fortunate she’s not one to give up—not even when events threaten the Guild’s very survival.