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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Vicki Batman - Thirty-four #readromance #MFRWorg #RLFblog


34          I counted just the other day because I kinda had thirty in my head. So why the number?

I’ve written thirty-four short stories.
I began by writing my romantic comedy mystery, Temporarily Employed. Then I critiqued six very short stories for a friend, and all of the sudden, the rhythm of writing these fell into my head. Then an idea came, and I was off. I churned out a lot of short stories, many of which were pubbed by magazines and other publishers, some have been in anthologies.
I really do like writing short. My life has been upside down and concentrating on a book is hard for me. I can pop in and out of a short story and feel as if I’ve accomplished a lot.
As for very shorts…

Monday, May 14, 2018

Author Elf Ahearn - A bag Which Reminds her of Father #historicalromance #archeology #readromance #RLFblog

For the record, this rustic little bag isn’t my only purse; I’ve got a nice Michael Kors for summer and a chocolate slouch from Italy for winter, but I rarely use them. There are two reasons why I like this canvas bag. 1. It’s lightweight. I’m convinced that the more money one pays for a pocketbook, the more backbreaking it is to carry.

The second reason I like my bag is that it reminds me of my father who was a dyed-in-the-wool archeologist. He used to come home after months in Egypt with canvas duffle bags girded by straps just like the one on my purse. Out from their depths, he’d unpack potsherds, ancient tools, and presents for his adoring daughters. His flight home usually included a stop in India and a second hold over in Austria. As a result, we four little girls usually got an inlaid box from Egypt; glass bangles and saris from India; and a doll, or in my case, a miniature horse, from Austria. Accompanying our gifts, he would tell us wild tales of his adventures in Cairo, Luxor, or some dusty village on the fringe of the dessert. The magic of Aladdin was contained in those duffle bags. By contrast, my little satchel holds the wizardry of Kleenex and rubber bands to hold my socks up, yet it still offers a hint of pyramids and ancient treasure.  

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Author Viviana MacKade - Ah, The Things This Purse Has Seen and her #newbook #readromance #RLFblog

Yes, it’s worn on the handle. Yes, colors faded a bit. Yes, the chunky thingy came off.

Yes, I love it. Because, come on, this handbag! Let me give you some backstory so you can see why it has a special meaning to me which goes beyond simply being awesomely cool.

My mom gave me this bag when I graduated from Law School. It ran the year 2007, the city was Turin and the country Italy, and Marco (my now husband) and I had just bought our one-way plane ticket for England.

It was the end of an era (school, Italy, and everything we knew) and the beginning of another. And my mom, being her fantastic self, knew I wasn’t going to afford that kind of handbag for a while (we’re talking three-digit price tag more than ten years ago, people. It’s a Roberto Cavalli handbag, after all. Look him up. He’s top). She knew how much I love handbags. And she knew my country girl heart beats for horses, saddles, and leather, and this thing sums it up perfectly.

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