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Welcome to my book club page. What will you find?

How to connect via Skype or Facetime and talk about BOOKS! Let's share about the Hattie Cooks Mysteries.

Reader's Guide

Would your Book Club like to Skype or Facetime? I would love and adore to visit with you and your book club. Shoot me an email at: and we can set up a date.

We'll chat for thirty minutes to an hour. You may prefer to talk about the book before or after. We won't have a presentation; just have a Q&A.

Reader's Guide: 
1. What is your favorite kind of mystery? 
2. Do you like humor in mysteries? 
3. Who are your favorite mystery authors? 
4. Do you like series in mysteries? 
5. Why write humorous romantic mysteries? 
6. Have you had "interesting" jobs?
7. What theme recurs in the Hattie Cooks mysteries? 
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