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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Author Interview: Nancy Haddock

Nancy Haddock is a formerly landlocked writer, now living the life in St. Augustine, Florida. Part of her "landlocked" days was spent in Dallas where she was a charter member of the Dallas Area Romance Authors. And in 2006, Nancy was named Romance Writers of America Volunteer of the year. Truly an amazing tribute to her willingness to help others and the craft she loves.

Her new book, La Vida Vampire, the first in a series from Berkley Publishing, will be available in April 2008.

Welcome, Nancy! Tell us something else about yourself. Who is your favorite author and why? What kind of books grab you? How did you get from teaching to published author? (This is an amazing journey).


Nancy said...

Hi Vicki! Thanks so much for inviting me to be with you!

Tell you something else about myself, hmm? First, much as I miss my friends in Dallas, I love living at the beach. Yes, even during hurricane season. And, as the few friends who've visited me here can attest, I'll drag you all over St. Augustine if you come to see me. I adore this city and its history.

I have written since before I could spell, but I always knew I'd both teach and write. There was a moment in high school when I was touring a college and saw a speech pathologist at work with a child. I remember saying, "That's what I want to do."

I loved speech pathology, but I later taught U.S. History, U.S. Government, American Sign Language, and Creative Writing at a small private high school in Dallas. Those six years were a blast, and I'm still in touch with a few former students. That, to me, is very cool!

Nancy said...

Who is my favorite author and why? What kind of books grab me?

You know, I have a lot of favorite authors, and discover new favs all the time. Lorraine Heath is an all-time favorite, as is Judith McNaught. They both have a wonderful balance of emotion and humor that hooks me.

However, if I'm just browsing in the bookstore, I'm tend to be more drawn to comedies more than I am to darker books. Maybe comedy appeals because I was named for the song, "Nancy with the Laughing Face." Then again, I'm known to read some pretty dark stuff now and then.

When you get right down to it, any book with an interesting premise and a voice that engages me will grab me. And, once I'm grabbed, I'm a loyal reader!

Nancy said...

How did I get from teaching to published author? By the long road, for sure!

As I said, I wrote from the time I can remember -- according to my mother, since I was about three. While teaching in a public school in Sapulpa, OK, I wrote children's picture books with a dear friend I met on the job. A few years later, I took a class in writing for television, and really got into that. I'm still working on several scripts, in fact.

When the family was transferred from Tulsa to Dallas, I stayed home with the children and began writing novels. I learned about and joined RWA in 1984. I wrote, and I volunteered in the local chapter and at the National level.

To say it took twenty-three years to sell probably makes it sound as if I was a terrible writer. Certainly I have improved over the years, but even early on I placed in and won contests. I had an excellent agent by 1987.

In retrospect, one problem was that I never felt like I was writing quite the right thing. I hadn't hit my stride, and the explosion of subgenres in romance hadn't yet happened. I also took about eight years "off" to focus on family issues. I kept writing, but told myself it was my hobby, my escape. If I didn't write "for publication," then there was no pressure.

But I am a persistent little cuss. Writing was too much a part of me to quit, so I went through several rounds of banishing my internal editor, and rededicating myself to writing for publication. With La Vida Vampire, I think I finally let my voice rip. After that many years of work, I had nothing to lose!

Diana Cosby said...

I have La Vida Vampire pre-ordered and can't wait to read it, more so with the wonderful praise about your book! Thank you for your service to DARA!

Diana Cosby

TracyG said...

Hi Nancy! -waving from the chilly midwest

I can't wait for La Vida vampire. I intend to be first in line when it comes out of the shipping boxes. :D

Why St. Augustine? And why vampires?


Vicki Batman said...

Nancy, you have had a big journey. You mentioned when you began writing that the "subgenres" hadn't appeared yet. What were you writing back then? When did vampire genre began to appeal to you?

Do you always want to write this kind of book or are you exploring other options? You mentioned script writing, how is that going for you?

Vicki Batman said...

Hi to Diana and Tracy G for stopping by.

Gena Showalter said...

Hey Nancy!!! (Nancy happens to be one of my favorite people!) Great answers, me lovely :)

Edie said...

Nancy, some of your journey echoes mine. It's inspiring to me to know you made it. And like you, I'm drawn to the light side instead of the dark. I'm so eager to read your book! It sounds like a blast.

Kay Lockner said...

Hi Nancy!

I think your story is such an inspiration because despite taking time off for your family and struggling to find your niche, you never gave up. You kept writing, kept the faith and ended up with a debut that's getting all kinds of fabulous buzz. Cheers to you!

Kay Thomas said...

Hey Nancy

I can't wait to read La Vida Vampire. What do you think it was about writing this particular book that made you "let your voice rip?" Were you writing paranormal for the first time with this story?

Nancy said...

Hi Diana and Tracy! Two awesome authors stopping by? Thank you!

Why St. Augustine and vampires? The St. Aug part is because I visited here for a small writers conference in 1989 and fell in love with the city. It was as if I had been here before! It also reminded me (the beach part anyway) of Oceanside, CA, a place where I'd spent some great times.

The vampires? Truthfully, I didn't think I'd write a vampire book. I mean, how many do we need, right? Well, I was watching TV and saw a peanut butter commercial. Two little girls are having a sleepover, and the one child is trying to make the other one comfortable. She says a line that I misheard as, "Or we can watch this Princess Vampire video."

I laughed, and yet I knew at that moment the idea had been conceived and it wouldn't leave me alone. So I began playing the "what if's," cut loose, and had fun.

Since I love all things paranormal, vampires aren't a stretch in that way. And, frankly, when there's a book with a new take on vampires or faeries or about anything else paranormal, I'm there!

Nancy said...

Vicki and Darlin' readers, I'll let you in on something from the "old days."

The first years I was in RWA, the romance publishing world appeared to be clearly divided into three areas. The category, the single title, and the mainstream. Within those classifications were historical and contemporary, and that was about it.

There was an unwritten "rule" that new writers started in category and worked their way up to single title. If you were very good, you might, eventually, rate mainstream.

Now suspense and mystery elements did appear in romance novels then, but they weren't a major part of the plot. The explosion of paranormal, "sci-fi" romance, inspirationals, etc. hadn't occured. In addition, publishers closed lines, sometimes opening others, sometimes not.

So what did I write back then? I tried to write contemporary romance, with a comic flare. I had some nibbles. I had an agent. My problem was I couldn't write a category. I still can't. It takes a special voice and special skills I just don't seem to have. Talk about frustrating!

As I said, the vampire genre always appealed to me as a reader, but the writing it part was pure serendipity.

Nancy said...

Vicki asked if I always want to write this kind of book, or am I exploring other options?

You know, it's not that I'd object to writing more vampire books. It's that I really love writing this particular character, Cesca Marinelli. She fascinates me, and she's fun. The cast of characters she "gathers" are fun, too, and there are always surprises. So, I could write more Cesca books with no problem!

At the same time, I'm working on an idea that combines some unusual paranormal characters. This is in its infancy, so I'm not ready to talk about it, but it sure is fun in the "what if" stage!

I'm also working on a cozy mystery series set in St. Augustine. This one is gas, too, but not sold ... yet. :)

Except for polishing the adaptation of La Vida, the script writing is going slowly because my focus is on the novels right now. I am excited about the concepts -- one is a comedy romance set in Oceanside, CA, and the other is a romance thriller set in St. Augustine.

Neringa said...

Hi Nancy,
I can hardly wait to read La Vida. The thought of sleeping for 200 years is very inviting right now :-), but I love the fact that it is staged in St. Augustine's. I drove through quickly one time and took a few pictures and vowed to go back someday. So beautiful. For now, your book will have to offer that tour through Cesca's eyes.

This is so much more that a celebration of your first published book, but a celebration of persistence-- and I couldn't be happier for you.

Question: Where did you get the name Cesca?


Beth said...

Nancy, I can't wait to get a hold of La Vida Vampire! I'll be stalking my bookstore until it comes in *g*

Other than discovering the 'right' story, what was the most important thing you learned during your journey from unpubbed to pubbed?

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hello Nancy and Vicki!! So glad to see you both. (blogger kept giving me fits earlier!)

First, lovely interview, Vicki. And Nancy I've told you this privately, but I'm not a first person, chick lit fan... HOWEVER, after reading La Vida Vampire I'm a big fan of your writing and this story!!

Have you started on the next book? And what is the title going to be?


Nancy said...

Hi Gena! I feel the same way about you, sweetie!

If ya'll haven't read Gena Showalter yet, RUN and get her books! She is amazing!

Thanks so much for stopping by, Gena! I'll see you soon in Big D!

Nancy said...

Hi Edie! Thank you so much for stopping by, and keep the faith! I know you'll make it, too!

Nancy said...

Hi Kay L!

For those who might not know, Kay Lockner is the genius behind AuthorMBA -- outstanding classes, and now downloads! I highly recommend every on of them!

Kay, thank you for your kind words. I'm blessed that La Vida Vampire is getting wonderful reviews and buzz - even in Germany!

It's been a long road, but a good one. Every step has been a learning experince, and volunteering in chapters and at the National level gifted me with dear freinds, and created a nice network.

Nancy said...

Hi Kay T. and Neringa!

Neringa, we've known each other a long time, and you have also persisted in your path. We celebrate together! (Neringa is a produced screenwriter, folks!)

You ask where I got the name Cesca, and (drum roll please), I got it from Kay Thomas! Kay is a fabulous writer who has just sold her first book!

Kay T. and Julie B. were helping me brainstorm, and Kay came up with Francesca. I came up with the shortened version, Cesca. Now, as you may know, Cesca is "Gidget with fangs." In one of those strange-but-true things, another friend recently reminded me that Frances was "Gigdet's" real name. Woo-eee-ooo.

The other thing? Kay didn't know about the Frances - Gidget connection when she made the suggestion. I say that Cesca was conceived from the peanut butter commercial, but fully born when Kay named her!

Kay, I'll answer your questions in the next post!

Nancy said...

Kay T., hi again! You asked what it was about writing this particular book that made me let my voice rip.

It was two things. First, when I re-dedicated myself to write to sell, I had a clear "if not now, when?" moment. A "what do you have to lose?" moment. That was the factor one in cutting loose - finally giving myself permission to do so.

The second factor had to do with Cesca herself. Except for some short stories, I'd been writing in third person. That's how I started La Vida Vampire, and it bombed. The story had to be told from Cesca's eyes because, hey, it's a big deal to be unearthed after over 200 years! So writing in first person gave me a new freedom to let 'er rip.

You also asked if I was writing paranormal for the first time with this story. The answer is yes and no.

This was the first time I wrote preternatural and magical beings. In the past, I had a charcter who saw a particular ghost - a fun book (one of several) that is still under my bed. And that's okay for now.

One of the things I loved about writing this paranormal story was building Cesca's world. From the Vampire Protection Agency, to Cesca's powers, to the powers of other vamps, it was fun every step of the way!

Nancy said...

Hi, Beth! Stalking your bookstore? I love it, and thank you!

Beth is one of last year's Golden Heart winners and has also sold her first book!

You asked: Other than discovering the 'right' story, what was the most important thing you learned during your journey from unpubbed to pubbed?

I hate to tell you this, but I'm not sure I can identify a single most important thing. The lessons folded in, one on the other. Some were personal, some professional, and every one of them valuable.

However, I do strongly recommend that every writer be educated about the business of writing as well as about the craft. For instance, when I got The Call, I didn't yet have an agent. I knew enough to sit down, take the info, and ask if I could call the editor back in a day or two. Part of the reason I wanted to call back was because there was one piece of the offer I wasn't keen on. It paid to know about that detail.

One caution. Keeping up with the market, reading what you want to write, etc. - that's all great. Just don't let it deter you! If I had let the profusion of vampire books influence me, I may well have dropped La Vida Vampire, no matter how much Cesca was bugging me. :)

Nancy said...

Hi Suz! Thank you so much for stopping by, and for your kind words about La Vida!

Have I started on the next book? Darlin', I've finished the first, partly-polished draft -- as of Monday at 4 a.m. Whew! I wanted the draft done so I had time to let the manuscript "rest," and time to do a little research I need to blend in. But I love the tightening and layering process, so I have to slap my hands to leave it alone. :)

The title isn't set yet. In fact, I spoke with my amazing editor about that today. In this one, Cesca takes a wanna be vampire comic under her wing, and helps Saber investigate another series of crimes. Any ideas??? I'm listening! :))

Helen Scott Taylor said...

Hi Nancy, I'm so looking forward to reading La Vida Vampire. I was interested to read your comments on changing the story to first person. I've been thinking about trying first person recently. Can't make my mind up. I suppose I won't know how it'll work until I try.

Vicki Batman said...

Nancy, you have lots of fans out there - how cool!

So why don't you tell us about La Vida Vampire.

You mentioned you liked writing stories with comedic flair (me, too); did that flair show in this book?

What is your writing day like?

Vicki Batman said...

Hi to Edie - we've seen each other on line I bet. Gena - I'll stop by at the DID literacy signing and we can finally meet! Kay L - thank you for stopping by. Kay T - As always, you're the best. Neringa - I'm looking forward to getting to know you. Thanks for supporting Nancy. Beth - How great to have you here. I took a class from you last year. Helen - thank you, too, for commenting. I write first person and find it to be a natural extension. Good luck! Thanks, Suz, for the lovely comments.

Nancy said...

Hi Helen! How good it is to see you!

Helen is one of the two finalists in the American Title Contest this year! Woo-hoo!

I do recommend trying first person. You may find it works for the story, you may find it doesn't. Even if it doesn't, it can give you a different perspective on how your character sees things. Let you go a bit deeper into your character's POV. If you switch back to third person, you'll take that deeper experience with you!

Thank you so much for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,

I have already learned so much from you and your answers here are frosting on the cake! I am so happy for you and La Vida and can't wait to read the whole book. You mentioned educating yourself about the business - may I ask, what are some of the sources that most helped you in this part of your writing education?

Congrats on finishing the draft of book 2! I am so proud of and happy for you!

Nancy said...

Vicki and All,

I'll happily tell you about La Vida Vampire and answer the other great questions in a minute.

For now, I want to remind everyone that it's the first anniversary of Barbara Vey's Beyond Her Book blog on the Publisher's Weekly site. Pop in and wish her a happy anniversary at

See you in a bit!

Nancy said...

Hi All!

Vicki, thank you for the prompt to tell you about the book! :)

La Vida Vampire tells the story of Cesca Marinelli, a young psychic woman, born in 1780 and turned vamp in 1800 by the head vampire who wanted to harness her psychic powers for himself. In 1803, the same vampire punishes Cesca by locking her in his own coffin in the small basement under his house outside the gates of St. Augustine.

When the villagers burn out the vamps, Cesca is stranded and remains underground until she's discovered during the restoration of a Victorian home.

And now the fun starts! :) Vamps are a protected species, and with the help of her new friend Maggie, the part day-walker Cesca gets up to speed with modern life. She surfs, plays bridge, and takes a job as a ghost tour guide, all in pursuit of having a normal afterlife.

Everything is rosy until one of the tourists is murdered, and Cesca is a suspect. Enter Deke Saber, a former creature hunter who is now a special investigator.

Cesca confounds Saber and challenges his view of vampires. Saber makes Cesca's teeth sweat. Together they must find the real killer before Cesca is the next victim.

Vicki Batman said...

Golly, Nancy, "teeth sweat."

Nancy said...

Vicki asked: You mentioned you liked writing stories with comedic flair (me, too); did that flair show in this book?

The comedic flavor is in the book, although the credit for most of the humor goes to Cesca. The set up of having a vampire who has Old World manners and morals coming "out of the box" to a whole new century has the comic appeal of a fish out of water. That's where I started, but Cesca took over from there.

Her take on things is fun because she's not jaded and world-weary. She'll do and say things that crack me up as I'm writing, like in some of her exchanges with Saber.

There's a scene that hasn't made it to a book yet about the first time Maggie takes her to buy a swimsuit. It may make it into the second book in revisions. I'll have to see if it works.

Which brings me to this. I am careful not to use a gag for the gag's sake. Everything has to move the story and/ or develop the characters.

But then we know that, right?!

Nancy said...

What is my writing day like?

Depends on the day. For good or bad, I tend to get more done from about 11 at night until 2 or later in the morning. (Vampire jokes, anyone?) But, seriously, because my office is downstairs where the kitchen is, and because there are no doors on any of the downstairs rooms, I can be easily distracted by the phone ringing, or my dear hubby going up and down the stairs to and from his office, etc.

To combat that, I play nature sounds CDs, and put on noise-blocking earphones. Between the two that helps cut distractions.

Generally, I end each writing session with notes about what comes next so I have a jump start. I may write two to three hours, break, then go back for another session. Have dinner, and write again until I come to a stopping place. A lot depends on what else the day holds.

My bugaboo can be e-mail. I've begun to set a timer, starting with 30 minutes. If I have things that absolutely need attention, I stretch to an hour. Then I get to go out to play with Cesca and the gang. :)

Nancy said...

Hi Jessica! Thank you for stopping by, and for your sweet compliments!

You wrote: You mentioned educating yourself about the business - may I ask, what are some of the sources that most helped you in this part of your writing education?

The best source is to listen to published authors talk about the business. They have insights about all sorts of things - from contract clauses to cover art to doing revisions.

Another good way to educate oneself is to read guest blogs by authors, agents, and the occasional editor. You can pick up tips on the courtesies of submitting, how to write a query letter, how to learn from contest comments - the possibilities are pretty much endless.

Attending RWA chapter meetings and other writer group meetings was also incredibly valuable.

One of the things I didn't know until after I'd sold was that most books are released on a Tuesday. Which Tuesday of the month varies by publisher, but I started paying attention to this and it's true!

Another new bit of information I picked up - one CJ Lynons (LIFELINES) and others talk about - is that buying a book in the first 10 days to two weeks of its release is critical for the author. Publishers watch those numbers the way studios track the numbers of a new movie. If a film does well in the first two weekends, they probably have at least a modest hit. The comparison to books isn't exact, of course, but it is similar.

I have so much more to learn, but I'm extremely grateful that I paid as much attention to the business of publishing as well as the craft of writing.

Nancy said...

Vicki said: Golly, Nancy, "teeth sweat."

Yup. Saber is a hottie! :))

Jenn Stark said...

Nancy, when you're feeling uninspired to work (if that ever happens!) what are your top 3 things to rev up your energy again??

Thanks and I cannot wait to read La Vida!


Nancy said...

Hi, Jenn!

Everyone, Jenn was also a Golden Heart winner last year! Yippee, Jenn!

You asked: Nancy, when you're feeling uninspired to work (if that ever happens!) what are your top 3 things to rev up your energy again??

Another great question! I do have my uninspired days, and most of the time I try to just push through them. But one thing I'm better at now is to see if I can identify why I'm feeling uninspired. Stress, physical exhaustion, having other things on the agenda, and physical symptoms such as a sinus attack can sidetrack me.

If I can ID the issue, then I do something about it - take a sinus pill, knock two big things off my to-do list, take a walk to get the body revved, or have a Starbucks. :) If I discover that I'm simply asea about what comes next, I sit down with the characters, replay the last scenes with them, and see if that doesn't shake things loose.

Another technique is to change projects. If I'm stuck on one book, I switch to another, or to a screenplay.

If all else fails, I give myself a few hours to refill the well, or I clean. Me, clean? I know, but the drudge work has me running for the computer. :))

Nancy said...


Sorry for the all caps, but I forgot to let everyone know I'm running a March-April contest on my website. Go to the Beach Party page and read the center section - Where's Cesca? - to the end. Just make your guesses and e-mail them to me!

I'm giving away two copies of La Vida for the contest!

End of commercial. :))

Deanna said...

Hey, Nancy,

Thanks for sharing your journey! I'd love to hear about how your publisher is positioning La Vida Vampire. Is it a crossover teen/adult read? How have you been reaching out to your current and future readers?


Vicki Batman said...

I want to thank Jessica, Jenn and Deanna for stopping by and visiting with Nancy and me.

It's our last day of my interview with Nancy. I've truly enjoyed having you here.

So...Fill in this blank: Your ideal fictional hero would think you gorgeous if you ________________.

Can you share three things most people don't know about you?

And finally, how do you feel about cake?

Kath Calarco said...

Helloooo Nancy! Sorry to chime in late - been having computer issues.

First let me say that Nancy was one of my very first cyber-writing friends, as well as the first to shed light on my publishing path. But what Nancy offered was more than just writing knowledge. Nancy always ran to the rescue with inspiration to keep my own writing buzz going.

Her advice was, and is, brilliant. She's a strong paver in the path to my success. I'll always be grateful that the universe brought us together.


Vicki Batman said...

Hi, Kath. Thank you for visiting with Nancy and me. You are absolutely right, she's the bomb.

One day, I'll tell her my secret. VB

Nancy said...

Hi Deanna!

Friends, Deanna is a novelist and working screenwriter, and a fabulous screenwriting teacher!

How is my publisher is positioning La Vida Vampire? Is it a crossover teen/adult read?

The publisher was labeling it women's fiction at one time, but it's now called a paranormal romance and will be shelved that way. It could be read by older teens - there is one consummated love scene in the book - but it's not positioned as a crossover per se.

How have I been reaching out to current and future readers? Another super question! The answer is that I've concentrated on promo in three ways.

First, I had a "vision" early on about promoting the book with surfboard key chains carrying a tag with the phrase "Surf's Up in La Vida Vampire" along with critical release info. I have done that, and sent them primarily to writer conferences and retreats. They've been well-received, and that's been the main thrust of promo other than an ad in Romance Sells, and a few other print ads in chapter-supported publications.

The second way was to redesign my web site. I had a fun, 2-page, very sixties-surfer site, but the book cover - gorgeous as it is! - didn't match the energy of the web site. So I revamped with the help of my awesome designer, toned down the colors some, and expanded the site. It's still fun, I think, but the colors and pix and overall energy fold in better with the cover art energy.

The third way I've reached out - I hope - is to accept invitations to blog that my generous friends have extended. It may not be obvious, but I'm a blog-phobe. Really. Each time I even answer questions, I'm shaking in my flip flops! I'm more comfortable than I was, again, thanks to friends like Vicki who have made it so easy, but blogging will never be my first love. :))

Of course, there's doing book signings, connecting via My Space and Facebook and a few other online communities, but I haven't spent much time figuring out all the ways to reach folks that way. Frankly, I've been too busy working on book 2! :))

Nancy said...

Blushing, Kathy! I'm also grateful the universe brought us together, and I thank you for stopping by with such nice things to say!

Kathy is also a newly sold author. I've read her work, and it's terrific!

Nancy said...

Vicki, we ALL want to hear your secret! Dish, darlin'!

My fill-in-the-blank? Oh, man, this is hard! (Yes, I did whine like this in school.)

Your ideal fictional hero would think you gorgeous if you: stopped shaving my legs. (Why do I hate that personal maintenance chore?)

Three things most people don't know about me?

One, I've been to Vlad the Impaler's castle. (Some of it was creepy, some wasn't.)

Two, also in Romania, I drank myself under the table on four tiny sips of homemade plum wine. (This story has to be told in person to get the full picture.)

Three, I've looked down the barrel of a gun, pulled on me by a Brinks guard. (And, hey, I only asked for a couple of bucks! Geez.)

And finally, how do you feel about cake?

I love cake! Love the texture on my tongue, and oooooh, the icing!

Uh, excuse me while I go troll the kitchen. That would be a fourth thing only some people know about me. I have a whole mouthful of sweet tooth!

Vicki Batman said...

Gosh, Nancy, you are so hilarious! I have to shave my legs because my gorgeous male yoga instructor comes around and repositions me and if I knew he touched stubble....EEEK!

But that's not my secret. Is is I was crowned Miss Oak Lawn Moped? No. Or me running to rescue the guy next door, or a guy in a car crash? No. Is it me taking the Citizen's Police Academy? No. This one will have to wait, girlfriend.

Thank you so much, Nancy, for the interview. I am honored you felt me worthy.

So everyone go out and get La Vida Vampire. I'll be in line for my copy at DID (save me one, pretty please).

La Vida Nancy!

Nancy said...

Worthy, Vicki? We're all worthy, and it has been MY honor to be with YOU! This was great fun ... even if I did spill my, er, guts, more than I had imagined! :))

Light, Everyone, and Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Beth Barany said...

Thanks Nancy for showing us what a persevering writing looks like! I'm mostly a lurker on scriptscene while I fiddle with homemade movies and dream about putting my current WIP into movie form. Got to finish the thing first!

--Beth Barany, writer, teacher, coach

Nancy said...

Hi, Beth!

Don't you just love Scriptscene! I get my novel and screenwriting fixes there! :)

Persevere, Beth, and keep having FUN with writing!!

And thank you so much for stopping by!

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