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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Confessions of a Romance Writer-Champagne, Caviar, and Chocolate

Ha-ha. If you only knew...

I go to fabulous lunches at wonderful restaurants. The truth? mostly I eat cereal, or half a sandwich, or whatever with...my cat.

I drink champagne every day. Champagne cocktails are my drink of choice. But I rarely drink anything alcoholic. I'm usually the designated driver.

I eat chocolate. It's hard not to eat a piece(s) a day. Godivas, Hershey (especially the nuggets with toffee bits), chocolate chips... I'm pretty sure it keeps the doctor away and gives me a youthful appearance.

I lounge around and read lots of books. If only. I get about thirty minutes a night to read. This is a problem for me because I love to delve into a good book. But I also love to watch television and embroider or needlepoint.

I go shopping all the time. I adore handbags and for me, it isn't necessarily about buying an expensive one. I look for something different, unique. Sometimes, my characters love handbags, too. *giggle* But no, I don't go shopping every day, unless it is the grocery store.

I love cake. Mmm, talking about cake makes my mouth water. If I ate lots of cake (and the chocolate), I'd resemble a tank. I feature it regularly in stories 'cause if I can't have it, my characters can. The opening scene in "I Believe" features a chocolate and strawberry concoction.

I drive expensive cars. My handsome hubby has two Austin-Healey bug-eyed Sprites. We get all kinds of comments when we are driving around town. Even get asked to have our picture taken at stop lights and in parking lots. My drive of choice is an old Jeep and my characters drive one too.

Here's the real skinny on a writer: Most of the time… I write! I work as a professional at my craft. I sit down every day after my workout and write, blog, write blogs, visit blogs and write something, visit Facebook and write. Write, write, write. I love it!

And did you notice no caviar-Ick!

We all know everyone has a secret indulgence. He-he-he. Care to share yours?

Here's a blurb from "I Believe," my sexy novella with a touch of magic:

Allie deeply desires what her sister and cousins have--the man of their dreams. And they assure her she can…if she’s willing to believe. When her sister shares their grandmother's spell for conjuring her own true love, Allie's deeply conflicted. After all, magic is a risky business. A woman died when a potion went wrong. Did she want to mess with magic, knowing it might not work?

"I Believe" explores what happens when someone is so desperate, she'll do anything to -- and quite possibly will -- find true happiness.

And an excerpt from "Taking Flight," a short story featured in Lavender Dreams:

Charley tilted her head. “Oh my God. Look at the butterflies.”

This definitely wasn’t ordinary. Forgetting about class, we raced to the door, only to be stunned by what we saw when we got there. There were hundreds, thousands, maybe even a bazillion, orange and black butterflies.

The monarchs were migrating.

In my lifetime, I’d only heard about their migration; I hadn’t seen it anywhere.

Simultaneously, Charley and I shared a “Wow.”

This was no ordinary thing.

Something compelled me to venture outside and truly experience what was happening there. To see where they traveled, what they’d do, to just watch.

I grabbed Charley's hand and whispered, "Let's go."

Vicki Batman is hanging out with her computer and drinking Diet Coke. Find her at: http://vickibatman.blogspot.com. Lavender Dreams is available at: https://museituppublishing.com. "I Believe" is available at: https://nobleromance.com.

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