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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blog: PP Vicki Batman-I'm Ready for Summer!

I'm Ready for Summer!

This morning, I woke up to snow. Now, some of you might say that's typical, and it probably is in your part of the world. But in mine, snow is a treasure.

I'm a pretty good weather watcher. I know the weather people aren't always perfectly accurate, but we're talking weather here. An Act Of God! Somebody else has the power and it isn't the weather people.

I'd risen early to go to my workout. And while the dogs went out for their morning business was when I noticed what I first thought was rain, sleet, and ultimately, snow.

A little snow won't stop me. I have a four-wheel drive vehicle! I can put my car on the lean and mean streets and get anywhere.

This morning, I wound along the lake road to my friend's house. There were so few cars out. The street was coated in the white stuff. The snow was flying fast and furious. I even turned on the fog lamps.

I picked up my gal pal and as we turned on to the main street, we experienced thunder and lightning. Pretty exciting to be in a thundersnow.

I had to cross four small bridges and literally released my foot from the accelerator and let the car coast across. When we pulled into our parking spot at the gym, the instructor's car was the only one we noticed.

She held class just for us and another brave soldier.

What a difference an hour makes! In that small amount of time, the parking lot had turned to slush. The roads did too. The bridges were a tad icier.

Four hours later, everything was gone.

Just a typical winter's day in my town.

Are you ready for summer?
What's your favorite season?

Vicki Batman just finished a diet Coke and is headed to the kitchen for another.  Her new story collection, Little Birdie Who…and Other Stories will be launched February 1. Find her work at: Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Smashwords.com, Museituppublishing.com, and NobleRomancePublishing.com


suzanne said...

But you never said where you live. I live in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. It's very cold and sunny here, a real treat for us since it's always raining here.


Oh Suzanne, you are way colder than I am. I freeze at 30! A couple of weeks ago, Handsome and I made a quick trip where the temp was seven. I wore my Uggs all the time. LOL. Thanks for posting.

BTW, love Vancouver!

Patricia said...

Did you ask if I'm ready for summer? It's 35 in the mornings here across the bay from San Francisco and I don't like it AT ALL. I like spring and summer and fall but not this cold. Actually, if it's this cold here, why don't we just have a bit of snow and make it prettier? But that would never happen.


Hi, Patricia. I'm about done in at 35 too. But you live in a beautiful part of the USA. I'm envious there.

We've already had several dustings and even a nice one on Christmas Day. That was way cool.

Thank you for sharing with me.

Rose Gorham said...

It's 41 in my part of Missouri, warm enough for a short walk as long as the wind doesn't kick up.
Tha's not cold, cold but I still can't wait for summer. Then I can complain on how hot it is.


LOL, Rose. I know summer gets super hot where I am and know we get through it, just like we will this winter.

The best part of winter ending is next month. Outside my office window is a flowering quince. It has salmon colored flowers on long limbs and is the first to bloom every spring.

Thanks for being here with me today and stay warm!

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