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Monday, July 01, 2013

Vicki Batman asks What's in Your Closet? #HandbagMonday

+ Handbag Monday +

I swear my addiction really showed when I found this needlepoint bag:

It had a gold colored handle; however, when I received it, I went eh. Not so impressive. Riding to the rescue is Joann's, a nice sewing and notions store, which happened to have a clear beaded handle, one I'd used before on a brown needlepoint handbag.

So I did a switcherooey with my jewelry pliers, and presto-changeo, an up to the minute cutie.

This one has daisy-like flowers in yellow with black centers and an off-white background. It has been perfect to carry with summer clothes. It receives lots of compliments which I say thank you to. Everything I carry fits perfectly inside with leftover room, too.

And the real crime? I paid $30.00.

Are you having handbag envy? lol

1 comment:

Cara Marsi said...

Vicki, yes I have handbag envy. What a beautiful purse. I really hate you now that I know you paid $30. Go you!

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