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Monday, August 19, 2013

@VickiBatman & #HandbagMonday asks: What's in Your Closet?

*Handbag Monday*

For Handbag Monday on this fine summer day, I have white. White goes with all. However, take a good look. I know you're thinking this is quite different, Vicki 

It is.

Notice the large, over-the-shoulder handles. Not my norm. And overall, it is bigger. And vinyl.

But what's totally cool is on the inside. It has lots of storage pockets. Sunglasses, business cards, tissues, etc. all go in those. Then the wallet, make up bag, etc. fall to the bottom. And a nice pouch on the outside for my phone.

I'd gone to RWA in Orlando and in the gift shop, I'd seen one exactly like it by Vera Bradley. The only difference was hers had been done in her fun fabric. I (actually) resisted and didn't buy it there, but did when I came home. I carried it for a bit and didn't like it at all. No cool pockets. Everything was lost in the bottom. I gave it away.

Hey, don't swoon! I do give bags away. LOL. And I do like Vera Bradley. I have a couple of keepers. (And while doing "research" for this blog, I perused several sites and found one. Are you surprised??? Maybe we shall do a giveaway one day…)

The vinyl one holds its shape. No digging away. And remember, there are the cool pockets.

I can't remember how much I paid. You know me, usually around $20.00. Way less expensive than the Vera B. one.

How do you feel about pockets in your bags?


chris keniston said...

you are the handbag queen - and yes - that is SO different from your usual!

but it brings great memories of summer days all dressed up with matching shoes !!

vicki batman said...

Thank you, Chris, I love this one for summer and it goes with so much.

Sylvia said...

Hi Vicki,
Love this purse. It looks like one I use to carry and I love the ones that have all the tiny compartments inside to put everything from your phone to your credit cards. I just purchased my first Vera Bradley and I love it. Normally I don't spend that kind of money on a handbag, but I was frustrated with hubby that night and thought why not. Now, I love the bag.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Sylvia! And I think buying a handbag is perfect when angry with hubby. In fact, I should do that more often. It's lots less fattening than chocolate. lol

Melissa Keir said...

Very cute. The vinyl makes me think about a cute summer dress with white shoes. Perfect for carrying a little bit of everything!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Melissa! this has been the perfect summer bag and I had set it aside to carry another when OH NO! the handle broke. So back to this one for now. Or maybe...another?

Elizabeth Essex said...

Too many pockets and I am lost. Not enough and I'm disorganized.

It's really hard, and really fabulous when you find that JUST RIGHT combination. :)

Happy handbag Monday (on Tuesday!) :)

vicki batman said...

Good morning, Ms. Essex! and you are right, the perfect combination makes a winner. I'm not much into the bags that work as a wallet. but a few extra to make finding a bit easier is nice.

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