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Monday, October 28, 2013

Vicki Batman ~ #HandbagMonday guest is super knitter, Ann Gaspari

~ Handbag Monday ~
Today, I welcome a guest, Ann Gaspari! Ann and I met years and years ago when we worked the Home Tour which benefited the local elementary school. Then she came to Jazzercise and we joined a Mah Jongg group. But best of all, she is an amazing knitter girl.
So at Mah Jongg, she showed me something she picked up when traveling this summer, I squealed, "Oh, you have to let me show it on Handbag Monday."
Here's what Ann has to say:
I bought this bag at an art gallery in Provincetown, MA (at the tip of Cape Cod). I saw it at an art gallery called Cassandra Complex.  They had a lot of wild stuff, but when I saw the vintage bags that had been hand-painted, I had to have this one.  Later, I found out the artist, Joy Lessposh (real name??) was also a tattoo artist.  The base is a silver bag that can be a clutch or has a little strap. I really love it for dressier occasions.

Isn't the bird gorgeous? And I love the fact an old handbag was brought to life with the painting. The fact the strap is detachable is a nice bonus: two for one!
Well done, Anne, and thank you for being on Handbag Monday! May all your days be handbag bright!

And now, Week 3 of Paris bag:

As you can see, I've made mega progress on this side. I have a bit at the bottom and a bit on the right. I'm thinking I'll have this done by Week 4! Having so much fun doing this and love, love, love the red.

Happy #HandbagMonday!



Barb Han said...

Gorgeous work! I'm in awe, Ann.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Barb! Didn't Ann have a great find? And it so gorgeous to see for real. Hugs.

Sylvia said...

I just love when I'm traveling to find something like this. It's such a special keepsake from the trip. You'll always remember where you bought the bag and who you were with.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Sylvia! I agree with you. And in most cases, handbags are easy to pack. hugs

Melissa Keir said...

What a neat bag. The painting does make it so much more!

Keep going on your own bag. I'm glad you are still excited about it!

Lynda Coker said...

Beautiful bag and so unique!

Vicki, I love the color red too. It makes the colors used in the Street Scene Live!
COLORCRAZED Fiber Art Anyone Can Do

vicki batman said...

Hi, Melissa! I agree. And the birdie is done so well too.

Thank you for the Paris handbag support. I've been reading more than doing needlepoint this week. Yikes!

Hi, Lynda! so nice you could pop by and comment. Come back often. Hugs.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Lynda! and thank you so much. I saw a red one and went ga-ga over it. I've also seen turquoise and orange and loved those too. Ultimately, I went with red because it's my favorite color. Thanks for visiting with me today.

Trending Signature Bags said...

very creative :))


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