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Monday, February 10, 2014

Vicki Batman ~ #handbag Monday: It's all about pink!

#handbag Monday
Who likes pink? *raises hand* I have handbags in many colors. Years ago, I found this one:
A friend introduced me to this brand, Hobo. Incredibly nice leather. This strap is used as a wristlet, but also converts to a skinny shoulder strap. Inside are slots of cards and a small zip pocket. It holds almost everything I carry in a tote. Mostly, I carry this one on special occasions, like church on Sunday.
Here's the link to Hobo's story and product line: http://www.hobobags.com/our-story.html
Do you favor one color of bag over another?


Linda Steinberg said...

Pink is not my choice of handbag color. Turquoise, yes. Except in kiddie bags. My granddaughter loves pink! She has pink glasses and people often ask if she has glasses to match every outfit. No, it's just that every outfit is pink.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Linda! I like your granddaughter's style - only pink makes everything easier to coordinate. LOL. This little bag is easy to slip into a big one and works for day or nighttime. And Hobo International has nice bags. Thanks for posting on HBW today.

Sandy said...

Vicki, when I was a teenager (19) I wore pink all the time. Smile!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Sandy! That's so cool that you wore pink all the time. I didn't. It seemed kid-ish in my silly girl head. I wear pink a lot--today I'm wearing a pink cashmere t-shirt. I learned. LOL

Lani said...

I like pink, but I love just about every color.

I like Hobo too, and we must have similar taste because I like this from Jimmy Choo


Hope you can see it!

Sylvia said...

I like pink, but lately I've been into red handbags. Of course I like the brand Hobo as well.

Angela Adams said...

I have a pair of pumps that match your bag (smile!)

vicki batman said...

Hi, Lani! Let me check...That is an awesome pink bag. I want one! Oh dear, what have you done to me...

Hi, Sylvia! I love red too and should put up my fab red one soon. Hugs.

Hi, Angela! Are your pumps a size 7 narrow? Probably not. I have such little feet and if they are stillettos, I'd fall.

Melissa Keir said...

I'm stuck on black. I have black purses for everything. Of course I love black shoes and boots and black coats, jackets...pants, skirts... I look like I'm always in mourning but that's okay too. Black is slimming!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Melissa! I should put up all of my black bags. I have so many and love each and every one. I never wore black until I was lots older because I thought black was usually what older women wore. I'm like you--lots of black clothes too. I hope it's slimming. lol

Cara Marsi said...

Nice! I'm partial to green handbags and have three, at last count.

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