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Monday, July 21, 2014

The big debut; The Paris #handbag & it is pretty too! #MFRWorg #accessories

The Paris handbag is debuting at:

~Handbag Monday~
I began with a vintage canvas I found on eBay. I stitched the background in red silk, using one strand. The street scenes were already done as was typical of these bags. Once completed, I turned the bag into the finisher at the needlepoint shop. They used red leather on the handle and the gusset. Beige silk moire was used to fabricate the lining.

All in all, I learned a lot.

So here's my progression from week one to today:

As you can see, the bag is in a classic style, but the handle is shorter instead of shoulder bag. Shoulder bag handles fall off my shoulder and cross-body wouldn't have been appropriate. No, I went for a tote look.

How did I do? Interested in making one of your own?

Vicki Batman is exhausted with stitching two handbags and is turning to a pillow for now. Be sure to check back soon for her new book, Temporarily Employed.


Sylvia said...

Love this bag. You're going to have to tell me where you get your patterns. I use to do this a hundred years ago and I'm needing a new outlet. Can't wait to join you at RWA.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Sylvia: I found this either on eBay or ETSY. It is a perfect outlet, get something great as a result. I think a lot when making needlepoint. In fact, one is packed now. Hugs.

Rose Anderson said...

Very whimsical. Perfect for a writer!

vicki batman said...

Thank you, Rose. And I adore RED!

chris keniston said...

wow - what a great accomplishment - and so pretty too

Paris is one of my favorite all time cities - If you only have three cities to see in a lifetime I pick San Francisco, Paris and New York

Just looking at that purse is making me crave street vendor crepes - sigh

Melissa Keir said...

What a beautiful job! The bag is fabulous. I love how you made it into a clutch. Congrats!!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Chris! I like your city choices and I've visited them as well. The crepes are fun and yummy. That's about all Handsome ate too. He loves them.

Hi, Melissa! Thank you, but it isn't a clutch, it's a handbag! Wait until the poinsettia bag comes. lol

Phyllis said...

That is a LOT of work! Congrats on finishing it. Where do you get your kits?

Lani said...

You did a marvelous job! It's SO beautiful!

Luanna Stewart said...

That is a gorgeous handbag, and it's one-of-a-kind. A real heirloom. I knit when I need a break from the writing. EVery man in my family has a sweater, LOL!

Janice Seagraves said...

Nicely done. I can tell you put in a lot of time and energy into your bag.


Cara Marsi said...

Wow, what a beautiful bag! I treasure the small case you made for me. You're so talented.

Angela Adams said...


Tina OReilly said...


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bag, Vicki! I love needlepoint, but have never tried a handbag. Fabulous idea!

Ilona Fridl said...

That is beautiful, Vicki! I love the colors in it!

Kait said...

Gorgeous - you are so talented. What wonderful detail.

Wendy said...

That's beautiful Vicki. What an achievement.

M True Teller said...

You do good work! ;-)


florence cronin said...

Darn, Vicki ... that bag is awesome. I love hand crafts, but never tackled anything as intricate as your bag. Great work.

BTW ... how many bags do you own?

Susan Day said...

What a great job! Well done, clever socks!

vicki batman said...

Thank you everyone for checking out my new treasures. I was at RWA and you wouldn't believe after I introduced myself, people would say "The Handbag lady."

Florence, I can't say exactly as I haven't counted and maybe don't want to know. I do know I have seven six foot shelves. And some are skinny bags... ??? Who knows?

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