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Friday, July 03, 2015

Each day is special #MFRWorg #cats #pets

Every year is special

Twenty-two years ago, my family visited my husband's family and while we were chatting, a mama cat showed with her two babies, a silver and a mottled brown tabbies. Instantly, my sons were enthralled. Our big cat of twelve years, Snuffer, had just passed two months prior. They begged, "Can we keep 'em? Can we?"

Handsome looked at me. I'd had a hard time of letting go of Snuffer. He was our first baby, the one we adopted after we married. I still missed him deeply. 

As a mom, we all know that pleading look on our child's face. It melted my heart. I said, "Yes."

We bought a crate and drove nine hours home with the stinkin' things screaming constantly. We would open the crate door and they'd hiss. I wasn't sure the adoption would work out. 

Once home, we would pull them from the crate, show them a potty box, feed, and shove them back in the crate several times a day. About three days later, I opened the door and heard...a purr. 

Romper, the silver one, became a favorite because she was "pretty." When I heard that, my heart melted a second time for Scooter, the brown one. Scoo was sweet. And I whispered in her ear "you're mine."

As the Fourth of July comes near, I celebrate my kitties. Romper has gone on, but we still have Scoo. She is now twenty-two. 

Each day is special!


Angela Adams said...

What a cutie!

Cathy McElhaney said...

Wow...22? I just lost my precious baby girl kitty in April. She was 16. She was feral and the runt of the litter...very skittish her whole life. Smokey was a light grey with 'stripes'. I loved her so much...she was my cat, even though the boys tried to claim her, lol. So about 3 weeks after my heart attack in May, my daughter in law 'found' this adorable Calico kitten. Very tiny and oh so cute! My other daughter in law took the kitten home with her and to the vet the next day...it turns out she was only 2-3 weeks old! I decided to keep her and my 5 year old grand daughter INSISTED on calling her 'Heartluck'...to make a long story short, she has become Heartluck Gracie and we call her Gracie! After that, I found out there were 2 more kittens in that litter and my daughter in law had them in the car this whole time! They are adorable and she has been taking care of them, but her and my son are HOMELESS and cannot keep them! I can't do 3 cats, 1 dog and 4 kids. I just can't...but giving up these 2, now is going to be hard! They are so cute. "Honda" is grey and white and "little Tuck" is black, brown and white stripes. (They call her that because she looks just like Tucker...my other son's cat.)I adore them, but they have to find a new home.

Stephen Batman said...

Hi Angela! Shes a sweetie.

Stephen Batman said...

Hi cathy! Oh i hope homes are found for the furbabies. Theyre so sweet

Florence Cronin said...

Vicki, you are an angel. I so love the story of your cats. I came from people who didn't believe in owning pets when they struggled to feed three children and married a man who always had a dog. Cats, his father told me were an abomination. Okay, we got a puppy for my eighteen month old first born son ... or his still child-like father.

And that tiny mongrel puppy with her sad eyes and her loving ways became the first for me. Fast forward, I left the husband and kept the dog. She became mine. She talked to me and snuggled and slept with me and when I cried, she cried and consoled me. When I played music she sang. She was joined by an abandoned kitten ... then ...

Okay, so after cats and dogs and carpeting and my always runny eyes, I finally concluded I was allergic :) Between the husband and the two kids, I have and lost five companions ... three cats and two dogs. Then I retired and lived in a house with my cousin who was a crazy cat lover and for fourteen years I watched a parade of adorable and loving cats come and go. And every time I saw them for the first time, I looked into their eyes and fell in love. And every time we lost one, my heart broke.

I moved into my tiny cottage and left the cousin and her crazy daughter and the cats and discovered I no longer had runny eyes or a stuffed nose and declared ... "Never again."

My best friend's sister has a rescue organization in Miami and the last cat was adopted to keep an abandoned cat company until the cousin and her crazy daughter decided to move ... one to DAvie and the other to Ohio. One cat took the 1200 mile trek to Ohio and the other one was supposed to live with the daughter and her now crazy boyfriend. He had been abandoned and move five times in three years and after six weeks of being left behind in an empty apartment with a homeless man, I knew no one was coming back for him. Get him another home I thought. Don't even think about it I admonished.

I went to inspect, to check up on him. No water and filthy litter and rancid food and that look in his eyes and ten minutes later he was in a crate and I drove him to the house and ... Okay ... call my friend's sister and get him adopted. Now that's very funny given that there are hundreds of thousands of them no one wants. Keep the faith Cathy, there are also hundreds of thousands like me and Vicki :)

So, the little guy became mine. Off to the pet store for stuff ... off to the vet for a checkup. New eye drops and new rules and a wonderful, loving new companion :)

Selah Janel said...

Love this! So cute, and I think any animal person knows the emotional side of this kind of story so well. Best to Scoo!

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