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Monday, August 17, 2015

#Handbag Monday - the perfect #summer bag #MFRWorg #accessories #fashion #shoes #RLFBlog

Handbag Monday
I've been meaning to show this one off for a long time. Many years ago, Handsome and I took the boys on a cruise around Hawaii. (FYI-with cruises you don't have to unpack. Feed you. Make friends. Have lots of stops and entertainment.) I began noticing these adorable handbags and since that is what I prefer to buy when traveling, I went hunting for the perfect specimen. 

Alas, it was harder than I thought. All the cruise stuff didn't allow me to shop at roadside stands until one day, and I found this...

The man and woman I bought this from said it was from the Phillipines and all of his were handmade by his wife's family. Everything about it said "Vicki!"

Inside is a drawstring cloth bag sewn into the handbag to hold valuables. I don't really use that as I carry this one on special occasions. I've already glued one place back. 

But it is perfect for summer. So I'll carry it for a few days and bask in my fun treasure. 

Do you have a perfect summer bag? 

"So you want to show me your Mr. Wiggly Worm?" 

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Angela Adams said...

I don't have a "summer" bag...as long as I can carry everything I need, I'm happy.

Cathy McElhaney said...

I don't. I can't find a bag that I like that is the right size. All the ones I like are too small. So I bought a bigger one...now I can't find anything :/.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Angela! Well, of course, I do. lolol. About 1/3 of what I have--okay, maybe more--could be summer bags. They're my thing. Oh! You know that. lol

Hi, Cathy! I have that problem too. I have to make sure I carry exactly what I need. And I have in groups, makeup, wallet (doesn't zip), etc. I do testdrive handbags in stores. I'll take out all the paper and put my things in to make sure they fit. A big one tends to lose things, especially those that are what I termed "garbage bags." I like a bag with structure, but not compartmentalized. I wouldn't buy one that has spots for credit cards, etc. You know?

Call me and we shall go hunting. Or come over and go through mine and see what works for you and then we'll go hunting. And we'll play mahjong too. Hugs.

Luanna Stewart said...

I love your purse - it screams summer spent at a seaside town, strolling along the shady avenue.

My summer bag is a crochet/macrame looking thing from Le Sac. Things tend to get lost inside, but I don't carry much so it's not too much of an issue. My only big quibble is that the cell phone pocket was obviously designed for a small flip phone. My iPhone 5 only fits in about half way, and so doesn't stay put. The bag itself is very light, which I like.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Luanna! I have a crochet bag as well, made by an older neighbor. I love it. I think it dates to the fifties. Probably should get it out and show you. Maybe we'll match. LOL Thank you for posting.

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