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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Gray Days #Weatherisinterestingtoday #RssosSisters #MFRWorg #amreading

Hopefully, you have blue skies and the air is crisp with winter. We've had a year of rain and some gray days. And for extra special interesting day, we have ice or snow.
Gray days are when I throw a light blanket on me and hit the couch. I grab the channel changer and head to the movie stations and settle in for a long stretch, the requisite diet drink and popcorn by my side.  Sometimes, I'll haul out my needlepoint and watch and work. The hours slip by as I go from one movie to the next.
Once, Handsome asked me what I wanted for my birthday. He laughed when I named two girly movies, popcorn and a cold drink. No boys. No man. No housework. Nothing. Just me and my movies.
It was a really great day.
As a youngster, my bleh days weren't so bad. With three sisters, I had built-in playmates. We played a lot of board games, card games, did puzzles, and read. Sometimes, the non-network TV station showed a really good old movie. Sometimes, we baked cookies or other treats.
The best part of this time of year is we can slow down from our hectic pace and get back to ourselves. To indulge just a bit. To laugh and to love. To read.
What do you indulge in when you have a rainy day? 

Here's an excerpt from my romantic comedy mystery, Temporarily Employed:
No frisking and no arrests were--so far, in my book--a good thing. As Sarah Anne’s older brother, I found it easy to eliminate him from the stalker, murderer, and rapist categories. The something in the truck line sounded similar to approaches used in past dating experiences. For instance:
“Want to come up and look at my etchings?”
Translated: A roll in the hay.
Or the ever popular “Would you like to meet Mr. Lizard?”
Translated: Mr. Wiggly Worm.
“How about coming to my place for a drink?"
Translated: To ply me with multiple drinks and the requisite roll in the hay.
I hadn’t fallen for those then and wasn’t going to be a sucker now.
He stuck his hands on his hip and said, “I know what you’re thinking. I’m not a stalker, murderer, or rapist." 
Apparently, he could read minds.
"Just a minute." I closed the door partially to release the chain, then opened it. “Why can’t you just tell me whatever it is?”
“No. I want to show you---”
“Not a Picasso?” I asked.
“Not an iguana?”
A perplexed expression crossed his face. “A what?”
“Not your pet worm?”
“What pet worm?”
“Look, I don’t know what you’re thinking. The only worms I know about are for fishing.”

May your days be full of
good reads and great fun!

I know you are itching to find Temporarily Employed. Here's how:







Angela Adams said...

Rain days and snow days are generally reserved for movie watching and/or catching up on my reading. Thanks for the post.

Cathy McElhaney said...

I like to write, read or bake on those days...

vicki batman said...

Hi, girls! Me too. And stitch.

stanalei said...

When you mentioned gray days, I wondered if you were my neck of the woods, where is snowing it looks like 6:00 am instead of 9:00 outside. Gray indeed! I love to cozy up with a book or movie on days like today.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Stanalei! Gray for us is cloudy and/or rainy. Definitely would be with snow, but alas, none to be here this year. So many of us want to read or watch a movie on a gray day. Hugs!

Patricia said...

Hi Vicki! I don't like the rain but we need it SO bad here in California that I'm happy it's raining day in and day out.
When it rains I do a lot of reading. I break out my Kindle and the rain gives me an excuse to not do any work but rather sit under a blanket on the couch with my favorite dogs and just read, read, read.

Judy Baker said...

I love to move binge on a long gray day. The last time I did was last month when I spent the day watching Star Wars in the Machete Order - if you haven't tried it and you're a Sta Wars fan, it go #4,#5,#2,#3,#6 (#1 probably can be skipped).

vicki batman said...

Hi, Patti: You do need rain. Isn't el nino dropping some your way? We've only had some sprinkles since the turbulent stuff after Christmas and it's time to get more. Hugs to you!

Hi, Judy. Wow! Machete Order sounds cool. I've not done that. I was so unmoved by the 3 new ones, I've never gone back and watched them. And seriously, ewoks? But love #1 and #2. Hehehe. I have watched James Bond films in order.

Linda Steinberg said...

I don't usually like to watch movies during the day--I feel so unproductive--but on a cold gray day like today I love crawling into bed and watching an old movie. Or an old actor in a new movie. Just finished watching Robert de Niro in The Intern. Loved it.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Linda! Especially when the sky is sunny, I'm with you, but if outside is bone-chilling cold, I have no problem. I didn't see The Intern. Thanks for the recommendation.

Melissa Keir said...

I had four younger sisters and we always had fun things to do like Barbies and Little People or board games and putting on shows for my parents. These days, I like to curl up with a book but often I'm working on yucky days and can't get away!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Melissa! You had an extra sister. LOL We did those things too. And did we sing. Today, I wrote 2,000 words and ran four errands. I prepared for a talk to kinder kids tomorrow.

Md Mahmud said...
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