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Monday, November 21, 2016

Handbag and Book w #author Krista Ames #accessories #giftfromhubby #MFRWorg #Rssos

Handbag and Book with
Krista Ames

I love this handbag!  I received it as a gift from my hubby but it surely wasn’t that easy.  I’d been in Wilson Leather so many times and drooled over this purse each time but I’m not really one to just buy a purse because.  I only have one at a time usually and don’t get another until I’ve worn one out. 

 I’m not sure why hubby and I were at the mall but he wanted to go in the store so I showed him which one I liked and he told me to just buy it.  I kind of crinkled my nose, not sure I wanted to spend the money. (It was only $30) So he just grabbed it and took it to check out and I had a new purse. 

Dr. Miranda Chase didn’t want to be back home but she’d do just about anything for her dad including temporarily taking over his veterinarian practice. However, once she met Garrett, she wanted to drop everything and run.  Cocky cowboys just weren’t her thing. 

Garrett Jackson cares more about his horse than himself or anyone else and when a tiny bit of a thing calling herself a vet blows into his life like a tornado, he’s literally knocked for a loop. He doesn’t have time for women. 

But, when Garrett’s horse turns up missing, Miranda isn’t going anywhere. Forced to work together, they’ll learn a little bit about each other or die trying. 
No matter, apparently her family dynamic, or lack thereof, meant nothing to this sour man. She would bow out gracefully. He had enough on his hands at the moment.  “Ahem.” She cleared her throat in the hopes of stopping his grumbling. Iwas sent by Doc Chase, not that you would care, but I’m just going to leave. I think you have bigger problems here than my…how did you put it?...cute little ass and doctor bag?” She shifted to her left, ready to head out of the barn. “When you find your horse, call Doc’s office, and they’ll find someone else to come out.”  

He stared. She turned to walk away.  

Wait.”He ran after her, grabbing an upper arm. “What do you mean when I find my  horse?”  

“Exactly what I said, Mr. Jackson. Your horse was not in the stall. I’m Miranda Chase, Doc’s daughter, and while I’d love to go back to wherever the hell it is I came from, which by the way is Montana, where I have my own practice, I can’t. And, right now I have more important things to do than stand here while you call me names. Good day, sir.” She curtsied, like a smartass, turned, and stepped away again.  

Normally Miranda didn’t let men direct her or tell her what to do, yet when this man yelled, it stopped her in her tracks. When he’d grabbed her arm, she pretended not to have any reaction, but his hands had such a gentle roughness, she suddenly wanted them all over her body.  

Now, hearing his stern voice “sexy, deep, and extremely Southern” she felt a quiver run straight to her core. Damn, she did not need another man distracting her. They all turned out to be no good. Maybe that’s why her daddy never acknowledged her as family? Maybe she was too much trouble for him, and he”d wished all along she had been a boy!  

She turned toward the sexy voice of the tall, dark and dreamy cowboy, and for a second time, he walked right up into her personal space.  

“I’m confused. We can talk about you and Doc and why you’re here later. Why isn’t my horse in his stall?”  

“How the hell should I know?” Miranda shrugged. Did this guy have shit for brains? Total outer package, and yeah…she glanced lower…that part of the package appeared outstanding too, but nothing going on upstairs so far as she could tell.  

“You were in my barn, what did you do to him? You’re coming with me.” Without giving her a chance to answer, he latched onto her upper arm, dragging her back to the barn.   

“Let me go, you lunatic. I didn’t do anything with your horse. I came to do his physical, just like I was scheduled, and since your horse isn’t here, I’m moving on to my next appointment.” Her struggle was pointless; he was too strong to pull away from. She glared at him, but apparently intimidation wasn’t her thing, he continued without being affected.  

“Oh no, not until we get to the bottom of this.”  

“You’re a damned arrogant ass. Why is this my problem?”  

“How do I know you didn’t do something with him?”  

“Oh my God! And what, may I ask, would I do with a 2000-pound animal, hide him in my cute little doctor bag?”  
Find Roping the Cowboy at: Amazon

Find Krista Ames at: Website

Krista! This is exactly the kind of bag I look for and shall be visiting a store soon!!!


Liese said...

I have the same philosophy about handbags as you--replace when worn out--and what a wonderful hubby to just take the initiative to get it for you.

The story sounds great too! Going to check it out now!

Melissa Keir said...

I'm like you. I have to only use one purse at a time. If I didn't, I probably would leave my wallet behind when I really need it. That's a beautiful purse. I love the detail and if you got it at Wilson Leather, it's quality!

I loved the excerpt and wish you all the best on your set!

Joanne Guidoccio said...

Beautiful purse! I've been carrying my fall/winter bag for three years. Might be time for an update. Great excerpt...best of luck with sales. :)

Angela Adams said...

Great travel bag!

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