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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Travels and Book w #author Bobbi Lerman #holidaybook #Tuscany #Europe #Christmasbook #MFRWorg

Travels and Book with
Bobbi Lerman

I’m not a sports person. I’m not a craft person. I’m a traveler.
That’s my passion and has been since my mother my mother and I read The Secret Garden together when I was around eight years old. I begged her to take me to Mary’s secret garden in the wilds of Yorkshire. When she told me that was not possible. I replied with, I’ll get there. You wait and see. I never did find Mary’s garden, but the beauty northern England will stay with me forever.
My favorite line: “Life is a journey; are you packed?” 
One of my main core beliefs: Travel opens the mind and heart. 

I’ve had a passport before a driver’s license. During my final year in high school when everyone was researching colleges, I had the TWA departures from Boston memorized. Yes, I ended up going to art school before dropping out for a year to go live on a kibbutz in Israel and backpack around Europe, explaining to my homebody, and perplexed parents how traveling was the best classroom in existence. 
Although the act of travel has never been featured in one of my stories. Well unless you count time travel and then my holiday novella Providence featured in Season of Surprises meets that criteria. However, my travel experiences, memories, the images of places, people and conversations I’ve had and overheard are embedded in my brain for eternity and are an ongoing inspiration to my writing.  

Legendary matchmaker, Tillie has one last heart to mend before retiring, but Miriam and Mike may be her hardest match ever. Can she summon the magic one last time to bring the enchantment of love long given up back to life? 
Tillie studied the two women as they opened their menus chatting nonstop with each other and with the elfin waitress now bringing their waters. Tillie almost laughed out loud at the sight of Dahlia impersonating a waitress just to get a close-up look at the next assignment.  
A look at either woman was not a necessity for her. Mother and daughter looked a great deal alike and though the younger sat with her back to Tillie, she didn't need to see Molly Stein's face to know she and her mother shared more that a set of ever-changing, stormy, sea blue eyes or the same burnished copper shade of hair. She didn't need a close up look in Miriam Stein's eyes to see what lay hidden behind them. Despite the woman's outward cheeriness and rosy approach to life, Miriam Stein harbored a soul-breaking sadness with her heart.

Tillie hoped her latest apprentice was up to the job. Dahlia's first, and, if all went as planned, Tillie's last. She hoped the girl wouldn't be a disappointment like her predecessors. Though if her instincts were right, this one possessed a real talent. Still, maybe she should have warned her little elf that the Stein matriarch would likely turn out to be a most difficult mission.  
No matter. Tillie know she couldn't turn her back on the woman. Boca and her long-awaited retirement would have to wait until Tillie wakened Miriam's sleeping heart for one last chance at love.  
Find Season of Promises at:  Amazon
Find Bobbi at: Scribblers Ink

I love to travel, too, Bobbi, but didn't have much money for it when younger. Now, Handsome and I go everywhere. Where is your favorite spot?


Roberta said...

Hi Vicki,

Thanks for having me today!
The Isle Of Skye off the west coast of Scotland is my favorite spot, a close second is Venice.

Karilyn Bentley said...

Hi Bobbie! I love to travel too! Although you are way more adventuresome than I am! My favorite place outside of the US was Stockholm. But then, I've never been to Britain, so I might change my mind later in life. :)

Best wishes on your book! It looks like a fun read!

Angela Adams said...

My favorite spot is actually where I went t college in Vermont. In the winter, it's a great setting for a Christmas story!

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