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Monday, December 19, 2016

#Handbag and Book w #author Meredith Bond #MFRWorg #Longchamphandbag #givinggifts #historicalromance

Handbag and Book with
Meredith Bond

My husband knows just how much I love bags. When he goes away on business—which he does often—frequently he’ll bring me home a bag as a gift. After one trip he brought me this beautiful purple Longchamp leather bag (he’d already given me the large one that folds, le Pilage). It quickly became one of my favorites. Now that we’ve moved to Brussels, Belgium, where it rains often, I’ve had to switch to a small version of the Pilage bag, since it’s waterproof—and bright colors are fun! 
Just like the fact that one bag is great, but two are even better, my newest release is a box set of two of the books in my Regency romance Merry Men Quartet. This is box set #2 with books three and four: The Merry Marquis and A Dandy in Disguise in it. Each book of the series can be read as a stand-alone book, so no need to worry about not having read books one and two before delving into these fun romances. And, as I did with Box Set #1, I include an extra prequel novella showing how the parents of the heroine from The Merry Marquis met and fell in love. I really hope you’ll enjoy reading A Spanish Dilemma.  
A Spanish Dilemma 
Robert Seton is determined to do something for the war effort, despite the fact that his father won’t buy him a commission in the army. With enough pressure, pleading and persuasion, he convinces the Foreign Secretary to give him an assignment. It could have been an empty job observing the talks in Basel, Switzerland between France and Spain, but in Robert’s hands he will use it to make a difference—if only his mind would stop straying to the Spanish ambassador’s beautiful daughter. 
Isabella Guzman is determined to avenge her brother’s brutal murder at the hands of the French army. She’s accompanied her father to Basel to ensure that he stay strong and that the French get out of Spain as quickly as possible, taking as little as possible. Her efforts, happily, are being helped by the new representative sent by the English government. What’s disturbing is how handsome and charming he is—she could easily get caught in his spell. 
Can two people from such different backgrounds ever have a chance together when there is so much to keep them apart? 
The Merry Marquis 
Through the beauty of music, brings love and the will to live a life lost. 
It is only at the pianoforte with beautiful music flowing from her fingertips that Teresa Seton is happy. New to English society, she feels awkward and unsure of herself.  Only the attentions of her handsome neighbor can convince her that she is where she belongs—a stolen kiss proves that he means what he says. But the kiss is witnessed and the pair are forced to marry for propriety’s sake.  
Once known as the “Merry Marquis”, Richard, the Marquis of Merrick, now lives the life of a recluse. Finding a beautiful stranger at his pianoforte strikes a chord within him, bringing back feelings he thought were lost with the passing of his wife. He is mesmerized by Teresa and her beautiful music, but can he convince her, and himself, that he can live and love again? 
A Dandy in Disguise 
Can he lose the disguise... and find himself?  
 St. John Fotheringay-Phipps has nearly forgotten who he truly is. As the dashing, amusing dandy known to all in society as Fungy, he has hidden himself behind a mask of merriment. But he is reminded that there are pleasures beyond society -- when he finds himself feeling responsible for the innocently lovely and fiercely intellectual Rose, the daughter of a famed archaeologist, and her charming, if socially inept, family.  
Rose Grace knows that she cannot gamble with her future. She has suddenly been thrust into the role of mother to her two young sisters, companion to her brilliant, distracted father --and family savior.  She needs to do the right thing -- to forget her own desires and quickly find a wealthy husband before the creditors come beating at their door. Then why is she distracted by the foppishly handsome Fungy, who seems so very irresponsible and pleasure-loving?  Surely he's the last person whose advice she should follow! 

Find Meredith's boxed set at: Amazon

Find Meredith at: Website

Meredith's hubby did really well with the Longchamp bags. Would you let your significant one buy you a handbag?


Merry said...

Thanks so much for having me on, Vicki!

Angela Adams said...

LOL - To answer your final question, "no!"

vicki batman said...

You are most welcome, Merry!

LOL, Angela! Handsome has bought me some with guidance, but one time he was in Las Vegas and bought a Mary Frances bag. It is adorable as all of hers are.

Melissa Keir said...

Congrats! My husband often buys me things like clothes and bags but he needs some ideas, otherwise it doesn't end up with something I'd like.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Melissa! I have been known to tear out pictures and send links. teehehe

Kathleen Baldwin said...

Hi Merry! Your Merry Marquis sounds fun. I will pick it up. Love your books.
This was a cute post. I will retweet.
To answer your question: My husband is a great guy but he wouldn't know a handbag from a horse trough. But then, he is a sexy Scot so I really don't care.
Have a very happy Christmas y'all

vicki batman said...

Hi, Kat! I'll take a sexy Scot over a handbag too. Happy holidays!

Susan Day said...

I love the deep purple; what a thoughtful gift.

Merry said...

Thanks so much Kat! Yeah, I'm with Vicki, I'd go for the sexy Scott too. lol! Although my husband--you might call him an irresistible Indian. :-) And somehow everyone in my family has a great fashion sense except me. I would never go shopping without one of them along.

brenda said...

My husband as purchased me one handbag, but only after I took a picture of it and sent it to him. Normally he comments on my bag of the week. Apparently, I have issues. A good post idea. Would you permit me to borrow this idea from you...? Handbags is a Vicki exclusive.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Brenda! So lovely for you to drop in. I'm sure others have written about handbags long before me. So blog away!

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