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Monday, February 06, 2017

#Handbag and Book with Vicki - Possessed by orange #accessories #fashion #romanticcomedy #Mfrworg

Handbag and Book with


I was possessed with...ORANGE!! Sometimes, I think what color of handbag do I not have, but orange never came to mind.  Just for grins, I typed vintage orange handbag in ETSY's search bar and I found an orange satchel I loved, available in Europe. And it had an ink stain on it. No, not the one for me. 

This fall, my sister and I went to an antique mall where I spotted this goodie for $18.00 and at check out, $2.00 were knocked off. There's no maker's mark. It's made with a cool nubby fabric. The black handle tucks inside to turn the bag into a clutch. There is a nice envelope pocket on the inside which zips closed.  Surprisingly, the bag holds more than I thought it would. Clean and flawless, the bag is worth every penny.

So I am over my orange phase? No. Nor green.  Nor a neat shade of blue.  lol

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Question: have you ever been seduced by color?


Angela Adams said...

I've never purchased something based on its color...but, this bag looks like a "going to brunch" bag to me. Have a great Monday!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Angela! I carried it to church and it was perfect with my skirt. Hugs!

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