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9/16-10/6: 80 romantic suspense, mystery & thriller ebooks & a Kindle Fire HD 8.
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

#MTW author Anna Willett #mystery #thriller #childhoodstories #MFRWorg

TODAY’S Mystery Thriller Writer IS:

Anna Willett,
author of  

Backwoods Ripper 
I’m a pantser. Once I have the story and characters firmly set in my mind, I start writing. The characters drive the story and I just follow. After the first three or four chapters, I write a line or two for each subsequent chapter so as a rough guide, but that’s it.  

I’d just returned from a dentist visit with one side of my face completely numb. I thought about how nice it would be to have a glass of champagne, but settled for a cup of almost cold tea and managed a lop-sided smile.  
I’ve always been attracted to dark stories. Even as a child I enjoyed being scared so when it came to writing, thrillers seemed natural. I suppose I write the sorts of things I’d like to read.  

A country drive quickly turns into a nightmare  
for newly-weds Paige and Hal Loche. When you are in the bush, pregnant, and your husband is hurt  
what do you do? 
“Spring Road. I don’t remember seeing it on the map, but it might be privately owned,” Hal said, and swung the car right. “With any luck there’ll be a clearing where we can pull over.” 
The sign announcing Spring Road leaned dangerously close to the ground at a sixty-degree angle, almost as if pointing towards some hidden passage to the centre of the earth. On either side of the narrow road, thick scrub and ancient gum trees crowded the bitumen. Paige leaned back and shifted her butt until her back straightened. It had been two hours since they last took a break and she looked forward to stretching her back. 
“Is that a house?” Paige motioned towards a clearing on the left. 
Amidst the tightly-packed greenery, a dusty white building sat a sea of cracked bitumen, now a home for sprigs of yellowing weeds. The building looked at odds with its surroundings, as if an industrial structure had dropped from a passing aeroplane and landed haphazardly in the midst of the bush. 

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Anna, you mentioned stories from your childhood--what are some of them?

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