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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Travel and Book with Linda Tillis #romance, #TrentonNewJersey #caregiver #MFRWorg

Travel and Book with
Linda Tillis
When I retired the first time, it was after twenty years as a Crime Scene Investigator with the local Police Department. It had been a rough twenty years and my husband finally sat me down and told me the job was slowly killing me. So, after so many years of shift work, long hours, and traumatic cases, I retired.
He knew I needed time to heal, both mentally and physically, so he bought me a good camera, and told me to go out and take photos of living things.  We started taking long drives, and I did a lot of nature photography. During one of these trips we passed through a rural town called Trenton, Florida.

He mentioned that his father was born there, so naturally I was interested. I slowed down and was delighted when I saw a quilt shop. (a weakness of mine) But this was not just any quilt shop. It was housed in an old Coca Cola bottling plant, built in 1925. The building had been restored, and housed a lovely little cafĂ©, a beautiful, well stocked quilt shop, and numerous antique stores. 
When I started writing “A Heart Made For Love” it seemed only fitting that the “rural” setting would have to be Trenton. 

A Heart Made For Love is the story of a young woman’s journey, from victim to victorious, which leads her to discover her own inner strength as she aids others in finding theirs. 
Mae Hinton’s mother’s untimely death leaves her the caregiver to her family in rural Florida in 1903. At seventeen, her faith in her Lord is tested when she is attacked by a band of roving miscreants, led by handsome but bitter, Langford Hardwick. 
She embarks on a mission to help other women overcome their similar plights. 
Before she knows peace, she will meet her future husband, encounter bigoted ministers, well-to-do hypocrites, and men who have higher regard for their livestock than their women.
When Hardwick reappears, she must decide whether she will handle it, or if vengeance truly belongs to the Lord. 
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Angela Adams said...

Quilting reminds me of my grandmother. She loved all of that kind of stuff -- quilting, knitting, crocheting...Thanks for the post, and best wishes, Linda, with your book!

Linda Tillis said...

Thank you, Angela. I love to crochet, and I worked for 18 years in the manufacturing end of fashion before I moved over to Law Enforcement.

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