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Monday, May 14, 2018

Author Elf Ahearn - A bag Which Reminds her of Father #historicalromance #archeology #readromance #RLFblog

For the record, this rustic little bag isn’t my only purse; I’ve got a nice Michael Kors for summer and a chocolate slouch from Italy for winter, but I rarely use them. There are two reasons why I like this canvas bag. 1. It’s lightweight. I’m convinced that the more money one pays for a pocketbook, the more backbreaking it is to carry.

The second reason I like my bag is that it reminds me of my father who was a dyed-in-the-wool archeologist. He used to come home after months in Egypt with canvas duffle bags girded by straps just like the one on my purse. Out from their depths, he’d unpack potsherds, ancient tools, and presents for his adoring daughters. His flight home usually included a stop in India and a second hold over in Austria. As a result, we four little girls usually got an inlaid box from Egypt; glass bangles and saris from India; and a doll, or in my case, a miniature horse, from Austria. Accompanying our gifts, he would tell us wild tales of his adventures in Cairo, Luxor, or some dusty village on the fringe of the dessert. The magic of Aladdin was contained in those duffle bags. By contrast, my little satchel holds the wizardry of Kleenex and rubber bands to hold my socks up, yet it still offers a hint of pyramids and ancient treasure.  

In Lord Hugh Davenport’s opinion, women of the ton perpetually hide behind a mask of deception. That’s hard for Ellie Albright, the daughter of an earl, to swallow—especially since she’s disguised herself as a stable hand to get back the prized stallion her father sold to Hugh to pay a debt. If Hugh learns her true identity she’ll lose the horse and her family will go bankrupt. Somehow, though, losing Hugh’s affection is beginning to seem even worse…

Already only a step away from being snagged in her own web of lies, Ellie’s deceit threatens to spin out of control when Hugh’s mother invites Ellie and her sisters to a house party. Now Ellie has to scramble to keep Hugh from knowing she’s the stable girl he wants to marry, while simultaneously trying to win his trust as herself. Can she keep her costumes straight long enough to save her family? And even if she does, will it be worth losing his love?

Ellie took a few limping steps after him. “I’ll need your assistance.” He came back and eyed her suspiciously. “Your arm, in fact,” she told him.

His lips hardened, but he looped her arm through his. As they passed a row of seated grande dams, every eye watched with envy.

At an alcove, Hugh stopped to let her pass. “In here,” he said.

“I can’t go in there alone with you.”

“Did you see a free chair on the floor?” he said. “Because what I saw was a row of plump sugar plums, and none of them likely to abandon her seat.”

“People will say I’ve been compromised.”

“Nonsense. I couldn’t possibly compromise anyone in an alcove shielded by a simple palm tree. A young lady compromised in such a manner either wants to be or wants to pretend she was. Which one are you?”

“Neither,” snapped Ellie.

“Then sit.” He whacked back the palm revealing a gilded bench by the wall. “Besides,” he continued, following her into the alcove, “your reputation will swell in direct correlation to the amount of time spent in my company.”

As she sat, she rolled her eyes. “La, what an extraordinary view of oneself.”

Find  Rogue in Sheep's Clothing at: Amazon.com

Find Elf Ahearn at: elfahearn.com
Elf, so delightful to have you visit today. I remember our fun cab ride to the RWA hotel.  Loved your sharing about your father and his adventures.  Happy writing, my friend!


Melissa Keir said...

What great memories of your father! Congrats on the book! I wish you many sales!

Kathy Otten said...

Loved your bag. And I've never met anyone with a real archeologist in the family. Amazing how many places he's been. Enjoyed your excerpt. Cute dialogue exchange. Best wishes for lots of sales.

Angela Adams said...

Loved reading about your dad! He would make a great character in a novel!! Best wishes with your novel, Elf!!!

elf ahearn said...

Hey Melissa, Kathy, and Angela,
Thanks so much for your comments and good wishes. I too hope for a lot of book sales so it's nice to have the psychic support.
Elf Ahearn
"Regency romance with a Gothic twist."

D.M. Barr said...

Hey Elf:

I "dig" the blog post :)

Elizabeth Shore said...

A miniature horse! Your father certainly was an original gift giver. What fun memories.

Janet Walters said...

Elf, Like your bag and your story.

Elf Ahearn said...

Thanks everyone for dropping by and leaving a comment. I wish I could figure out how to respond individually, but such is life for the technologically inept.

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