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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Juliet/Jillian Burns and Let it Ride!

Welcome, Juliet! So much has happened since you've been here last. You have a new Harlequin Blaze book, Let It Ride. And have published in Secrets.

What's going on, girlfriend?

And why the name change?

Tell us about Let it Ride.


Sandra Schwab said...

Woohooo, Juliet!!!! And hello Vicki! :-)

Much love to both of you from behind the dissertation desk in Frankfurt,
Sandy (& the dragons)

Vicki Batman said...

Hi, sweet Sandy.

I hope that dissertation is going well. If you can, tell us more and describe your favorite handbag.

Miss you!

Juliet Burns said...

Hi Vicki!
Thank you for having me here with you today! First, I have to admit, I'm a handbag -aholic like most women are shoe-aholics. Maybe it's because a handbag looks good no matter my size?
Anyway, I've been busy writing proposals for more Blazes and enjoying having my first one on the shelves.
The reason I'm writng for Blaze under the pseudonym Jillian Burns is because my editor told me I couldn't use Juliet. She said it was "too romantic and old-fashioned" for the Blaze line. And since Blaze already has 2 Julies and 2 Jills writing for them, (JIL were my initials before I married: Juliet Ione Laue) I went with the next closest thing; Jillian. But MAN has it been hard to remember to sign that name at booksignings. :)

Sandra!! SO good to see you here today! Dissertations, huh? I guess I'll forgive you then. I'm going into withdrawel for your next book! WHEN? When will your next book be out?

Juliet Burns said...

I wanted to let everyone know, I'm going to give away a copy of LET IT RIDE to one person who comments today. I'll draw a name randomly at the end of the night.

Addison Fox said...

Hi Vicki and Jillian!

I just picked up LET IT RIDE last night - can't wait to dive in. I absolutely love Jillian's writing and I love the Blaze line so for me it's a perfect match! :-)

And who knew I'd get a double bonus today? Not only do I get to chat with you sassy gals but I ALSO get to wax rhapsodic about handbags today?? I love, love, love anything by Tod's. Don't own any, but hey...a girl can dream!!!

Have a great day!

Diana Cosby said...

Hi Juliet,
I enjoyed your interview. After reading about how you come up with ideas, I have to ask, are you a pantzer? Do you sit down without a big story game plan and just write? Or, do you plot out everything before you write? From your walks and ideas, it hit me that you're a pantzer. :) My sincere best to you as you pursue your passion!

Diana Cosby
Romance Edged With Danger

Juliet Burns said...

Hi Addison!
Aww, you're so sweet. We have a mutual admiration society going on here, because I love your writing too! You should give everyone here a blurb about your current YA work.
Thank you for coming by today!
Hugs, J

Juliet Burns said...

Hi Diana,
I am SO a plotter. Very plot-driven in my writing. To the point where my critique partners (who are both character-driven writers) have to ask me "Why is your hero/heroine doing that?" and my response is, "Er...because I need him to for the plot." But no, turns out they actually have to have a REASON. So, then I have to go searching inside my character for motivation. I usually don't know my characters really well until I'm almost done with the book. Which is opposite from my CPs. They can't even START a book until they know their characters really well.
Now, I wouldn't say I have every scene totally planned out, but before I start a book, I always have my first 3 opening scenes, all the major turning points, the black moment and the resolution all decided. On occasion the ending has changed once I get there because I KNOW my characters so much better by then. But emotionally, (internally) the turning points dont change.
What about you, Diana, plotter or pantser?

Kathy Sullivan said...

It' out aleady?!? Man, Oh Man, time has gotten away from me. I guess a trip to the store is now in my plans. Gotta grab this book quick. Juliet, good to see you and so happy with the success that you're having. Well earned and highly deserved.

Handbags, oh yeah, I'm a handbag slut!! Can't go into any store that sells them without immediately heading to that section. I don't care if they're big or small, as long as they are eyecatching and have to be gorgeous.

Thanks for doing this interview, Juliet. Much luck and success in the future, too.

Vicki Batman said...

I love handbags more than shoes, too.

I like your name Jillian. And this is a wooohooo moment. My aunt's name is Ione.

This is so nice of you to give away your book. What a generous person you are. Everyone: post-post-post.

Hey Addison Fox! Thanks for being with Jillian and me. I, too, admire those Tod bags. But have none. Sigh.

I do have four Hobo. Have you checked those out?

Vicki Batman said...

Diana! How wonderful you are here.

Good question for Jillian. Are you a pantser?

And Diana, maybe we can do an interview soon???

Vicki Batman said...

Liz L. said...
Juliet, the new book sounds fascinating. I love stories that revolve around friendship. As the mother of all procrastinators, I also love the idea of your calendars.

Thanks for sharing your experience today. It was a "kick in the butt" for me to get going. Since I love RS, I'll definitely check out the book.
Thanks, Vicki for bringing her to us.

Thursday, May 07, 2009 7:07:00 AM

Vicki Batman said...

Lori Wilde said...
Congratulations on your first Blaze, Juliet. Don't enter me in the contest, just wanted to say enjoy your debut.


Thursday, May 07, 2009 7:18:00 AM

Vicki Batman said...

Vicki Batman said...
Hi, friends Liz and Lori. Glad you could post.

Thursday, May 07, 2009 7:42:00 AM

Juliet Burns said...

OMG, Vicki! I've never known anyone with that name, IONE except that actress, until a few years ago I met a Larissa Ione, a fellow Secrets author. When I was younger, of course, I didn't like it, but now I love it because it's so unique. PLus it was my paternal grandmother's name and I've always felt really close to her--even though she died when I was only 5. But I feel like she's my guardian angel.

Vicki Batman said...

Hi, Kathy. You said it: we're sl....

I have four eight foot shelves lined with my bags. Dividers hold them upright and they're sorted by color.

Handsome laughs at me, but he has waayy more ties. LOL.

Vicki Batman said...

I knew one other lady from my parent's church. She said it like I-O-nay.

I had no idea you are such a plotter. I do know you and your partners have brainstorming sessions-which is a fantastic idea.

Juliet Burns said...

Thank you for stopping by here today! And for your kind words.

I too, love a truly unique handbad. I have an eclectic collection, one with charms dangling off of it, one made out of old juice boxes, one with feathers...

Juliet Burns said...

Waving HI to Lori and Liz! Tahnk you for stopping by here today! It means so much to me.
Wow, Vicki, I've never heard that pronunciation. I pronounce it I-OWN.
And yes, we spend an entire weekend once a year each taking a 4 hour session plotting a new book. It's a wonderful writing retreat and I highly recommend it. Speaking of CPs, sending a shout out to Pam Stone and Linda Steinberg.
Pam has her first Harlequin American, LAST RESORT: MARRIAGE coming out in July!!

Diana Cosby said...

Juliet Burns wrote:

Hi Diana,
I am SO a plotter. Very plot-driven in my writing.

~Really? Neat. I'm a mega plotter as well. I'm sadly hopeless as I absolutely love writing synopses as well as giving synopses workshops. *G*

I usually don't know my characters really well until I'm almost done with the book.

~I'm pretty much the same way. I was 1/2 way through my next release when I'm like, OMG, my hero and heroine are both the same = stupid stubborn. *G*

Which is opposite from my CPs. They can't even START a book until they know their characters really well.

~Which is why I usually work with only pantzers. I need their character driven angle when mine is plot. It gives us a nice balance.

Now, I wouldn't say I have every scene totally planned out, but before I start a book, I always have my first 3 opening scenes, all the major turning points, the black moment and the resolution all decided.

~My synopses are now going from 22 pages on. *G* Hey, I'm having fun, what can I say.

On occasion the ending has changed once I get there because I KNOW my characters so much better by then.

~Which makes total sense. Great to talk to you. My sincere best with your latest release!

Romance Edged With Danger

Vicki Batman said...

That's how my aunt said her name.

Yes, I'm waving to Linda and Pam, too. They are fantastic writers and I've been fortunate to have them look my work over.

Pam will be interviewed here in August, I believe. I'll check.

And our girl, Addison Fox, should get on here and talk about her books. I think she's turned the first one in already.

Diana Cosby said...

Vicki Batman wrote:

Diana! How wonderful you are here.

~I love stopping by your blog. :) It's always so much fun.

And Diana, maybe we can do an interview soon???

~I'd love to, thank you for asking. E me and we'll set up a date. Thanks for asking!


Vicki Batman said...

Juliet, tell us a bit about Let It Ride.

Juliet Burns said...

LET IT RIDE is about an Air Force fighter pilot recovering from injuries and taking some R&R in Vegas who makes a bet with his buddies.
Here's the blurb:
Used to living life at full throttle, Captain Cole Jackson is eager to prove he still has what it takes. War injuries have permanently grounded him from ever flying fighter jets again and he needs a new challenge. When he sets his sights on a beautiful but remote Keno girl his buddies bet him he can’t bed her in a week. But as soon as Cole has slept with her he realizes he's made a tactical error. The haunting beauty has secrets that rock his world and make him want to be her personal warrior.

Vegas Keno girl, Jordan Brenner, has been cursed with the kind of beauty that makes men notice her bra size and not her I.Q. The grounded flyboy is no exception. But Jordan questions her resolve to be cautious when the hunky Air Force captain launches an intense campaign of seduction. One reckless night she gives in. Then she discovers their extraordinary night of passion was only about winning a bet.

Here's an Excerpt:
As he pulled the Harley into the Grand’s parking garage, he heard a screech of tires and a car horn honking. From the corner of his eye he caught a flash of red sequins in front of the honking cab. What the hell? Jordan was flipping the driver the bird as she strode past, heading back toward the hotel from the bus stop. And she was staring right at him.
Their gazes met. Her eyes flared. A tense energy radiated from her. My God. He was completely captivated. Her blond hair flowed around her shoulders, reminding him of a proud lioness.
He u-turned his bike into the exit lane and pulled up next to her.
There was a wild look in her eyes. “I’ll take that ride now.”
Suddenly, he couldn’t think. Maybe it was all the blood rushing south. She wasn’t usually in her work clothes at the bus stop. And she wasn’t usually off this early. Something must have happened.
He shrugged out of his jacket, draped it over her shoulders and she slipped her arms in. Then he gestured for her to get on. “Where do you live?”
As she settled behind him, she wrapped her arms around his waist and her breasts pressed against his back. “I don’t want to go home.”
Her words socked him in the gut. “Where to, then?” He held his breath.
“Anywhere. Away from everything.” Her voice trembled.
He could take her there and beyond. But he’d have to be a world class jerk to take advantage of her in this mood. “Look, maybe you should-”
“Just get me out of here. Please.” Her arms tightened and one hand roamed over his chest, the other down over his zipper.
His breathing hitched and his dick tried to jump into her palm. He clamped his jaw shut. “Zip the coat. The wind bites.”
Her arms left him and he heard the zip, and when she hugged him this time her hands spread across his stomach and chest. He checked the traffic, then roared out of the parking garage.
As Cole sped onto Las Vegas Boulevard, all he could think about was the heat, the slightest breath and movement, of her plastered against his back.
Once they passed the city limits she slid her hand under his belt and cupped his rock hard cock through his briefs. And even though she hadn’t moved her hand except to accommodate his lengthening, he was the most turned on he’d ever been in his life. He felt like one wrong move could have him begging for mercy.
Why hadn’t he taken her straight up to his room? Because he’d heard the restlessness in her voice. She wanted to escape the hotel and everything it stood for. And so did he. Heading out into the desert night with her clinging tightly to him brought some primal urge to the surface. To haul his woman away from the world and keep her for himself.
With the eternal lights of Vegas only a glow on the horizon behind them, he slowed down, pulled off the road and into the dirt, and killed the engine. Beyond his headlight’s beam, the sand and scrub disappeared into black nothingness, as if the rest of the world didn’t exist. He could hear his ragged breathing, and hers. He could smell his desire. And hers.
He twisted to look at her, his hands squeezing the handlebars. Wondering if she’d leave him blue-balled, he searched her eyes.
She framed his face with her hands and pulled his mouth to hers. Her kiss tasted of desperate hunger as she slipped her tongue inside.
Fumbling to kick down the bike stand, he took control of the kiss, taking it deep and wet. But she pulled away.
“This is just for tonight, right? Like you said: no promises.”
“Uh...yeah, sure.” At this point, he would have signed a contract in blood.
She nodded and slowly unzipped the jacket.

Tracy Garrett said...

Jillian, (okay, that was harder to remember to type than I thought, Juliette! :))
Congrats on the release of "Let It Ride". I'm looking forwardt to it.

Handbags? I have to admit I have--gulp--one. I use it until it wears out, then get a new one.

Does this mean I'm out of the club? :(

Vicki Batman said...

I checked and for sure, Pam Stone will be doing an author interview with me in July when she launches Last Resort: Marriage.

Vicki Batman said...

Oh, Tracy, we need to talk, girlfriend. But no, you aren't out of the club. I'll just do a little indoctrination on you.

Thank you so much for posting. This is great fun.

Vicki Batman said...

OhmyGod, Juliet. This exerpt is, gulp, yeah, way good. I need another shower.

Diana Cosby said...

Juliet, are you prior military?


Tracy Garrett said...

Whoo, boy. Nice excerpt, Jillian! This book should fly off the shelves all by itself.

Candace said...

Juliet, You kept me up late. I could not put the book down. That's the last time I download you to my Kindle for a 'little' night reading. LOL.

Kat Baldwin said...

Hi Juliet and Vicki!!!

Enjoyed your post. Congrats on the new Blaze!! I look forward to reading it.

Cute handbag.
The other day I saw one I would love to buy. It was a big open bag covered in fake red alligator leather circles. The circles fluttered and it just looked fun.

And guess what, I had a Great Aunt with a similar name, Iona. It's an old Nordic family name. (we're Swedes) Although I think her "A" at the end was added.
Best of luck with the new book!

Juliet Burns said...

Vicki, save the shower until after you read what comes next. (evil grin)

Diana, no I'm not prior military, but I did a LOT of research for this book and spoke with 2 former Air Force personel. One of whom was one of the first female fighter pilots back in the 70s, Major Paula Lieberman, ret. and Carrie Hester, who lived on base at Nellis. They were both so generous to answer all my questions. I acknowledge them in the front of my book.

Juliet Burns said...

and BTW, Diana,
A *22* page synopsis??? Wow! I try to limit mine to between 8-10 for my editor. Is this a synopsis that goes to your editor to sell your proposal? Or just one for your personal use like an outline for the book? Only other person I know who writes that lengthy of a synopsis is Linda Castillo. Of course she's a bestselling author, so you got the right idea going there. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to get up to speed on this blogging deal.

First of, I have to say, Juliet has done a wonderful job on this book. As a CP, it was a pleasure to watch it unfold. Great job. For anyone who hasn't picked it up yet, don't miss this one.

Tracy, lets start our own handbag club. I have a few on the shelf, but like you carry the same one until it falls apart. And shoes, well, I'm into comfortable. I do have a collection of flip flops, but that's about it for any fetishes on my part.

Great going, Juliet.

PS - I've tried posting twice to no avail, so if they all show up...

Pam Stone

Caroline Clemmons said...

Juliet/Jillian, Congratulations on your success. I plot my romances much the same way you do. I need a roadmap even if I take sidetrips along the route. LOL And handbags--lawsy, I like large ones. My family swears they weigh ten pounds when I cram everything into them. Continued good luck to you!

Vicki Batman said...

Hi, Candace. Glad you could comment. I think Jillian's new Blaze is a must-read.

Kat!! Hey, girl. I've seen that handbag with the circles in other colors, too.

And Miss Anonymous is Pam Stone, Jillian's CP. Welcome, Pam.

Diana Cosby said...

Juliet Burns wrote:

Diana, no I'm not prior military, but I did a LOT of research for this book and spoke with 2 former Air Force personel.

~I always ask when I see women writers who have military heroes. I belong to a group called RomVets. To join, you must have served/are serving in the military and write:
*For a laugh, go down to my name. It's a pic of me. For my last enlistment ceremony, I went to Africa, and reenlisted on the back of a camel. *G*

Enjoy your day!

Romance Edged With Danger

Nancy said...

Juliet/ Jillian, I'm loving getting to know you better!

I admit that I also like hand bags more than shoes. I can buy three in a day so I've had to put on blinders and blow by them in stores. In fact, I cleaned out my collection and gave them to charity. Let's face it, a beach bag is more useful where I live than a hand bag. :)

Hugs and Light, and hope to see you in D.C.!

Nancy Haddock

Vicki Batman said...

It's my friend Nancy!

And you are right, a beach bag makes more sense for you. Big Admission--I bought 3 in one day and spent less than $70.

I am going to D.C. Juliet?

Juliet Burns said...

Hi Tracy!
And thank you! I know, I still mess up when I try to sign Jillian, but hopefully after the booksigning this Saturday I'll have it down.
So, if you're not into handbags, what is your guilty pleasure??
(evil grin)

Juliet Burns said...

I kept you up? Wow, I can die happy now. What a compliment.
For those of you who may not know, Candy has *2* Blazes coming out next year! I cant wait to read them!
Thanks for stopping by here, Candy!

Juliet Burns said...

Iona? That's really kind of prettier sounding, isn't it? I love it. I didn't think about the origins of the name, assuming that Ione was Irish, like my grandmother. I wonder if the Irish version came by way of Sweden and Norway...
Thank you for coming by here today and for the well wishes!

Juliet Burns said...

Aww, Pam, thanks so much CP. This book would never have gotten published without you! And LInda too, of course.
Remember when I said the ending sometimes changes? Well, I had a totally LOSER ending to this book and Pam came up with a brilliant idea that was the PERFECT ending to this story!
I am SO excited about her Harlequin American coming out in July!
Love you, girlfriend!

Juliet Burns said...

Hi! Good to "see" you here! You plot same as me? I'm not a freak? Wow, that's good to know. And as for your large handbags? I like tiny ones. Everyone is always asking me how I manage to get everything into the small bags I carry. I should carry a large one, maybe it would hide my big hips. :)

Juliet Burns said...

RomVets? I'm going to go checkit out right now, Diana.

Thank you! I enjoyed getting to know you last week at your guest blog too.
I might be persuaded to carry a large beach bag if I could live near the ocean. That's Pam's dream, to have a beach house on the ocean. Her Harlequin American takes place on Marathon Key. She LOVES the Florida Keys. Do you live anywhere near them?

Juliet Burns said...

Diana! U.S. Navy Chief Meteorologist/Oceanographer! Love the pic of you on a camel!
One thing I noticed about all the authors on this site, they ALL look so YOUNG in their uniform pictures. It jst strikes me how young most of our military force is. I admire and appreciate all our military forces so much for their service to our country. And dedicated LET IT RIDE to the soldiers of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Juliet Burns said...

Vicki, YES! I'm going to DC!! We're celebrating Pam's FIRST SALE, first National literacy booksigning and I'm leaving early to sightsee because I've never been before! I cannot wait!

Juliet Burns said...

Thank you for telling me. I'm so shocked. That borders on sexual harrassment, really. He KNEW you were married? Geesh!
Oh, and Congrats on finishing a manuscript! It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it?

Vicki Batman said...

Wow, I go to the grocery store and come back to find you gals all over the place.

I'm with Jillian/Juliet on this one, Tracy. What is your pleasure if not handbags?

(My other favorite thing is champagne. Now you know, confess.)

Candy, two Blazes!?! This is fantastic. Congratulations. And thanks again for posting.

Hi, Caroline. Long time, no see. We need to catch up soon. Thank you, too, for posting.

Vicki Batman said...

Kat-Iona is beautiful. Now we three are bonded for life. It's that whole six degrees thingy.

Juliet, I can't wait for Pam's booksigning. Is Last Resort definitely going to be at National?

Vicki Batman said...

So Jillian (I began with your alter ego and went oops), your hero sounds pretty hunky. How do you picture him? Do you collage? Tear out photos from magazines? Use a character worksheet?

Diana Cosby said...

Juliet Burns wrote:

Diana! U.S. Navy Chief Meteorologist/Oceanographer!

~*G* That's right, I'm a crusty Navy chief.

Love the pic of you on a camel!

~Thanks. I wanted to do something totally different. My shot at reenlisting in the back seat of an F-14 in-flight fell through. This was option #2.

One thing I noticed about all the authors on this site, they ALL look so YOUNG in their uniform pictures. It jst strikes me how young most of our military force is.

~I retired at 36. How cool is that to say? I became a stay-at-home mom/writer.

I admire and appreciate all our military forces so much for their service to our country. And dedicated LET IT RIDE to the soldiers of Afghanistan and Iraq.

~Thank you so much for your support. Sincerely, that means the world to our troops. My husband served a tour in Iraq, and my son, a Marine, is heading to the Med in a couple of weeks. Never underestimate how much your kind/supportive words mean to our vets. My sincere thanks. *Hugs*

Juliet Burns said...

YES, Pam will be signing her Harlequin American at Nationals!
And yes, I do a collage for all my books. I wish I could post it here. I have pics of Nellis AFB, F-22s flying though the sky, the motorcycle Cole rides, the Grand Hotel where Jordan works, the Vegas strip, everything I can find that has meaning for the story. I have collages made for the next 2 books in the series while I work on those proposals. As y'all know, Cole is Eric Bana. Mitch McCabe is Eric Dane (McSteamy) and Ethan Grady is Gerard Butler. Yum!
And does anyone know who Amy Adams is? Red head, played the princess in Enchanted, recently played a nun in DOUBT? Well, she's my freespirited herbal shop owner that GRady has to get a massage from. She has a dog, 2 cats,a parakeet and a guinea pig and is into CHI and Yoga and auras and feng shui, and anyway, it's been a load of fun to write this story. My editor just sent my proposal up to the Sr editor for Blaze for approval, so cross fingers everyone.

Vicki Batman said...

Wow, that sounds so cool, Jillian. I tear pictures, do sheets, but sometimes, especially with my shorts, my guys come out blond haired and green eyed.

I just watched Amy Adams in The Wedding Date. How great about the yoga. I've practiced yoga for 3 1/2 years now. It makes one amazingly strong.

Sandra Schwab said...

Juliet, wow, that is one hot excerpt! *fanning myself* I take it that your book is also available in digital format? Must head over to Fictionwise & investigate ...

My next book will be out either at the end of this year or, which is more likely, at the beginning of next. It's going to be called "Of Dragons, Knights and Virgin Maidens: Dragonslaying and Gender Roles from Richard Johnson to Modern POpular Fiction" and it'll teach you everything - EVERYTHING! - about how to slay a dragon. There'll be funny pictures, too. *g* And inchanted wands ... *ggg*

Vicki Batman said...

Sandy, is this your dissertation? I bet you are turning the world over, writing about dragonslaying. How novel!

Will Juliet and I see you in D.C.? I hope so.

Linda Steinberg said...

Hi, Vicki, Juliet, and all fans.

I can personally attest that Let it Ride is a hot, sexy, heartwarming, can't-put-down book. I've read it several times and am looking forward to reading it again on paper!

Congratulations, CP, on your first Blaze. Hopefully, the first of three--the other characters have great stories too.

As for handbags, I am a very practical person and I think I may have to design my own to get exactly what I want: a purse that doesn't look too big but holds a lot, one with OUTSIDE pocket for cell phone and a zipper outside for key and glasses, a color other than black but one that goes with everything, since I'd rather pack for a month long trip than pack a new purse.

Anyone have one like that?

congrats, again, J. Well deserved.


Vicki Batman said...

Linda! So glad you could drop a line. (As for handbags, you're just too practical!)

Vicki Batman said...

It's time to wind down our time with Juliet. I thank everyone who took the time to post. You made today so much fun.

And Juliet--keep writing those sexy guys. You are the best and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Next month, another wonderful DARA author, Alisha Paige. Please come back and chat with her.

And for those of you who are handbag challenged, I'm available to help. LOL.

Juliet Burns said...

k you again, Vicki, for having me as your guest yesterday! Not many people would take this much time and trouble.
I had to dash off last night to host Romance Book Club at our local Barnes and Noble, but wanted to thank everyone who came by yesterday for all your kind words and support.
Linda, you ROCK, girlfriend!

I'll be drawing a winner later today (going to let my 9 year old draw) and will send the name to Vicki for her to announce.
Hugs everyone,

Vicki Batman said...

And the winner is -- drum roll, please -- Diana Cosby!

Congratulations, Diana. Enjoy Juliet's book.

Diana Cosby said...

Vicki Batman wrote:

And the winner is -- drum roll, please -- Diana Cosby!

Congratulations, Diana. Enjoy Juliet's book.

~Wow, what a great message to come home to! Thank you SO much. I'm totally psyched to read Juliet's book. Thank you Vicki & Juliet!


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