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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dress Buster

The unimaginable happened recently--I forgot the little black dress.

Yikes. Handsome had asked me to attend an event with him which required the all-purpose little black dress. I'd been traveling with him for five days and returned home overnight to repack and take off again the next morning.

We arrived at the hotel and I went to hang up my dress when a big fat UH OH hit me. No dress. I scrambled through the bag again. Nothing. Handsome observed me going through the black bag for the third time and asked what was wrong.

Nothing else to do, but confess the truth, "My little black dress is missing."

"Didn't you pack it?"

"I thought I had."

"What are you going to do?" He said this with hands on hips and a horrid thundercloud crossing his face.

"Guess I won't go to the dinner."

"That's unacceptable." He tossed me the car keys. "Go find a dress."

Honestly, I embrace shopping as an Olympic sport; however, I've always had terrible, horrible, bad-ass luck when I had to find anything in a specific time-frame, like for Easter. I'd learned to buy something whenever and save it for whenever.

The look on Handsome's face was still not pleasant. I had to try.

So the front desk lady nicely told me where to go. I stuck the address in the GPS (Praise the Lord! for that invention) and took off. The first store had a sign saying Apparel. Yeah, that didn't work--baby apparel. However, the nice owner pointed out two stores which would work for normal people.

The second store was geared more for college students. I looked and the sales associates attended me very helpfully. But no, nothing.

The third choice was a small department store. I found a sign which indicated the ladies' department was up the stairs. At the top, I looked around frantically. A young associate noticed and asked if "she could help."

I shared with her my dilemma and off we went. In five minutes, I had at least eight choices in several sizes.

When all was said and done, I'd found a dress in one hour. A miracle! I selected a chiffony thing. The sleeves skimmed my shoulders and had rosettes along my shoulder blade on the left side. Unfortunately, I had to buy some SPANX too.

I'd passed go, but I never, ever, ever want to do that again.

Funny thing: the woman travelling with us forgot her dress too. LOL.

Surely, I'm not alone out there in the I forgot this ___________ when traveling nightmare. What's your story?

Vicki is currently in shopping recovery by perusing ETSY and eBAY for vintage handbags. Find her at: http://plottingprincesses.blogspot.com OR at: http://vickibatman.blogspot.com . Her hilarious new story, "Store Wars," will be available thru MuseItUp Publishing in August.


Kayelle Allen said...

I forgot my shoes. I got there, had my pantyhose, nice suit, and beat up travel sneakers. >_< Because I wear an odd size and have a wide foot, I couldn't find anything that fit. I finally came across an inexpensive pair of sock-like slippers that looked like flat ballet shoes. I wore those, and they looked great. But by the end of the night, my feet felt terrible. No support, and it was like walking barefoot on hard floors. I packed shoes first after that.


Hi, Kayelle. When I told Handsome about the forgotten dress, he asked if I had shoes. A panic hit for a small moment. Yes, I did. I shall be more attentive when packing from now on. And the story I wrote to submit to Woman's World is going out the door now! Thanks for posting.

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