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Monday, October 01, 2012

Vicki Batman & Muse authors say It's Christmas in October

“Christmas In October”

Books galore, and many other prizes,
are being given away
and you could be the winner!

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the whole month of October.  Check out the fabulous books being showcased on those days and comment…THAT’S ALL THERE IS TO IT!
Your name goes into the “hat” every time you comment! 
The winner will be drawn on November 1!

Here are a few of the talented authors involved!

Nancy Bell – YA Fantasy
Elle Druskin – Contemporary Romance
Lianne Simon – YA  Coming of Age
Penny Estelle – MG Adventure/Fantasy
KC Sprayberry – YA Contemporary
Sharon Willett – YA/MG Science Fiction/Fantasy
Diana DeCameron – Paranormal Romance
Cheryl Carpinello – MG Arthurian Legend/Adventure
Andrea Buginski – YA Fantasy
Vicki Batman - Contemporary Romance

And so many more…..

“Christmas In October”


Melissa said...

Ooo. Sounds like fun! :)

JOKESFB said...

Great fun AT Here , I wish to share this blog with my friends so that we all enjoy Thanks so much


thank you so much for checking the fun out!

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