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Friday, June 14, 2013

Maggie Lawless is a Hot Mama-- Really, Jane Richardson should know!

Hot Mama Friday:  Maggie Lawless

Hi everyone! Vicki’s asked me along as part of her Hot Mama Friday series to tell you a little about Maggie Lawless, the heroine of my novel, A Different Kind of Honesty. I’m really glad to be here!

What can I tell you about Maggie?  Well, she’s funny, she’s brave, she’s honest, and she’s very much the kind of girl I’d love to have as a friend.  She knows how to look after herself, she’s very independent.  In fact, if she has a fault, it might be that independence of hers – she probably relies on herself a little too much, and forgets that she has friends who’d help her out, do anything for her, if she’d only just ask.  Sometimes, she needs a gentle little reminder that she doesn’t have to do it all by herself.
Then again, I can’t blame her for being that way.  Losing her mother while she was still in her teens, and then losing her father just a few years later – it’s no wonder Maggie became so self-reliant and single-minded.  She threw herself into her work.  Having followed her Dad into the Metropolitan Police in London, she pretty much gave up everything for her career.  At least, that’s how it seemed to everyone else.  Having made it all the way to Detective Sergeant, everyone assumed she’d carry right on along that old career path, maybe right up to Chief Inspector and beyond. But then, out of the blue....

“I don’t want it. I was thinking you might.”
Incredulous, Danny stared at her. “You don’t want it? Why the heck not? I thought that’s what you were after, all that fast-track career advancement stuff.”

Maggie spread her hands out in a gesture of helplessness. “I don’t want it, Danny. A year ago, hell, yes, I’d have been in like Flynn for that cherry, but now…” Her words tailed off as she searched for the explanation. “I don’t know why, but it’s just not what I want any more.”

Believe me, that was totally out of character for Maggie Lawless, but once she’d got that little bee in her bonnet, nothing anyone could say or do would change her mind.  Then things began to happen very quickly. There was a guy....and then just as quickly, he was gone.  Maggie found herself with a few decisions to make – and some made for her.

 “Too much happened,” she said. “The same wheel, round and round, over and over. And me, just letting it go on. My pattern. I couldn’t carry on that way.  But you’re wrong. I didn’t quit. I took control.”

Oh, she took control alright! But don’t be fooled into thinking she’s serious about life all the time.  She loves a good laugh, and she can give as good as she gets – you need to see her with her best friend Danny to see what I mean! Pushing the door open further, Danny stood aside to let a young female constable pass, eyeing her curvaceous bottom appreciatively as she scuttled by in too-tight uniform trousers. Maggie folded her arms and watched his undisguised lust with an amused smile.

“You never miss a shot, do you? What are you now, thirty-two, thirty-three? You're the youngest dirty old man I know.”

The quick-fire stuff!

-Short or Tall? Right in the middle, about 6’5.
-Hair color? Brown-auburn.
-Jeans or LBD? Jeans 99%, LBD 1%. Just waiting for the excuse for the 1%!
Favorite color? Blue. Red. Em, lilac. Er...no, blue.
-Car? Didn’t have one for years, living in London you don’t really need one.  Now driving a new model Fiat 500. Cute and practical!
-Flipflops, sneakers, or heels? Yes to all three!

-Favorite music?  Partial to a bit of opera, can rock out to Green Day, but is most likely to be singing along to Italian singer-songwriter Laura Pausini. Very passionate and romantic.  And being me, it’s also helping my Italian language study.  See above, cute and practical!
-Favorite drink?  Can’t beat something long, cool and Italian!

-Favorite meal?  Grilled sea bass, cherry tomatoes, fresh spinach, followed by affogato, vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso coffee poured over.
-Bestfriend?  Danny Chang.  Let’s face it, somebody had to love him!

Excerpt: A Different Kind of Honesty
“Okay. Danny, when I was in New York, I, um…had a fling. A brief thing, a onenighter.”

What?” Danny looked incredulous. “You told me you were only actually in New York

for one night! Bloody hell, you didn’t hang about, did you?” He started to laugh. “I thought you gave up one night stands after the college days.”

“I did,” Maggie squirmed. “But this was sort of…different.”

“Oh, I see. Different.” Danny nodded in an annoyingly superior, knowing way. “A head over heels, caution to the wind, never to be repeated, special offer kind of different, right?”

Maggie gave a short, embarrassed laugh. “Something like that. Actually, a lot like that.”

“Aw, so sweet, my little chicky!” Danny reached out a hand and patted hers. “But it’s

not as if it was your first time, or your last, let’s hope. So why all the panting ingĂ©nue stuff?”

Maggie sighed, a mix of wistfulness and longing that surprised her. “Because here’s the

thing,” she said, her thumbnail between her teeth. “And you are not going to believe this.”

“Ha! Try me, girlfriend.” Danny took a swig of Bud. “There’s something hot about this

one, I can tell.”

“It was him.”

Danny creased his brow as he pretended to think hard. “Nope. I’m going to need a little more than ‘him’, I’m afraid.”

Maggie cleared her throat, suddenly feeling nervous. “Okay. It was the guy we met

today. Valentino. Tony Valentino.”

Danny’s lips wiggled around an ooo. “You are kidding me! Absolutely no way!”

“Yes, way,” Maggie said miserably.

“I don’t believe it. Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure, it’s not like I do it every day!”

Danny was opening and closing his mouth like a demented goldfish. “Why the hell

didn’t you tell me? You spend one night in New York, you sleep with the FBI, and you keep that to yourself? You selfish cowbag! I may never speak to you again.”

Maggie shook her head and kept her voice low. “No, Danny, listen,” she said urgently. “I didn’t tell you because I shouldn’t have done it.”

Danny’s elbows slipped off the table in mock astonishment. “What are you talking

about, you shouldn’t have done it? What, with that hunk? Good God, I’d shag him, and I’m straight.”

Picking up her water, Maggie paused with the bottle at her lips. “Somehow, I suspect

you’re not his type. What with you not being a girlie and all.”

Find A Different Kind of Honesty at:  

Find Jane at: website
Thanks, Maggie and Jane,
for being on Hot Mama!





Mary Waibel said...

Great interview, ladies. Maggie, the book sounds wonderful! Best of luck to you!

Marian Lanouette said...

It sounds wonderful. I'm going over to check it out.

Jane Richardson said...

Thanks, Mary and Marian! Good to see you! :)

Jane x

Lindsay Townsend said...

Fun and feisty interview, just like Maggie! Thanks, Jane and Vicki

Melissa Keir said...

Wonderful interview and it sounds like a great story! I wish I was more independent!

Angela Adams said...

Fun read. Thanks for the post.

J Q Rose said...

Maggie Lawless, a constable. Her name is perfect! Sounds like a great read. Best wishes.

Jane Richardson said...

Thanks, everyone, and apologies for my late reply - floored by a nasty bug :(( Good to see you all!

Jane x

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