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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Vicki Batman: I thank the academy, er.... Sunshine Award

And thank you, Ms. Snap Crackle Pop
Ms. Buchbinder and I met at RWA conference several years ago. We kept showing at the same events and finally introduced ourselves and have been friends ever since. For that, I am truly grateful.

Favorite Colour: red. To quote the guy from Kinky Boots "REEEEEDDDDD."

Favorite Animal: I love cats. My Scooter is 20. Then we got the (malti-) poos. I love those boys, especially at 6:30 when they are barking at ducks in the swimming pool.
Favorite Number: Gee, I don't have one. I'd like a big one that follows SALES!
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: diet Coke. Once regular, then decided I had to go to the dark side. Otherwise, champagne or champagne cocktails.
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook. I LOVE finding out what everyone is up to. LOVE seeing the action shots, the fun sayings, the book covers, the trip photos. Twitter seems like a tool for me, but I'm there.
My Passion: I have two (hey, don't be judgemental!) I love writing. I love needlepoint. Writing challenges my head. Needlepoint calms me down and I make something useful (a requirement: handbag or pillow). Then there's mahjong...

Getting or receiving presents: Both! I love finding the perfect gift for someone. But a tiny part of me loves getting presents too and it doesn't have to be jewelry either. Chocolate is always a great gift!
Favorite Pattern: Really?
Favorite Day of the Week:  Monday is good for Mahjong. Wednesday is good for Book Club. Friday is good for a date with Handsome. Thursday is good for yoga.. I'm thinking I like all of them. lol
Favorite Flower:  I love daylilies. I have several beds of them. If my phone was working right now, I'd take a picture and show you how pretty they are.

TAG, You're it!

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