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Monday, August 12, 2013

Vicki Batman asks What's in Your Closet, Anna Campbell? #HandbagMonday

Handbag Monday
Several years ago at RWA, I went to a publisher's booksigning and met today's guest on Handbag Monday, Anna Campbell. Anna writes amazing historicals and is a truly fun gal. So when she posted a gift from a friend and it was a handbag, I was all over it. Let's see what she brought to show off:
Hi Vicki! Thanks for inviting me here today! There’s nothing sadder than when a beloved handbag reaches the end of its life with no possibility of resuscitation. That happened to me recently. Luckily my dear friend, historical romance writer Christina Brooke, leaped to my rescue and gave me this gorgeous Spencer-Rutherford handbag as an early birthday present.

I love the colors, they’re subtle but still fun. And that perky little bird is too cute to mention. So the handbag is dead! Long live the handbag!

I thought I’d celebrate my new bag by taking a photo of it with another prize possessions, my 1901 Trautwein piano:

The old and the new together!
If you’d like to see more beautiful Spencer-Rutherford bags, here’s the website: http://www.spencerandrutherford.com/
If you want more fun with Anna, go to: www.annacampbell.info.
Thanks, Anna sweetie, for being on HBW today.


Rayne Golayu said...

Thanks to Vicki Batman I've come to realize there's more to handbags than just a utilitarian appendix to hold all but the kitchen sink. Love the handbag on the piano.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Rayne! Yes, handbags can be more than--I love this--"utilitarian appendix."

Honestly, I switch less than most of you think. Mostly for parties, church, etc. That's when I trot out the special outfit ones. The day ones are different because they are more utilitarian.

So if you have a special one, why not use it??? And I bet you'll say Vicki made me do this. LOLOL

Melissa Keir said...

I'm still trying to understand handbags. For me, they are a place to carry all the junk I need to have for the day...but hubby has wonderful taste and bought me a beautiful leather purse last year. It's perfect and my favorite so far.

Sylvia said...

Love the handbag and love the piano. I've got to get better at switching handbags. I use the same one until it's worn out.


vicki batman said...

Hi, Melissa! Handsome has bought me some real treasures (and face it, some dogs). But I'd never say that because we're people and tastes change.

Get out that bag!!! And use it on a date night. He'll love it.

Hi, Sylvia! Guess I'm wearing you down. lol. Next time we go for fun, you carry something special and say, "Hey, VB, look what I have." hugs.

Tona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tona said...

Hi Vicky, I don't really have any special handbags but the one thing I always require when I get a new one is that it's real leather and I refuse to pay for a brand, I just want a huge good leather bag ;) Because you'll find anything in my hand bags LOL Of course as you say, we need those special ones for special occasions and when that happens I have a couple that are probably 30 years old ;)
BTW I removed the comment because I found some errors in it LOL

Anna Campbell said...

Vicki, put your hands over your ears. You won't want to hear this!

Rayne, I'm a fairly recent handbag convert too. I always had the sort of job where you took a backpack rather than a handbag so I didn't actually own a handbag until I got my second Avon contract in 2009. As a present to myself, I bought the Spencer Rutherford bag whose demise I'm lamenting at the start of this post. Buying that one bag opened up a whole new world to me!

Anna Campbell said...

Vicki, thanks for having me as your guest today. Must say I think that's a VERY handsome handbag you're featuring!

Anna Campbell said...

Melissa, the leather purse sounds lovely. I've got a small red leather one I use when I basically only need to take a credit card and a handkerchief. This new one is MUCH more practical!

Anna Campbell said...

Sylvia, thanks for saying you like the purse (and the piano!). I'm still getting round to having LOTS of handbags. Like you, I tend to carry one until it's past its use-by date.

Anna Campbell said...

Hi Tona! Lovely to see you here. Loving everybody's handbag stories! My Regency heroines carried a reticule which is a little handbag with a hankie inside and perhaps some smelling salts for when the heroes get a bit saucy! You can see some really pretty ones here: http://tinyurl.com/nxwekuh A lot of them are like modern day evening bags!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Tona! Leather bags are unique in that if taken care of, they live for a very long time. See my vintage leather ones.

I'm with you about paying a lot for a name brand and it's just ordinary. I won't name names, but there's a bunch of outlet stores....

Hi, Anna! LOL. I didn't have a lot of bags until I really frequented flea markets a lot. And shopping clearance (always shop clearance first is a good life mantra)!

And you are so welcome here. It is a gorgeous bag. Thank you for sharing.

Christina Brooke said...

Hi Vicki! Hi Anna! What a great idea to have a post like this.

I just wanted to mention that S&R are having a sale right now. Just in case you're feeling like a new handbag... *G* Yes I am EVOL!

Anna Campbell said...

Christina, you really are EVOL!!! I love those S-R bags. I discovered mine in Myer in Brisbane. Had no idea that they were such a cult item. Love the ones you own! You have excellent taste for an EVOL genius!

vicki batman said...

Okay, I'm going to have to check out S R bags. I might need a new one.... Heck, I can always fit in a new one.

Thanks so much, Anna, for sharing your bag and being with me.

Elizabeth Essex said...

Love the bag, D-MAC (Divine Miss Anna Campbell), and kudos to Christina Brooke for fabulous taste.

ANd BTW- I am sooooo looking forward to A RAKES MIDNIGHT KISS. I've pre-ordered it on the iPAD and can't wait to finish my current manuscript so I can dig in!

Cheers, EE

Anna Campbell said...

EE, wow, thank you so much! Hope you enjoy it. Think you might like the jokes - I definitely remember we giggled at the same things in the far distant past when we last managed to get together! Thanks for swinging by!

Anna Campbell said...

Vicki, thank you so much for having me as your guest. I loved talking handbags and spreading the word about Spencer-Rutherford. Maybe if I keep it up, they'll give me a free handbag or something. One lives in hope! Hold those handbags high, my friends!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Anna! I am going to check on those SR bags now!! And what a pleasure to have you. You made #HandbagMonday lots of fun. Thank you, sweetie. hugs

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