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Monday, November 04, 2013

Vicki Batman ~ #Handbag Monday: A Margaret Smith bag that's quite different.

~ Handbag Monday ~
Long ago, I visited my sissie and we went to a flea market. She introduced me to a favorite vendor of hers, one who sold Margaret Smith handbags. At that time, they were still being produced, but not long after, the line died. With the advent of ETSY and eBAY, what was old is new again.

I began looking for Margaret Smith bags, mostly because I like fabric and the tote style. And then I found this:

A delightful red, brown tweed with a cutout handle. Similar to ones Kate Spade produced a while back.
Isn't it adorable? How do you feel about fabric handbags?
Week 4: Paris Handbag:
Just about finished with one side. Take a look:
This is going faster than I'd expected and I am thoroughly pleased. Squee!
What craft are you passionate about? 


Patricia said...

Oh that Paris handbag is adorable. And I love the red one that you found on Etsy. I, too, love that site because it has such unusual stuff and there are no "bidding wars".
Thanks, Vicki, for the pictures. Even though I'll never give up my "Harriet" purse that looks like a raccoon that people shy away from, some day I know I'll have to buy another one. And you've shown me what a real handbag lover looks at!

Pamela Stone said...

Good morning, Vicki. I used to handcraft Christmas ornaments and do latch hook, again, mostly Christmas stuff. Now, if I have a second, I pretty much write. At least my characters have interesting lives. Ha.

Sylvia said...

I like both handbags, but I really love the Paris handbag.

Melissa Keir said...

Congrats on almost being done with your Paris handbag. :)

The red handbag is interesting. It looks warm and fuzzy.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Patti! Don't give up Harriet handbag. It is you. And thank you so much. ETSY is too much fun.

Hi, Pam! I am of the school that other kinds of creativity spawns more creativity. So maybe try a craft again???

Hi. Sylvia! It's going so fast; soon, I'm thinking. Squee!

Hi, Melissa. Yep, one side down and started the second one last night. The Margaret Smith bag is tweedy, just what one thinks of with fall, but instead of brown or grey, is red! Hugs!

Angela Adams said...

I'm passionate about writing (by the way, whenever I pass a handbag display in a store, I think of you!

vicki batman said...

Hi, angela! Yea to being passionate about writing. I have several loves: reading, writing, and needlepoint. Let's not forget yoga and Mah jongg. Oh my!

Trending Signature Bags said...

wow so nice :))) very adorable ^^


vicki batman said...

Thank you so much for stopping. Come back soon!

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