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Monday, January 20, 2014

Vicki Batman: guest handbag lover & author, Michelle Miles


#handbag Monday

Michelle Miles: My Favorite Handbag

When Vicki asked me to come to Handbag Monday, I was ecstatic! Which handbag would I talk about? I have so many and several are my favorites.

I confess – I’m kind of a Coach addict. I love going into the store and petting them. Sniffing them. Coveting them. Yearning for them--oh, sorry. I was having a moment there. The salesladies used to know me by name. That’s how much I shopped the Coach store. When my habit got somewhat out of control – ahem – and I decided my credit cards needed a rest, I had to give up the buying habit. I confess I haven’t bought a new one in quite some time (but I still go to the store and sniff them).

I think my all-time favorite bag I own, though, is THIS one.
This beautiful black and white Madison. What I love about it is the three compartments. One on each side. One zipper compartment in the middle. Handles long enough to fit over my winter coat. It’s great when you want to carry a lot of stuff. It can even fit my Nook, which is important because, you know, I like to read when I’m waiting in doctors/dentist offices.

I’ve been carrying this one for a few months now. I’ll switch it out to one of my other favorites by spring, though. And since I’m on a Coach hiatus, I have something else to focus my buying energy on: Brighton beads!

How about you? Are you obsessed with any particular accessory? 

The Goddess of War is out for Queen Maeve’s blood to satisfy a thousand-year-old vendetta. And the only one that can save her is a human masquerading as a Fae knight.

Henry Chase is desperate to find his daughter lost in the Highlands. When he steps through a stone circle, he’s transported to the Otherworld. With his human form hidden by glamour, he masquerades as a Fae knight. He’s instantly besotted by Queen Maeve and determined to break down the walls she’s erected around her heart.

In the aftermath of war, Queen Maeve’s kingdom has been destroyed. She must close the portals to the human realm and restore her lost magic. But before she can set things straight, her archenemy, the Goddess of War, attacks, seeking revenge.

When the goddess captures the queen, Henry offers his life for Maeve’s in the hope his bravery will earn the queen’s love. Discovering Henry is human and knowing she must send him back to his world, Maeve tries to fight her feelings for him. Now she must choose—life at court or life with Henry—before she loses him forever.


Thanks, Michelle, for being with me today!


Michelle Miles said...

Thanks for having me today, Vicki!

Rayne Golay said...

You're a handbagaholic, which is fun and refreshing. My things are shoes, shoes, shoes. I get ecstatic just thinking about them.

vicki batman said...

Hi, darling Michelle! You know I always will host my stalker buddy. And what a Coach bag!!

Hi, Rayne! I love bags. Michelle loves shoes too. I can see your big grin over shoes now.

Sylvia said...

That's a cute handbag. I love Coach, but I also love Vera Bradley. I'm the type of girl who carries the same handbag over and over until I wear it out. Then it's time for a new one, though lately, my closet has filled with handbags. Not like Vicki's though.

Angela Adams said...

I l-o-v-e that bag! I have a similar one and it's great for every day!

Michelle Miles said...

Oh I love shoes too! Though I've cut back on shopping for those as well. Sadly.

Michelle Miles said...

Hey, Sylvia! I don't think any of us can compare to Vicki's collection. :)

Michelle Miles said...

It's a great bag, Angrela! I love it

chris keniston said...

I'm sorry- I'm a shoe girl- :)

Although I come from an era when purses had to match the shoes - and would not object to buying a purse for every pair of shoes if they could be found- I'm still a shoeaholic!!

Melissa Keir said...

Love the bag Michelle. I agree about the importance of long straps to go over my coats. I need to carry a lot of things (most especially my Kindle).

I love the book as well. I can't wait to read it!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Michelle and friends: Just to comment on my bags--yes, I have a lot, but have some from high school and lots of vintage ones I paid $3.00ish for. LOL.

Thanks, Michelle, for being with me and sharing the Coach bag.

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