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Monday, January 27, 2014

Vicki Batman ~ #handbag Monday: featuring a new chicklit author: Kobby

***handbag monday***
A new author for you to check out: KobbyTettehGyampoh, simply Kobby, from Chicklit Pad. Here's how he started writing:

I’ve had lots of inspiration for writing. But the one that moved me into publishing my very first novel, I Don’t Know How She Will Do It, has to go to Allison Pearson.

This Ted Baker handbag...

reminds me of Hair Scarfs, flimsy tanks (mostly floral), knee-length tight skirts. Yes, the kind of bag someone coquettish in the eighties would throw on.

Pair it with a motorbike (preferably a Vespa) and voom. voom, you are gone.

A fun blurb from I Don't Know How She Will Do It:  Lily has had it with Aunt Lizzie. She wants her inheritance. She wants to be free. Aunt Lizzie wants Lily to find a husband, though she thinks it’s impossible. To her Lily could kiss freedom goodbye since it might be about the only person who’d allow that.

Find Kobby at: http://chicklitpad.blogspot.com/

Kobby, VB here... I adore the bag. The bow sets it off and truly is a classy and classic style. Much success with your book!


Sylvia said...

Love the handbag and the book sounds like fun. Good luck with it.

Barb Han said...

Now that's a great handbag!! Love the excerpt. Sounds like a fun read. Best of luck!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Sylvia and Barb: Kobby picked a great bag!

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