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Friday, April 25, 2014

.@VickiBatman - #Movie Maniac: Finding Vivian Maier

The movie theater had teased about this docu/drama for months. Many articles had appeared in newspapers. Everyone was astonished. The story was that intriguing. All was summed up in one question: Who was Vivian Maier?

Once upon a time, a young man bid on a trunk which held a woman's photography past. What he found astounded him--100,000 photos--and ultimately, many experts, even the families she worked for.

The woman, Vivian Maier, worked as a nanny and had a passion for photography. She took her charges and traipsed over the city, photographing kids, old, young, unusual. She had a great eye.

The young man, John Maloof, brought her work to galleries and in this unforgettable film which explores all facets about Vivian. I highly recommend this film.

For more information, go to: website

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Angela Adams said...

Amazing! Thanks for the website link.

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