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Friday, August 29, 2014

#Movie Mom - I was stunned when this movie was over: Calvary #MFRWorg #PlottingPrincesses

Handsome and I had not been to the movies in a few weeks. So I captured him recently and we went to two. First up, Calvary.

- #Movie Mom - 

Written by the same men who wrote In Bruges but not a dark comedy, although there are comedic moments. The cast is led by the amazing Brendon Gleeson (I'm already rooting for an Oscar nomination) and was a hit man in In Bruges and Kelly O'Reilly who has been gracing many a movie lately and the small screen as well, and Chris O'Dowd in a very different kind of role for him.

Blurb: During a confession, a parishioner tells the priest he was abused as a child and now, the priest, totally innocent, will be killed in one week.

And thus, the movie is launched. The priest goes through the whole movie not knowing, dreading, and finally accepting. 

Handsome and I usually chat about the movie we'd just seen as we head toward our car. After Calgary, we had no words. My heart had grabbed and I couldn't think of anything. We agreed we needed some time.

The other thing interesting thing is there are two endings. Very good movie.

I haven't seen The Guard, but will now. 

FMI:  Calvary


Anonymous said...

CALVARY was written/directed by John Michael McDonagh. IN BRUGES was written/directed by Martin McDonagh, John's brother.

Cara Marsi said...

Interesting, Vicki. I've never heard of this movie. Thanks for the recommendation.

vicki batman said...

Thanks, Anonymous for the update. #2 son gave me The Guard for my birthday.

Hi, Cara. It's tough to watch. Brendon Gleeson does an excellent job with an difficult topic.

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