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Thursday, August 21, 2014

#PlottingPrincesses have all the answers: What would a guy give a girl? #MFRWog #RLFblog

I have been working on a second book and was trying to come up with ideas of what a guy would give the new girl he had been dating. So I posed this question to The Princesses:

What would a guy give a girl? And here are some delightful answers:

Karilyn Bentley: My hubby isn't romantic but he's a great guy.  He usually gets me a plant for Valentine’s Day b/c he knows I don't like cut flowers. He manages my website and offers a lot of opinions on what I write and how a scene can be improved.  I appreciate his insights!  He's bought me a lot of techie stuff but has avoided the jewelry since the first year we were hitched. 

Michelle Miles: My hubby bought me a pair of Christian Louboutin's as a wedding present. Sometimes, he'll send flowers for no reason. Other times, it's when I make a sale. He almost always sends me fall flowers because he knows that's my favorite time of year. I love the little things. It doesn't have to be a grand gesture to make me swoon. :)

Alisha Paige WilsonSo after the birth of my baby, I was really, really dreading going back to work for this clown but it paid the bills. My husband woke me up one day and told me he had a surprise. He took my hand and led me into the living room where he had bought me a brand new desk and a shiny new computer and said, "Sit down. Now write your books. You never have to go back to work again." He is my hero. 

Vicki Batman: One Christmas, Handsome did surprise me with a trip to Paris on Valentine's Day. And a Walther. But for a special anniversary, big diamonds, a bracelet, and a Mediterranean cruise. My keeper.

Liz Lipperman: For our 25th wedding anniversary, hubby gave me a set on anodized cookware with a card that said, “So you’ll remember me in 25 years.” Anyway, he then handed me a little box with diamond earrings with a card that said, “So you’ll want to.” Most romantic thing he’s ever done.

Phyllis Middleton:  For Valentines Day, my husband hired a barber shop quartet to sing to me and give me a a bear and rose, all the while in the lobby of a movie theater. When they started singing, a bunch of women were coming out of a movie. None of them left until after they sang two songs to me. The women considered me lucky to have a husband who'd do that. 

Chris KenistonDecades ago my grandmother and her maid were visiting us from South America for a few months to help with my baby. My neighbor across the street was 80 and moving in with her 60 year old daughter- neither able to run an estate sale so I did it. I was over there every day for over a week sorting, discarding, labeling, rearranging. One day, the maid came to get me and said my grandmother had to talk to me right away; so I ran back across the street.
My grandmother sat me down and said honey you can't keep doing this. You have to be home for your family. You can't come in late looking like something the cat dragged in. I said thank you Grammy and went back to work. A few hours later maid comes back - granny needs you. Now what. I walk in and there's this HUGE arrangement of Red Roses. My grandmother is pointing to the vase- I open the note and read it - from my husband.  To my virtuous woman (a reference to proverbs) who will give her all to her family and friends. I love you. My grandmother looked at me and said - Maybe that's what I did wrong all those years ! 

Elizabeth Essex: I’d say the most romantic thing Mr. Essex has ever done is cook dinner every day, and pay the mortgage on time every time. It’s the little things. :)

Linda Steinberg: I lost the stone out of my engagement ring on an airplane eleven years after we were married. My husband offered to replace it, but I told him I didn't feel worthy and if we made it to 25, he could replace it then. On our twenty-fifth anniversary in Hawaii, he presented me with a new diamond--exactly twice the size of the old one. And he'd been carrying it around in his pocket the whole trip.

Kelly LeeHands down, the most romantic thing my hubby did for me was the way he proposed.  He drove out to my parent's place and asked for my hand in marriage (I learned later, of course). After he got my parent's blessing, he planned an elaborate event  and contacted my close friends that lived on both the East and West coasts, and had them fly in for a surprise engagement party.  He got down on one knee, recited a poem he'd written himself, and asked me to marry him in front of all our family and friends.  I was overwhelmed and overjoyed - not only that he wanted to marry me -  but that my answer meant so much to him that he virtually guaranteed a "yes".  After all, how could I possibly say no in front of all those people?!?

What is the most romantic thing your man has given you? 

Vicki Batman is hoping Handsome will be romantic on her upcoming birthday. 

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