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Monday, August 04, 2014

.@VickiBatman - #Handbag Monday: I had NO idea!!! #MFRWorg #RLFblog

For Handbag Monday today, I pulled out a new favorite I happened upon.

~Handbag Monday~

When I had my turquoise Kate Spade fixed, my eye wandered over the shop and spotted a few handbags on the wall. I dismissed the needlepoint one as it had damage and is the very same pattern as my Paris bag (when will you be finished???). On the top was this black patent leather one. I checked for wear--none. I checked for damage--none. I opened it up and checked for stains--none. In fact, the original tissue paper was still inside.

I asked the shop owner about it and he said vintage, owned by one person and never carried. I thought the price a tad high, but didn't have any shaped like this. Well, my green Hobo is close. The handbag found a home. Isn't she gorgeous?

Upon inspection when at home, I found the label Nettie Rosenstein. I googled and OMG! I had NO idea. This designer crafted Mamie Eisenhower's inaugural gown. Did clothing, jewelry, had a perfume line. She was da bomb. Even today, her handbags fetch in the thousands. There are plenty of affordable ones on eBay, ETSY, etc.

Here's some information I found on Wikipedia about Ms. Rosenstein: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nettie_Rosenstein

On 1st dibs an array of bags, jewels, clothing: http://www.1stdibs.com/search/?q=nettie+Rosenstein

And on MaryBawa.com is more about Ms. Rosenstein: http://www.marybawa.com/historyofashion/fashionframe.html

Do you like my new favorite?

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Rayne Golay said...

I wonder, do you ever carry these handbags or are the only for collection purposes? I can go "all in" for a pair of shoes so I understand your passion. And it's a handsome bag. I bet you're having fun.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Rayne: I carry the handbags. What's the point otherwise? I have a handbag from high school up until a new purchase like the one today. I've paid as little as $3.00, been given bags, and that red needlepoint one I did was way over the top. I do give some to Goodwill on occasion because things change. Thanks for stopping.

Marilyn Baxter said...

Wow! That IS a find! And black patent leather is never out of fashion. It's the "little black dress" of purses. I'd never heard of this designer but I've sure heard of Mamie Eisenhower. I love your handbag stories. Just don't get to the point where they call you the "Crazy Handbag Lady." ;-)

vicki batman said...

Hi, Marilyn! I love black patent leather too. I studied clothing and textiles and never heard of this designer, but yes, like you, Ms. Eisenhower. Let me know when I cross the crazy line. Hugs.

Lani said...

Oh, how fun! And what a find, indeed! I think it's very pretty! I'd run around town with it!

Phyllis said...

Like the handbag. I just have to wonder...do you have a separate closet for your 'usable collectibles'?

Angela Adams said...

When I saw the picture, my initial reaction was "that looks like something out of the 50s.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Lani! I did run with it until my latest treasure. lol

Hi, Phyllis! Not separate closet. My closet is pretty big.

Hi, Angela! You got the right decade. And isn't it appropriate for now? Hugs

Susan Day said...

What a find! Well done!

M True Teller said...


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