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Monday, January 12, 2015

.@VickiBatman - author Silver James on #handbag Monday: Do Cowgirls Cry? #MFRWorg #RLFblog #Harlequin #accessories

*  #Handbag Monday  *

Second week back with Handbag Monday. And we have a special guest -- Silver James. Let's peek at what she brought:

And here’s a big thanks, to Vicki for hosting me and my fab new handbag today! 

I grew up in the days of Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and cowboy kitsch. Since I also spent a great deal of my formative years on horseback, I developed a nostalgic fondness for the fashions as an adult. I have boots. I have lots of turquoise bling but I sure needed a new purse to with ’em.

I first saw this handbag on-line in an email. Now I’m a persnickety shopper. I want to feel, open, measure—the straps and cargo area have just right! It was a leap of faith to order it—on sale no less—from the internet. Now that it’s here, the straps are a little short (I like to sling a bag over my shoulder), but the rest of the bag is awesomesauce! The closure strap is real hide, the leather tooling around the bottom kicks my cowgirl fashion sense into overdrive, and the metal working is Celtic knots. This purse ticks off my two favorite styles—Cowgirl Celtic! It also goes with every pair of boots I own. Here’s to boots and bling! It’s a cowgirl thing.

Wow, Silver, this one reminds me of the bag I have made from boot tops. 

The wealthiest of enemies may seduce the ranch right out from under her.

Find Cowgirls Don't Cry at: Amazon
Contact Silver James at: Website

What do you think? Are you a cowgirl at heart? 

I’ll also happily send an autographed copy of the book to one of the commenters! Yipee!!! and thanks, Silver!!


Silver James said...

Good morning, Vicki! Thank you so much for inviting my to share my fun, new handbag with you and your readers today!

vicki batman said...

And I appreciate you coming, too, Silver.

Liese said...

Great cover, great handbag! Will have to check this book out!



chris keniston said...

Oh I just love that title !

And that handbag is so cool!

It all looks marvelous

Silver James said...

Hi, Liese. Thank you for dropping by! I'm excited by the new bag and it's fun to get back to my roots. I hope you will check out COWGIRLS and will enjoy it if you decide to give it a try. :)

Silver James said...

Thanks so much, Chris. I thought about using the bag as a giveaway but once I had it in my hands, I'm keeping it! LOL

vicki batman said...

I've done that, Silver. Bought a bag and then keep it! LOL

Angela Adams said...

Those boots are really cool!

Silver James said...

Hi, Angela. Those are Justin boots and I originally bought them to wear with my Mother of the Bride formal for my daughter's wedding. Yes, the bride wore boots, too, and it was a formal wedding. LOL Thanks for stopping by!

Karilyn Bentley said...

Love the boots, the purse and the title! Good luck on your release!

Silver James said...

Thanks, Karilyn. The boots are comfortable, I can get all my stuff in the purse, and so far, the book seems to make readers happy. Seems like a win on all fronts to me! Thanks for stopping by to say hi!

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