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Monday, May 25, 2015

Welcome to author Jessie Clever who oh so cleverly is sharing a #handbag and her #book #lovebooks #MFRWorg

Happy Memorial Day to all! And welcome to 
Handbag Monday

Today's guest is author Jessie Clever. Let's see what she brought to share with us: 

I’m often called Little Irene after my maternal grandmother Irene.  We have very similar personalities in that we make friends with anyone and will talk to everyone.  And we are guaranteed to make you laugh.  Grandma Irene always wore red high heels and carried a matching red handbag.  My whole adult life I said one day I will have a red handbag just like Grandma Irene to go with my on red high heels.  

Not so long ago, I traipsed across a milestone birthday, milestone enough that my husband and I planned to go to Walt Disney World to celebrate it.  I didn’t expect presents that year (the trip was present enough), but I came downstairs on my birthday to find a giant box on the dining room table (formerly Grandma Irene’s table).  What was in the box?  
The red bag to go with the red shoes.  Apparently, my husband thought it was time for someday, and he had picked out just the right red bag.

Oh, Jessie, that is a wonderful man! A real keeper.

Shannon Wynter has many things on her mind. Romance is not one of them.

Abandoned by her mother at eleven and strapped with an agoraphobic father, Shannon’s focus doesn’t travel much farther than her career as a journalist despite the sometimes maniacal efforts of her two best friends from her days at an all-girls boarding school.

But when an assignment puts her in the path of hypnotically enticing Ian Darke, not even her dedication to her career and her father can hold her steady. Pulled ever deeper into a relationship with a man she swears she doesn’t even like, Shannon uncovers Ian’s weaknesses and her father’s secrets.

But the most important thing she discovers is what she already knows.

Where to Find Jessie: Website  Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest

When She Knows: Franconia Notch Trilogy Book One: Amazon

Thank you, Jessie, for being with me today!


Angela Adams said...

The handbag will go great with the shoes on the book cover!

vicki batman said...

I love red! Thanks for showing off, Jessie!

Melissa Keir said...

What a wonderful hubby! It's obvious that he's got great taste! I love your cover!

Florence Cronin said...

Jessica, that is a great story. Vicki is so right. He is surely a keeper.

And the next best keeper is the cover and the blurb of you book. Enjoy the bag :)

Sandra Dailey said...

You have a well trained husband, Jessie. Good luck with the book.

Liz Flaherty said...

What a great story! Hope you enjoyed Disney AND the red purse. The book sounds terrific.

Rebecca Grace said...

What a great bag for summer! Definite keeper -- both the hubby and the purse.

Jessie Clever said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comments! I will definitely be keeping the bag and the hubby! :O)

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