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Monday, June 15, 2015

guest #author Laurel Wanrow on #handbag Monday-something beaded & pretty #MFRWorg #accessories #fashion #shoes

Handbag Monday with 
...Laurel Wanrow 
Hi Vicki, Thanks for having me over today! Though we’ve met numerous times through RWA, I never knew what a handbag girl you were, probably because all—well, 95 percent—of us are carrying great little bags at conferences. LOL. I hate to admit it, but day-to-day I make do with a zipper-pocketed travel pouch. However, when it’s time to dress up, I transfer my basics to a beaded bag:
Ha! It’s probably not what most of your readers expected, but this fits me perfectly! I love nature and gardening and have planted my postage-stamp yard to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. And the best part? The butterfly is purple, my favorite color!

Simply delightful, Laurel. Most times, I carry something small for evenings out!

I love bright colors and so does my Victorian artist heroine, who happens to carry just as unconventional of a handbag…which I’ll wait to share with you and your readers when I visit you on July 8th at Get Lost In A Story.

I know we’ll be discussing my debut release there, so for now can I leave your readers with just this teaser for The Unraveling?
A proper Victorian artist must learn to use her bloodline's wild magic to help the shapeshifter she loves, or become what she fears most: another cog in a magnate's plan to control agriculture.

My steampunk fantasy romance is on a preorder sale before it releases June 23rd.

I often update my author page on Facebook  (https://www.facebook.com/laurelwanrowauthor) so stop by to chat!

Have a great Monday!



Angela Adams said...

Cool bag!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Angela!

vicki batman said...

Well done, Laurel! And so happy you have your book out. A really great feeling--right?

Anonymous said...

It is! Thanks for celebrating with me. :) Does it become old hat with future books, or just as exciting?

vicki batman said...

Every book is exciting for me!

D'Ann said...

Beautiful bag! I do like beaded bags, although I would never carry one, I can admire it! LOL

stanalei said...

Lovely cover and lovely handbag, Laurel. Congrats on the upcoming release!

Anonymous said...

Vicki, oh good!

D'Ann, you might be wise--they are heavier than the average bag.

stanalei, thanks! I'm having fun with it. :)

vicki batman said...

So happy, Stanalei and D'Ann, that you could visit with Laurel.

Melissa Keir said...

What a pretty bag. I would worry that I would break it. I'm so harsh on things like my bags and the walls! :)

J.M. Maurer said...

I love butterflies and it's Purple! The two make for one perfect bag. And I bet a paperback of your book would fit rather nicely it there too! Good luck with your upcoming release. It sounds great too! :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL, Melissa. Honestly, I keep it for dress-up.
J.M., I think we are kindred souls. :)
Thanks, everyone for visiting!

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