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Monday, August 03, 2015

#Handbag Monday author Kelly Lee on Murdering Eve & #upcycling #recycling accessories #MFRWorg #fashion

Handbag Monday with
Kelly Lee

I’m a big fan of recycling and upcycling. While I don’t personally have the talent to strip and refinish furniture, or take discarded Capri sun bags and make handbags out of them, I make a point of voting with my consumer dollars to support the artists who do. 

This fun silver number  was given to me as a gift from one of my oldest friends. Handcrafted in India and sold by a fair trade organization that helps women create positive income streams and children get access to schooling, it’s made from discarded chip bags and is even more fun in person. I can dress it up or down, and it’s always a great conversation starter.

Adorable, Kelly!

If you like cool, one of a kind pieces too, this is a great site to shop: http://www.handcraftingjustice.org
Exiled to magic-barren Earth Realm, Whit Blackstone has resigned himself to never seeing his family or clan again. But when a mysterious woman appears, wielding as much power as the goddess who banished him, primal desire and his desperation to return home collide.

Immortal… After twenty-nine years of believing herself human, Eve Moore can’t wrap her brain around the word. But even immortals can’t always cheat death, especially if a bloodthirsty God of War threatens your soul. Betrayed and hunted by a relentless assassin, newly immortal Eve Moore has no choice but to trust the heart-stopping stranger she’s been tasked to find and return to Olympus.
As their chemistry ignites, Eve discovers the depth of her emerging powers, and the inescapable connection she and Whit share.  When the time comes, will Eve hand him over and walk away? Or will the long buried secrets of her past doom both their lives, and their very souls?

Find Murdering Eve at: Amazon

Find Kelly Lee at: Facebook

Have any of you purchased recycled-into-new anything? I have a zip pouch made from a potato chip package. One friend has a bag from the soda can's pull tabs.


Angela Adams said...

That's a great bag to use when Handsome takes you out for a special evening (smile!).

vicki batman said...

Hi, Angela! I may have to borrow Kelly's bag and give that a try. LOL

J.M. Maurer said...

Oh, that bag makes me want to make dinner reservations and plan a fun-filled evening out on the town! Enjoyed the excerpt, too. Thanks for sharing. :)

Joanne Guidoccio said...

Love the bag...it conjures up so many possibilities for nights on the town. Great excerpt!

Pamela Stone said...

Love the bag, Kelly. Fun. The excerpt sounds awesome. Can't wait to read it.

Melissa Keir said...

What a neat bag. Some of my students have had the Capri Sun pencil cases. I never thought about chip bags! What a beautiful cover! All the best!

vicki batman said...

I've seen all kinds of recycled bags. You might remember I have a tote from an old painting. A pencil bag from a Lays potato chip bag. My friend has a handbag from soda tabs. Some people are sooo creative.

stanalei said...

Great post, Kelly. My sister has learned to crochet with strips of those dreaded grocery bags. The end result is a handbag or phone holder that is really durable.

Liese said...

I have purchased recycled metal geckos from a site call "Greater Good." They sell items from developing countries to help micro industries. The geckos were from Haiti.

Angelina Jameson said...

My boys made some duct tape wallets. :) Other than that I can't think of any recycled items I've purchased that weren't related to food.

Ashantay said...

Love the blurb and book cover! I have a piece of garden art made entirely of reused materials, including an old fire extinguisher ad the gong part. Reduce, reuse, recycle - all good moves!

vicki batman said...

Wow, ladies! Isn't it amazing what is out there and been recycled. I do have to say duct tape is near and dear to my heart, Angelina!

Karilyn Bentley said...

Love the bag, Kelly! What a great idea for recycling! Best wishes for many sales!

Kelly L Lee said...

Loved reading all your comments! Thanks for hosting me Vicki, and if anyone wants additional sites for fun products made from recycled materials - shoot me an email! kellyleefiction@gmail.com!

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