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Monday, August 31, 2015

#Handbag Monday author Nancy Haddock has a love for a 1950 vintage treasure #fashion #accessories #shoes #MFRWorg

Nancy Haddock is sharing a vintage treasure on

...Handbag Monday  

I inherited this precious vintage bag from my mother. I don’t have a more exact date than the 1950s, but I have a photo of my mom holding the purse somewhere, and I’d guess the picture is circa mid-1950s.

This is a Dorset Rex 5th Avenue NY purse. The aluminum woven basket oval body is topped with a black Lucite lid and handle. The lining is salmon; the closure is a flap-and-hook type – also aluminum. The bag is 5 ½” high, and the oval is 8 x 3¾”.

I don’t carry the purse because I fear ripping the lining, but I love having this tangible memory of Mom!

OMG, Nancy, I have been looking for my mom's version--it's a rectangle. 

About Nancy: Nancy Haddock is an award-winning, national bestselling author. Basket Case is the first book in the Silver Six Crafting mysteries with Berkley Prime Crime. Her earlier books are La Vida Vampire, Last Vampire Standing, and Always The Vampire.

The trouble Nixy expects in little Lilyvale, Arkansas
 is not the kind of trouble she finds.

Find Basket Case at:  Amazon
Find Nancy at: Website


Angela Adams said...

Nancy, I can see Lucy Ricardo with that handbag!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Angela! My mom is moving and I've been searching for the rectangular version she has. No can find!!!

Liese said...

What a very different handbag! Interesting!
And so's the new book! A new direction for you, Nancy?


Nancy K said...

LOL, Angela! For all I remember, Lucy did have that bag!

Nancy K said...

Hi, Liese! Basket Case is a new direction, in that it's strictly a cozy mystery. No surfing vampire, no paranormal elements whatsoever. However, the Cesca books were mystery-romances, so the Silver Six Crafting mysteries are more a different fork in the road. :)

Hope you and yours are well!


Nancy K said...

Vicki, you still haven't found that bag? Dang! I was hoping it had turned up by now!

St. Anthony, will you get on the case of Vicki's missing bag, please? (Hey, can't hurt, might help!)

vicki batman said...

Hi, Nancy! I keep hoping it will turn up. Mom gave me a brown lizard skin one that is fabulous. I'll feature it soon.

Melissa Keir said...

What a unique handbag. I'm sure your mom loves that you have it.

Nancy K said...

Oooh, Vicki, I'll be looking for the brown lizard skin bag!

Nancy K said...

Thanks for that lovely sentiment, Melissa! I think she's grinning that it's featured on Handbag Monday, for sure!

Happy week!


Karilyn Bentley said...

Love the bag, Nancy! How cute! I'm looking forward to this book!! Looks like something I'd love! :)

Have a wonderful day!

Nancy K said...

Karilyn, hi! Thanks for the kind words, and if you do read Basket Case, I hope you'll enjoy it!


J.M. Maurer said...

That bag is a pure art! Love it. Very cute book cover too. :)

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