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Monday, August 10, 2015

#handbag Monday - Hey, my birthday is NEXT month!! lol Celebrating Fun day now #happybirthday #fashion #accessories #shoes #MFRWorg #RLFblog

Handbag Monday

Sometimes, I am really surprised and that happened on Saturday while celebrating my mom’s birthday. She had just opened her last gift and during the interim, many of us were chatting quietly with the loved one sitting next to us. My youngest sissie jumped to her feet and glided from the room, only to return in a snap, and deposited a pink gift bag in my lap. She said, “For your birthday.”

My birthday is a month away. I asked, “Do you want me to open it now or save?” 


I had an idea what the bag contained as two black handles stuck out of the tissue paper. So I joyfully stuck my hand inside and removed an envelope. The card was glittery and the number of my birthday--a milestone--was all over it. I grinned for I had named this birthday the last birthday ever. “From now on,” I’d decreed on other occasions, “I will only be celebrating Fun Days.”

Everyone had laughed.

My hand went in the depths again and I removed this…
You can imagine my joy. An Enid Collins tote with initials, named Brite Owl and copyrighted, And I didn’t have one trimmed in black.

My sisters knew they’d done good. I just love it. Thank you, sissies, family (and Andy-lolol).


Angela Adams said...


Cathy McElhaney said...

That is so cute! I love it! A young Facebook friend posted a week or so ago, "How old will you be in 5 years?" and OMG...I realized that in just 5 short years I will be an age I used to consider old! In 5 years I will be SIXTY ONE! AND I will still have 8 more years of raising children!They keep me young though!
When I was 21 my mentally handicapped brother in law got mad at me and took my birthday off the calendar...so I am 21 forever, ha! So in 5 years, I will celebrate 40 years of being 21!

Luanna Stewart said...

Oh my heavens, I love it. I love all things "owl", an appreciation started by my paternal grandmother. You're lucky to have siblings who know you so well.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Cathy! I love that your brother did you a neat favor. I'm going with Fun Days.

Hi, Luanna! Someone on FB said they loved owls too. I had no idea. But I have bought many Enid Collins bags on FB and on ETSY. Maybe you could become an Enid fan too. Hugs!

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