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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

#author Madison West is showing off something spikey & a story from Season of Surprises #MFRWorg #RssosSisters #holidays #romance

Handbag Monday--er, Wednesday--
welcomes...Madison West
Some women consider themselves obsessed with shoes or clothes, but not me. I’ve always been a handbag girl. No matter what my size or style, a handbag always made me feel good about myself.

My current favorite handbag is this gorgeous black leather purse that has spikes and rhinestones details on its sides and a gold chain handle. It’s bold, very girly and perfect for a night out on the town.

Wow, Madison, I never thought of you as a "spikey" kind of girl. 

Turkish Delight by Madison West
An agoraphobic young woman embarks on a trip to Istanbul, Turkey
 in search of a rare tapestry, but instead finds love and herself.
          “As much as Amelia was an introvert and liked being around the familiar, she sometimes found herself longing to trade places with Penny—to become as adventurous as she was, to live life as fearlessly as her.
        “You have to make a wish now!” Penny declared, placing a candle on the pink, sparkly cupcake and lighting it.
        The gesture made Amelia temporarily cringe.
        Penny held out the cupcake closer to Amelia, ignoring her lack of enthusiasm. “Come on, you have to close your eyes too or it won’t come true!” 
        It was a silly notion, but Amelia quickly closed her eyes and wished things would be different from now on.
        She wished she could trade places with the bold and adventurous Penny Landry.”

You can find Madison West at:  ContemporaryBooks

Find Season of Surprises at: Facebook

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Cathy McElhaney said...

Cute bag and great story! I enjoyed Season of Surprises very much! Have an awesome day!

Marian Lanouette said...

Thank you, Cathy. So glad you enjoyed it. I loved the writing style and story, Madison.

Roberta said...

Loved the story, Malka.
Just one question? Can I borrow that very cool handbag?

vicki batman said...

Ha, Roberta! That's so funny.

Gerri Brousseau said...

I like the spikes! I would so rock that handbag, Madison.
Cathy, so happy you enjoyed Season of Surprises. Thank you for your support.

Angela Adams said...

These stories -- and book cover -- have me ready for the Holiday season!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Angela! I'm so glad you like them. Hugs!!

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