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Monday, October 12, 2015

#Handbag Monday : author Paty Jager w fringe & beads and a new #mystery #MFRWorg #RssosSisters #TWRP #accessories

Handbag Monday welcomes ...Paty Jager 

This is a handbag I have on my wish list. I’m a one bag person and when the Montana West bag I have now has lost all the turquoise bling and is looking rattier, I’ll splurge on this bag. I love Native American looking accessories and this bag reminds me of a messenger bag that the Native Americans used to carry food they harvested and to carry supplies when traveling. It also resembles the bag my amateur sleuth, Shandra Higheagle uses. She has a Native American background and is trying to reconnect with her father’s heritage.

I’ve always loved leather fringe on bags. I had a rough-out leather bag with a fringe in Junior High that I loved. The added design reminds me of carvings and drawings seen on Native American crafts.I like having my hands free and always purchase cross-body bags for that reason.

I like traveling with crossbody bags, Paty. Wore them a lot when the boys were little too. 

The accident that took her father’s life has always haunted Shandra Higheagle. When her dreams become too real, she knows it’s time to discover the truth. It doesn’t take long to suspect her father had been murdered and that someone is unhappy with her probing.

Find Murderous Secrets link at: Amazon

Find Paty’s at: Website

So, Paty, do you have handbags for other occasions? 


Cathy McElhaney said...

Oh I LOVE that handbag! I am so picky and I, too, am a one bag person, lol! I also love the Native American culture and can't seem to learn enough about it!
The book sounds awesome and I will add it to my wish list!

vicki batman said...

Good morning, Paty! How's your weather this morning?

And Cathy, Paty is such a nice person too.

Paty Jager said...

Good morning, Cathy and Vicki! Cathy, I'm glad I'm not the only one-bag person! ;) You and I sound like kindered spirits. And once you've read my mystery you'll see I do believe in spirits. Especially Native American ones.

Vicki, to answer your question at the bottom of the blog: I do not have handbags for other occasions. I have a large tote bag I use to carry my computer when I travel and a tote bag that I use for toiletries when I travel, but other handbags, nope.

Our weather this morning is gorgeous! Clear blue skies, was just a bit chilly. Enough to let us know fall is in the air. Thank you for your kind words and having me on your blog today!

Angela Adams said...

I have a pair of boots that would go perfect with that bag!

Sylvia said...

Hi Paty,
Good to see you. Jealous of your fall temperatures. Our AC is working great keeping the house cool while outside it's hot. Love the bag and I love anything with turquoise on it, though I like the smaller stones, not the rocks so many people wear.

Melissa Keir said...

What a beautiful bag. I would love to have it too. Native American studies is a passion! All the best with your latest!

Lauri said...

What a fun bag! I love it! I'm a purse junky. The more the merrier. :) Best wishes for many, many sales!

M True Teller said...

Very nice, Paty! I'm with you on the hands-free thing. :-) Best wishes on your release! Janice

vicki batman said...

Hi, Lauri! I love purses too. So you have found my fun place to show them off and I hope you come back and visit frequently.

Hi, M True Teller! I did hands free with little boys and still do when traveling.

Hugs and thank you for visiting to Angela, Sylvia, Melissa, and Cathy!

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