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Monday, November 02, 2015

#Handbag Monday welcomes Season of Surprises #author Merry Holly who loves #Coach bags #MFRWorg #accessories #Christmasbooks #RssosSisters

Handbag Monday welcomes...
Merry Holly

I got this bag a few summers ago as a gift. What grabbed my attention was the color. I love pink. I also like leather and shoulder straps for my bags. I used this for many summers, and probably should discard it. But I love it and it forces me not to carry too much. As you can see it’s pretty beat up.

Hi, Merry! and I have trouble tossing bags now and then, but sometimes, we have to let go. 

Excerpt from Noelle’s Surprise:
He didn’t dare broach the subject of the addition to Cassie’s home. How would Noelle take it when he told her he had just committed to the project? It would keep them on the island for at least another six months beyond what he’d promised her, if not eight. He’d taken this project for the same reason he’d accepted Henderson’s projects in the first place. He wanted the higher-end jobs. Liza was also considering an addition, a cabana. If he got those, they’d be here for two, possibly three years. He knew once one of the “Plastic Wives” got something, the rest followed suit. They’d keep him in business for years. The big question in all this was Noelle. Never did he think she’d be so unhappy. A decision down the line was necessary. Put Noelle first, or ask her to adjust. God, he’d worked countless hours over the last ten years for projects like this. Was he willing to throw them away for his wife? Deep down, he knew the answer. The words they’d spoken in front of family and friends weren’t just words to him. Yes. If she really couldn’t stand it here, he’d have to adjust. It would definitely kill the stateside projects for these clients, destroying his bottom line. Could he recover from such a blow? How could he make her see the importance of these jobs to their livelihood?
A thought struck him. He followed her out of the kitchen, into the living room. Though he was late for an appointment with the plumber, he sat down beside her. Turning on the Tiffany lamp on the end table, he looked around the room. It was well appointed, in blues and yellows displayed in overstuffed chairs and couches. Beachy pictures decorated the walls along with a few pictures Noelle recently painted. The room had an eclectic feel, but outside of Noelle’s paintings nothing in the room was theirs. Maybe if they found their own place and decorated it, Noelle would feel more at home, he thought. How could he prove to her nobody but her counted?
 “I have a favor to ask.” When she nodded, he took her hand in his and continued. “The paperwork is piling up. I haven’t done the accounting for the project. Would you be willing to help me out and process it?”
“Are you throwing me a bone?”
“Yes, a bone that would help me out considerably. You don’t have to give me your answer now. We can talk about it tonight.” Mentally he crossed his fingers. Money was her business. If she had a stake in the business would it keep her on the island?

Find Merry Holly at: Website
Find Season of Surprises at: Facebook

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Cathy McElhaney said...

Loved the story! And the bag is cute! I need something a little lager (but not much). I really dislike the one I have now...it's too big, but the other one I have is too small (I ordered it on line)! I am looking for one I like that is the right size!
Good luck with the anthology! Again, I really liked all the stories!

Gerri Brousseau said...

I like that bag. It's just the right size. I loved your story. Will there be another so we can find out what happens next in the lives of Noelle and her handsome hubby?

Angela Adams said...

Bag is adorable! And, I'm really excited that the Christmas reads are here!!

Florence Cronin said...

Hi, Merry ... love the bag ... loved the excerpt better. You gave us just enough of a tease to want more :)

And Vicki, this anthology is wonderful !!

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