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Monday, December 14, 2015

Organize your chaos with a great #handbag & Jane Gale #RssosSisters #MFRWorg #fashion #shoes

*Handbag Monday* welcomes...
Jane Gale
his handbag is versatile and can carry pretty much everything a lady writer could ever need, just short of an iron. Perfect for those moments when I sit too long in one place and create crazy wrinkles in my clothes. The black is a universal color and the style goes with pretty much everything in my closet.

 I realized early on that the leather material is much easier to clean when I spill the contents of my beverages and splatter spaghetti sauce while slobbishly shoving giant wads of not-so-organized, sauce smothered pasta noodles in my face. The poor handbag has been victim of many a spill and splatter, looking a bit like a piece of evidence from a crime scene more than the fully versatile and functional handbag of a lady writer. 

You are so right, Jane, about leather being easier to clean. :)

“A Day for Destiny” by Jane Gale 
A court summons and arrival of a sexy, mysterious man throws Destiny’s mundane life into chaos. Not knowing who to trust, she could lose everything, including her heart.
Destiny cleared her throat while setting the clipping shears and green twining stems on the table and turned. The heated embarrassment blasted her cheeks and tips of her ears with redness. She didn’t have to look in the mirror to know she was redder than the inside of a watermelon.
Oh my goodness, how long has this man been watching me? And why in heck didn’t I hear the door open? Did he come to talk about the upcoming court battle with the city? The fine lines of his button-up dress shirt don’t look like anything available at the local stores, but he has an air of seriousness about him, like he’s about to try and take my store away. Did my dad pass away?
Destiny felt faint where she stood in the middle of the store. The blood drained from her head while all the terrible possibilities of what this man’s appearance could mean rained down upon her thoughts.
                Smoothing the front of her apron covered in painted daisies with her name tag on it, she fidgeted with her hands while trying to get over the utter embarrassment of being heard singing and observed shaking her hips like a crazy person by the black haired, blue-eyed man standing before her.
                “Hi, did you need help with something?” Destiny tried to calm the fluttering of her heart. The man standing in her store, in very close proximity, held himself in such a manner that made her weak in the knees.
He was devastatingly handsome.
                “I’ve come back to town for something I left behind a long time ago. I was wondering if you’d be so kind as to help me reclaim what’s mine.” His words dripped with confidence, and he didn’t break eye contact with her or flinch while speaking.
                Destiny didn’t know what to say, he was asking her to do something, to help him get something back that was once his. “I’m sorry, but I own a flower shop, I can’t help you with anything other than floral arrangements. Is that why you’re here? Do you need flowers?”
                A heavy thumping began in her chest and the sensation crawled up into her neck. Does the man, albeit sexy as sin, have a mental health problem? Seriously, I can’t catch a break in the boyfriend department, or even men in general. He hasn’t mentioned the court summons, so that’s a relief, but what could he possibly be talking about?
                The man stepped closer to her, forcing Destiny to tip her head back to keep eye contact with him. The stranger’s blue eyes had a spark of mystery and mischief in them, making Destiny wary and excited all at once. She took a deep breath to calm her nerves, and all she got was a giant dose of his aftershave.
A scent Destiny recognized, but couldn’t put a finger on as to why it would be familiar. The scent was pure male, and she couldn’t help but lean closer to get another dose of that exotic smell, despite all the unknown factors related to the mystery surrounding his abrupt arrival and odd request.
                “Would you do me the honor of going out to dinner with me tonight, after your shop closes? I will tell you everything you want to know, and then you can decide for yourself if you’re willing to help me.”
Jane hit on a great topic about our ordinary lives all of the sudden aren't. Have you ever felt your life became too chaotic?
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Cathy McElhaney said...

Oh I had to laugh at your question...has anything happened to make life chaotic??? Umm yeah. That would be the 4 grand kids placed in my care by the great state of Texas! Talk about chaos! 4 angry, mostly undisciplined, beautiful, intelligent children invading my home. I wouldn't have it any other way...except if they could be a family again, with their parents. Life gives us what it gives us and we have to make the best of it.
I loved Destiny's story!

Marian Lanouette said...

I buy leather for that very reason. Merry Christmas.

vicki batman said...

I buy what I like whether be leather or fabric. I often waterproof the fabric. Neither lasts forever.

Anonymous said...

Life is definitely chaotic, Cathy :) best wishes with your grand babies, I have one so far and she's become the center of our world. So glad you liked the story - Jane

Anonymous said...

I'm usually the basic black bag kind of gal, but the vibrant colors available in the stores right now are amazing and fun - Jane

Anonymous said...

That's soo true Vicki - Jane

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having me Vicki :) - Jane

Angela Adams said...

"He was devastatingly handsome." -- love that description, "devastatingly." Happy Holidays, Jane.

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