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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Old School crafting #MFRWauthor #embroidery #RssosSister #needlework

I guess I'm old school as I like to make some Christmas presents for family and friends. This year, I picked up a project I had started and was not thrilled about.

After my dad had passed and Mom moved to assisted living, I would go visit her and took a project. She liked to see what I was working on. After all, my grandmother, aunts, and Mom taught me a lot about embroidery. When we visited with the ladies of the family on every Monday, they would be cutting, sewing, measuring, knitting, tatting, crocheting, etc. Seemed plausible their talents would be passed on to their granddaughters.

Back to the project...

It was full of tiny stitches and French knots, all of which drove me crazy, but mostly because the needle I was using wasn't working for me. I consulted with Needlepoint Nation and got great advice on a particular brand. Voila, my problem was solved and the project proceeded.

I embroidered a lovely tea towel intended for my daughter-in-law:
Here's some progress:
I used a stencil from a book on Embroidering letters and added a B. Finally, the finale!
So what's next? I finished a set of pillow cases which I'll show off another time. Started a needlepoint eyeglass/makeup case, and have a Christmas pillow top I'm not thrilled with, but as it matches two others, shall embrace finishing it.

How did I do? My DIL loves it.

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Liese said...

I so admire those who can do this! lovely!


vicki batman said...

Hi, Liese! I can teach you. You are talented too.

D'Ann said...

I love it! My mom taught me and I taught my daughter. I no longer embroider b/c it hurts my arms too much, but my daughter does, so the tradition lives.

vicki batman said...

Hi, D'Ann! I'm sorry your arm hurts when embroidering. I know holding in a static position can be "interesting". I get finger issues, like tendonitis between the first two. Advil helps. Thanks for stopping.

Melissa Keir said...

Congrats! I made two fleece blankets this year for the holidays. I made one for my son in a fabric that was an impulsive buy and then made one for my high school friend who has been facing a rough recovery from a broken neck. Knowing that I put in the time and love for a homemade gift made me proud and I'm glad your daughter in law loved it.

I learned from my grandmother and I'm glad that I had the time with her. :)

Angela Adams said...

The only thing "arts & crafty" I can do is color. My cousin, though, has your talent and like you, enjoys making her Christmas presents. Her mom, and mine, have a lot of her art hanging on their walls.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Melissa! I love that you made blankets and gave them away. I hope they enjoy the love you infused in them.

My grandmother was awesome. I miss her even today and she's been gone twenty years. I regret my sons barely knew her. I'm glad your grandmother passed on things to you.

Hi, Angela! Coloring is awesome and has hit a new revival. I color postcards and use them as thank you notes. It's fun and I seem to never have enough colors!

I don't think I'm overly talented. I stitch a lot. That's about it. And can use a hot glue gun.

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