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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Wrapped in love #MFRWauthor #RssosSister #embroidery #agiftfromMom

Crafty gal...
remembering my mom

2015 was an unusual year for me. It started in the usual, basic way. In July, Handsome and I traveled with our kiddoes to Europe. We had a blast. But upon returning, my dad passed; my nephew passed; we put our 22 year-old kitty to sleep; traveled more; and finally in November, my mom passed.

Several months after Dad's passing, Mom had moved to assisted living and took with her a lap blanket I'd embroidered.

This beauty was NOT FUN at all to do. I bought it as a kit which meant the floss and a needle were included. The blanket was already quilted and stamped. Embroider--easy, right?

I'll admit, sometimes the difficult projects drive me crazy. I can only work so long then have to stop. And by stopping, I could be off the project for a while. This one was slotted to the back burner.

Every now and again, I reorganize my craft projects and decided it was time to finish the lap blanket. And I worked and worked, sewed on the red rickrack, and voila! Done in time for Christmas. Mom was pleased.

My sissies and I have been going through her belongings. One day, the notion dawned that I should ask for the blanket. One sister said, "Of course. You made it." I unpacked a bag and there it was.

It's never easy letting go of our loved ones. Yet, when I look the blanket over, I see something my mom loved as much as I loved making for her. And that is good.

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Angela Adams said...

What a lovely work of art! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Eve Mardis said...

It's absolutely beautiful. Having lost both parents ... I understand what you're saying. *hugs* Hope 2016 is better for you hon.

vicki batman said...

Thank you, Angela. There's lots of teeny stitching in there.

Hi, Eve! Thank you for visiting with me today. It's okay. I wanted Mom to have more rainbow days, but wasn't meant to be. She was sharp right up to the end and always wanted to know what projected I worked on.

chris keniston said...

and that's a gift that can be treasured through the generations. Such a lovely talent. Hugs.

kathryn jane said...


Phyllis said...

Beautiful work, but then you always did such a good job on all your projects. I am glad she had a chance to enjoy it. Yes, it is now a family treasure.

Liese said...

Yes, absolutely beautiful!

Hugs, as always!


Donnell Ann Bell said...

2015 has been a heartbreaking year for you, Vicki. I love your crafts, your handbags, your fearless determination, and I love you. Praying for an upswing in 2016. PLEASE!!!

vicki batman said...

Thank you, ladies! I watched car shows with Handsome last night and had it over my legs and lap for a toasty evening. I was really pleased with how it turned out. I especially picked that blanket because she loved bird stuff.

Aww, Donnell. You know, there are others far more worse off than me. The natural part of life is dying and I did have overwhelming moments. Friends--like you, Liese, Patience, and the 1st Global ladies, took care of me when I needed it. ox to you.

Kaye George said...

It's tough that this all happened so close together. I'll bet you're very happy to start a brand new year. It's bound to be better.Hugs.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Kaye! Time can be the great healer. My life kept going and sometimes, I think I should tell... Yeah, I can't. Handsome and my boys are so wonderful. I am a lucky duck.

Melissa Keir said...

What a wonderful testament to your mom. I'm glad she enjoyed it and made sure you knew how much it meant to her. It has been a tough year for you but 2016 will be so much better!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Melissa! 2016 is going great. Life is full of ups and downs. I'm concentrating on the gratitudes. Hugs

Karilyn Bentley said...

What a lovely blanket and so full of good memories of your mom. I hope your 2016 is better than 2015. You've had a tough year.

Love and Hugs!

J Mehl said...

Beautiful job. Fantastic gift. And I'm sure you will have fond memories of your mother's delight when she received it. Hopefully, the rest of 2016 will be more joyous.
Judith Mehl

J.M. Maurer said...

Your lap blanket is beautiful, Vicki. Yes, 2015 was a rough one. I hope 2016 is better.

Sydell Voeller said...

Vicki, I still have a flowered afghan I crocheted for my mother many Christmases ago. It was my first crochet project. She kept it on the foot of her bed, and she loved it. She's gone now, and I still cherish the afghan. I love your quilt too. So sorry you had such a heart-breaking year.

M True Teller said...

What a lovely story, Vicki. Please accept my condolences on your losses.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Karilyn! It was so hard to imagine that all that happened was in six months. Good family and friends are the best cure. Hugs!

Hi, J Mehl! Thank you so much. 2016 is starting in an interesting way, too!

Hi, J M! Thank you. I liked how she draped it over the back of her chair.

Hi, Sydell! I would love to see your afghan.

Hi, Janice! I appreciate your thoughts so much and your True friendship. Hugs.

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