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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Travel & Book w author Kim McMahill on Sedona #wheretovisit #RssosSisters #MFRWorg romanticsuspense

Travel & Book with
Kim McMahill 
There is something magical and mystical about Sedona, Arizona. Though the town itself has grown substantially over the years, it still has great food, unique shops, and an intimate feel. But what I find most enchanting about the area are the fascinating red rock formations and vast open spaces. It doesn’t take long to leave the tourist crowds in town behind and become immersed in the stunning landscape.

In my latest novel, A Taste of Tragedy, the main character is career driven to the point that she has pushed away the only man she has ever loved. To survive her high pressure career, which has taken a curious and deadly turn, she relies on weekends at her Sedona retreat. She finds peace and serenity in this enchanting place, which encourages  her to reevaluate her priorities and attempt to rebuild her future.

Kim, Sedona, is just beautiful. I did a balloon ride when I visited!
She had encountered nothing she wouldn’t do to succeed…until now.

“Here, let me help you,” Morgan said as she draped Devyn’s arm around her shoulders.

Morgan tried to relieve as much weight as she could from Devyn as she helped her hobble to the waiting vehicle. Once Devyn was seated in the cramped back seat, Morgan dug out her emergency supply bag. She handed Devyn a blanket and a bottle of water. “I have a first aid kit, but I think you need something a little more than a bandage.”

“It’s just a few scratches. I’ll live.”

Morgan could see why Nick trusted Devyn with his back. As she looked at the battered and bruised woman, who had taken off into the desert in the middle of the night in bare feet to prevent a criminal from getting away, she had to admire her. Devyn had to be in extreme pain, yet not a complaint escaped her lips.

“Make room in the back,” Nick huffed.

Morgan looked up to see Nick trudging toward her with an inert man slung over his shoulder. She raced to the tiny back cargo area and moved a few items around so Nick could squeeze the body in the vehicle.

“Is he dead?” Morgan whispered.

“Not quite, but we need to get him medical help A.S.A.P. The bullet didn’t hit any vital organs, but I’m not sure how much damage he suffered from the knock to the head.”
Morgan watched as Nick set the man down in the vehicle, and then she joined Devyn in the back seat. Turning around and kneeling, she was able to lean over the seat and assess his injuries. She folded up a handkerchief and placed it over the gunshot wound and applied pressure. She wasn’t sure which was bleeding more, the bullet hole or the bump and cut to the head, but she had to try and slow the blood loss any way she could.

“That’s all we can do for now,” Nick said. “Just keep the pressure on the best you can.” 

Morgan nodded as Nick secured the back and then got behind the wheel. 

“You okay?” Nick asked as he turned to face Devyn.

“I’ve had better days, but sadly, I’ve had worse.”

Find A Taste of Tragedy at: Amazon

Find Kim McMahill at: Website

So where is your favorite place to travel to?


Angela Adams said...

I enjoy a weekend at the New Jersey shore. For me, it's very peaceful to sit on the boardwalk and "people watch" or watch the waves break in the ocean. Best wishes, Kim, with your book.

vicki batman said...

Good morning, Kim. I love to travel anywhere. Like Angela, I'm happy sitting, watching, and possibly, doing needlepoint. Congratulations on your book!

Kim McMahill said...

Vicki, thanks for having me on your blog. There is nothing I enjoy more than talking travel. I'm a travel junkie. I love to go anywhere. I can definitely relate to Angela when it comes to people watching and watching the waves break in the ocean. Thanks, Angela for the comment.

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